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  1. Refresh timer is actually 2 weeks. The 3 weeks might be the additional protection from a fresh dropped flag. Actually, gathered some info and some of my friends have upwards to 3 weeks but still a decent amount of time to be considered inactive. I don't see a problem with the timers because now the aim is more focused on inactive players rather than those are still logging in. Some people seem to think inactive = not playing everyday for every hour they can squeeze in. This shouldn't be the case, if you still log in you're still active even if it's to wait for content. Someone who is inactive is someone who isn't returning and 3 weeks is a good time frame to determine that. If you haven't logged in for 21 days, chances are you're not coming back.
  2. When I read OP's post, I read "Look this is what I think is happening based on the data this website is scraping from the API". When I see your post, I see "Let me try to cause some drama and make up a chart". You see this here? It's an observation from me of someone who probably cries fake news every chance they get.
  3. or you could just chalk it up to their observation and opinion without the need to feel like you need to debate everything
  4. I mean they can literally...reuse ARK's asset of the bee hive.... Just saying...just saying...
  5. Sounds like you're looking for a CO-OP game and found Atlas instead.
  6. Me and the company sailed on 2 brigs to carry over metal. One had 2 speed/1 handling and I had 3 weight and about 75% carry weight each. The weight sails were worthless and I fell behind significantly. They got back to the base and ported over, built a loom on the ship, demoed the weight sails and made speed sails.
  7. The focus should be on actual inactive players not players who can play when they can. Yet, the focus is almost entirely built on a active daily 3-day timer? They should want a game that brings in a variety of players not just a single type of player. If someone is logging in every 5 days because they can only play on the weekends then they will never get to experience any of the official servers. We can come up with a hundred reasons why the current system is bad but at the end of the day the focus should be on real 'inactive' players. These inactive players haven't logged in for weeks, they haven't built anything or interacted with any of their storage, smithy and ships etc. These players should be marked as inactive because they haven't logged in in the last 3-4 weeks. These are inactive players not the ones who still log in to play but now they can't because they must be actively logging in every 3 days.
  8. Honestly, I don't know what goes through the design cycle when they come up with these ideas. At some point the product needs to prioritize practicality and usability over...cool ideas...impediments...and theories about what could be. After all, the product should be designed around the users not what the developer thinks work.
  9. pretty much this, usually I just sit on the menu screen and hit rejoin
  10. Usually you should go on foot with a glider, picks, grapple and arrows. Tames are trash right now, they'll die to an alpha or to a M/F combo quite easily. This will leave you stranded with a dead tame, but it's doable and you can go with a friend to make things easier.
  11. They said it hundreds of times today during their stream. Work is being done in parallel.
  12. A significant number of players play PVE. NA PVP right now has about 4.2k players playing, EU PVP has 7.7k. This adds up to about 12k players with 32k players total according to steam charts. There are 20k players either on PVE or private servers. The game doesn't and shouldn't only revolve about PVP. If anything balancing PVP usually destroys the design around the intentions of PVE. So by your logic, PVP shouldn't be the main focus right?
  13. I live in the tundra and it's either foggy or raining with a significant increased SoD spawns it seems. If it wasn't for these light house, I'd probably have more sunk ships by now. You can see it here, me avoiding the storm and atleast knowing where I need to go while avoiding it + the SoDs.
  14. I'm basically saying that if I tell you, the buyer, that this product is in working progress. You get the prototype for cheap and early for helping us test but then you cry and moan everyday about how we're doing our jobs. Stop buying EA games then crying about it going through the cycles of production.
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