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  1. kpc


    was living fine with some bugged claim half overlapping mine, but when Booty raiders, started to foundation around the 1 and only claim i had, i asked for them to stop, and they only responded like i was the evading them. unclaimed tames, scuttlet my ships and took up my claim flag, they can have this game for them self, i am not playing it any more. BYE.
  2. Yarrr! So i was wondering, what makes a top company go in the list, is it? Land claims. Sea claims. Players in company rooster. Players ONLINE. Structures. Ships. Tames. How is this map gernerated, any idea, i am pretty sure it is not only the claims that do it. Any surgestions?
  3. Gues it is not going to get you in top companies, if you are are a solo player with a million flag claims. Maybee a little how many online players in the compagny!
  4. kpc

    Galleon Useless?

    Yes, you are right. But only if it gets the hit
  5. Great post, love many of the things you surgest, and hope the dev team look at this.
  6. kpc

    Creature Designer

    no tames should be able to gather more than a a normal stone pick, disable tamed animals.
  7. I play ark and still do, right now i m just loggin to feed and fill genrators, i am still playing on legasy servers, but it keeps me going. This ATLAS is to diffficult to gert your private space and that is ok )( or not. What ive been seeing is that griefing, making this game just like a teenager game, where no response abilities matter. you are protectect behind your firewall. Streamers, realy work hard on getting all the kids that are following them into, just destroy everythink, to obstruckt, any creativity. What i am trying to say it is not grapeshot games that is wrong, but it is their players.
  8. After server crash, i was chocked to see my Shooner. looked like the planks was misplaced hanging outside ship. Reloggin or eating poop didnt fix, but a fast travel to another grid and back, solved it.
  9. kpc

    A few questions.

    I just took hand harvesting skill to max, and it seems only to aply to harvesting crop plots, not working on anything else.
  10. kpc

    bug Strange bug with tame

    It started after tonights patch v18.6 and and is still present after patch 18.65. well, strange world, it aparently helped that i posted this. ??? now it is gone back to normal.
  11. kpc

    Removing ships on your territory

    I pushed another freeport sloop away the other day by slowly with my sloop just push it on the side, turning with sails down. I am sorry i pushed it so it got off anchor and will decay slowly now ;). But i got it away from the exit from my shipyard where i was building my next ship.
  12. kpc

    Fountain of Youth is a JOKE!!

    The biggest problem right now is those taking a route that pulls mobs to the entrance. Was on eu pve F8 a couple hours ago and trained the monsters aways from entrance before FOY spawned, yes i died alot but then took a back route there jumped down to cave entrance and ran in i got to it before the bats killed me :). But looking at what happened after was the headless running strait to the cave getting the entrance blocked with cyclops and stuff.
  13. kpc

    Salvaging / Plundering

    Yes freport sloops the planks have 2520 health and player made sloops i think plank health is starting around 4200.
  14. Heya. Just my few cents ark, dark&light and now Atlas, have same players complaining over the same things. To total it up, all those games aim for a larger player base than the two "official" game modes PVP/PVE-RP can not give. i could make a list longer than the universe on the differences that the players wants, but it summens it up to, making the game aim for more player differencies makes all complaint, about the game. If only one game mode was able it would be easier to get the bugs and exploits obsolete. mission impossible