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  1. I hate doing maps because depending on the lighting the red X over a red claim circle is pretty much unnoticeable.
  2. God yes PLEASE! When we are trying to do maps it is so freaking hard at times to locate our X on the map to know where in the world we even are.
  3. I really hope I am not having to re-make my character. We have lost so many things due to rollbacks and short 5 mins restart warnings. It's really making me feel like it's pointless to even play the game. If rollbacks aren't causing our tames to be killed by putting them back on an island or popping them in the middle of the ocean.. or our ships to pop back out in the middle of the sea to be killed off. Or having thing's bug through walls or spawn inside buildings, to having the land we claimed be foundation spammed by the company next door due to them somehow overlapping our claims giving them building rights. I get early access but good god you had ARK as a base, a game that is far more fleshed out than this is. How is all this even able to happen? The changes they make just make it harder and harder on us yet we also easier and easier to see that hard work ripped away.
  4. Not so sure if it's related to sailing. I logged in after the huge rollback yesterday and was just trying to work on my brig and then poof. I got DCed and cant get back on.
  5. So... first the update yesterday and the HUGE freaking rollback made us lose all our tamed tigers as we were using them for maps when we got the 2-hour alert. We packed it up, went home. and the rollback threw us back onto the island we did the last map and all our tames were killed by crocs... Now how many ships and tames we gonna lose due to THIS nonsense?! It's bad enough taming just keeps getting worse and worse making it now impossible to tame anything without several deaths and least 3-4 people to take turns on the death train. The fact we keep losing them to stupid reasons like this. Freaking uarga!
  6. So last night a group of us using tigers were off doing a batch of maps. Then the 2-hour warning for the next update popped up. Two hours? More than enough time to finish and get home! We finished up less than an hour later and got everything back home, animals in their pens and what not. We unloaded loot, and logged out for the night. Now we log in, we are rolled back to the last island we were at and from where I logged in at it was as we were heading back to the ship. So we were still on land... all the tigers we brought for the maps have been killed by the wildlife in the area, they were all on neutral but didn't survive. So we lost most the gold (we had 7 maps for the same grid) all our tools and supplies and yes, our tigers and the maps they were holding as we went on this venture. All dead, all lost all due to this heck of a roll back that took us back over an hour. So dev's, PLEASE, DO A SERVER SAVE AND WARN US IN ADVANCE FOR IT We paid good gold for them tigers off a breeder we met and now we have none of them now due to this. This is not the first time I have lost tames and ships to these darn rollbacks! I've lost 2 brig's due to Ships of the damned due to the mighty 5-minute warning of patch updates while I'm sailing in very low wind, even if I made it to the nearest island I would be rolled back a lot further than them 5 mins. So for the love of god let us know when the servers saving and so we HAVE SOME HEADS UP.
  7. 30 is the max level for anything in none golden age ruins. It's designed that way so new players don't get over run or don't run smack bad into something they are not prepped to deal with. So they limit the higher level ones to a few areas so if you want better loot and a good fight to go to the grid's they are on. If anything wish they would lower the spawn rates. I'm sick of seeing 3-9 (yes, NINE) ships of the damned as I'm traveling on my cargo brig.
  8. We lost no ships but we did lose a lot of tiners and lions we were all using to do maps last night. Timer said 2 hours before patch so we continmued for another hour than packed it up and went home. Put the animals inside their pen and called it a night. Now we log on and our ships at the last stop we did and all the animals were killed by crocks and snakes. Talk about one hell of a roll back.
  9. I say this is a good thing. It means, in the long run, you can only maintain the land you have people for. The game shouldn't be about owning as much land as you can. Land is tight as it is and its hard enough to find any with all the claim spam many companies do. If your company has lost members it only makes sense that you would lose land as well. As someone who has been stuck on lawless sense game launch due to no land being out there and the only land, we have found to contest having been foundation spammed by the company next door making the land 100% blocked for us to build on due to such. I'm all for this. You should only have as much land as your company size can maintain.
  10. Yet you want to screw us over on TWO FLAG's worth of land? Your foundation spam has pushed us up to that small shack. How is that fair? We even offered to ally with you and all that, exclude you from the land tax like we did with the rest of our allies, but you would have none of it. You pretty much can build 100% on the land claim we put down to contest the one claim that was abandoned that was next to the one we had before.
  11. E5 Lawless I dunno sure looks like it storms here to me.
  12. So can you go over why THIS: is a thing? Pretty much we found this land and we were able to claim two flag's worth of land. This other company beside it saw what we were doing and allowed it. Only to than come over and foundation spam the land to no end. They apparently couldn't do this with the flag that was there before us. This has left us with 2 land claims but we can only use the small bit of land that is around the shack that was there to start with. So we have land that we can do nothing at all with.
  13. All your screenshots posted are super tiny and nothing can be seen on them. You need to post the full-size images. Gogo traductor de google. Todas las capturas de pantalla publicadas son súper pequeñas y no se ve nada en ellas. Necesitas publicar las imágenes a tamaño completo.
  14. We tried this too. Our animals just end up glitching through the ceiling tiles back to the ground or just getting stuck.
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