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  1. I Honestly don't care what each animal does just fix it so the tigers, lions and other aggressive tames, don't aggro across the island and so they don't deal more damage than I can take in one hit. it makes no sense that 5 tigers spawn in and destroy you and whatever tame your on its absolutely absurd
  2. I just realized and wanted some opinion on this; do you think that this game a viability after a year or 2. I ask that question because it is a game built around ships that is the primary thing in this game so how many ships can you add to the game before it is redundant, before there is no more reason to add a ship, unlike in ark where the dev's could add a dino or 2 and that was a game update. they cant do that in atlas because people don't want it to be "ARK 2" so how are they going to make this game able to last a long time like ark. if you agree let me know what they could do to add stuff to the game to keep it going. if you disagree then tell me why I'm dead wrong
  3. those are amazing ideas I recently had a post talking about the fact that there isn't a whole lot of content so the game is going to die before it gets good
  4. I’m curious to anyone’s opinions what you guys think of a giant ship to be used as a mobile ship builder with an enormous weight limit and it could build type of ship the downsides to it is that is pretty much Y shaped to allow the ship to enter the water and its ridiculously slow
  5. I'm in a lawless zone and it says you cant build because you don't have a claim flag I went to a lawless zone because that's what other people said to do
  6. why do I have to claim territory to be able to build anything other than the raft I get from the shipmaster, I cant claim anything because its all been taken so what do I do now I played ark and I could find some land that no one had built but here its all taken and I cant find any land big enough to put a claim flag
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