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  1. John, that is actually not such a bad idea
  2. I have the EXACT same issue! First ticket sent on the 31'st, now 4 tickets after (and they are closed and unresolved!) nothing have happened. To put it out in plain words: WHAT THE F*CK!
  3. Since as of yesterday 2 of our tames started to glitch(blinking in/out of visibility) once every 5'ich second. Being mounted on top of one of these you gets dismounted, trying to move them in any direction makes them go back n forth like a yoyo. .
  4. @Dollie @AmberEnix I have now made 3x tickets (1'st one 31/1) and they have now all been REMOVED and UNRESOLVED! (company ownership issue due to my character not being available and having been forced to create a new pathfinder our company stands without ownership). PLEASE could I/we have a wee bit of assistance with this issue to get it resolved.
  5. Aye, have been wating 6 days now(today) aswell. So either they are having a long break, overload with tickets and/or trying to resolve in another(?) way. Either way, a reply "we are on it" "let me get back to you" or an official "we have a large amount of tickets to handle at this time, expect x-days +/-" would be a nice notice ^^
  6. It seems the creatures have gone "invisible" (gfx bug/not loading properly) I can see the feecees from most of the creatures still being dumped. But the tames themselves are invisible. Even after a full restart of the pc/clear of cache etc.
  7. Magne

    Delete this.

    Delete this.
  8. As the title states, at first I where unable to jump over to another bed located in another zone, and after restarting the client and rejoining the server I now get the "create new pathfinder" window.The character I play is still in the company (asked current members on)
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