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  1. Had this with an elephant, had to put it down.
  2. $25 CAD is a full price? Be realistic man. Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 just released for $55 CAD on steam. A new game on the xbox one is $80 CAD before any “delux edition” or “day-one-dlc”. This game has a long way to go, but for $25 CAD its not like it broke the bank.
  3. Nah, I think this would diminish the value of land and the neutral flag system. Also, where would you construct it? A new mega shipyard to build the mobile shipyard? I’d really like to see some analogs between the brig and the galleon in size and to have some specialized hulls for weight/speed/combat/exploration. Like a barge for moving cargo, or a frigate with an internal sub bay, or a destroyer that further reduces the weight of weapons placed on the decks, etc..
  4. Lawless is f**ked with all the structure spam. People shouldn’t even be allowed to build there.
  5. The only one I currently have an issue with is the galleon and it’s ridic 6 masts. Introduce XL sails ao I can have a normal looking ship. Then give me more specialized ships, like a high-weight barge or a sleek destroyer that further reduces the weight of weapons placed on it by 50% Another nice touch would be to reduce the weight of building pieces on a ship. I get that the ships are terribly optimized and the devs try to limit builders as often as possible, but f**k. I would like to freely build up a cool deck without having it eat up half the weight of the ship. Furthermore, reduce the gold and food consumption if idling crewman. Maintenance work and farming need to be marginalized and the fun elements need to be emphasized.
  6. Buildings get BIGGER when you have to layer them in wood... This has been a stupid change since its inception. To illustrate my point I think Ill go make 100 000 cheap new thatch walls and make a wall around the entire zone...
  7. We have some land for renters in A4 west temperate. Black Wolf Trading Co., ask for Endo or Wil.
  8. Many, many devs use forums, twitter, discord, etc to communicate. These devs are admittedly bad at it and they use too many accounts, but this is how it is. Stomping your feet and refusing to use the systems that ARE there is your choice. You can inform yourself and protect your play time, or you can refuse and lose stuff to rollbacks. Well, they DO expect you to use it, and if you won’t, then the consequences are on you.
  9. Because they’re too easy to lose? Between buggy code, predators, and alphas, its too easy to lose a creature. If its a nightmare to replace them, people just won’t do it. Like breeding, its a broken system that needs work. The taming is a placeholder system, as are the animals, so “as its meant” doesn’t apply here. It could also be argued that a game with a building system “means” for you to use it?
  10. They have They have dozens of land claims though, not 3. The values are based on the number of flags a company had before the flag counter was introduced. Basically, there are some companies with dozens of flags that haven’t placed any new ones since the update, therefore they read as 0. Lazy code
  11. Look at my updated screen.
  12. I understand the system as its meant to work, I suppose I should clarify. The timer you see in the photo is 3 days. There is also a count of -3 for number of claims. The part that you can't see, which I failed to mention and could not include in the ridiculously small upload size, is that when I try to place a flag in their territory the white timer at the top tells me they have 20+ days... Please review updated image.
  13. The "number of land claims" has been bugged for some time. The total is only taking into consideration claims placed AFTER the update which implemented the claim counter. Even though the timer in this shot indicates 3:23:57:46 is remaining, when I attempt to place a flag here the timer at the top of the screen reads: 20:23:49:29
  14. I wish I could post the picture of the sign this guy has built above our base. Says F**K in wall tiles like the Hollywood sign. This thing looms over us, right on our border, and now all he has to do to keep it protected is visit it every 19days (checked the timer). This is PvE, can’t exactly destroy it...
  15. So now all a troll needs to do to protect his claim is log in every 3 weeks? RIP any new player trying to steal a claim for them self.
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