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  1. i am glad to see more fluid ressource Progress for solo and small groups and for island owner also. regluar wipes? in an early acess game is good to check the progression and player flow from lvl 1. Maybee later i will come 1 PVE Server (no wipes) 1 PVP Server (no wipes) 1 Saision PVP (regular wipes)? time will tell
  2. Download the Devkit. Create am mod/addon. Or Download Unrealengine and hire some people to create your dream. I will buy it for 69$ i Like!
  3. Question : will the suggestion forum visited by developer or moderators for getting new Ideas or finding easy and quick solutions for core/QOL Problem from the loyal community that is still here ? i make some suggestions on my own greetings
  4. This suggestion is a small hope to read from the atlas developer in a news update. Ayy Pirraaates You want parking your ship in an safe mega harbor ? But then you remember, you dont have one? Parking at Freeport like everyone do. .... Hell NO !... Here we have an nice update to you. Storing you ship in the Shipyard where it was born! Yes Ship Storing you reading correctly. Now your ship is more in an save state and we fixing an UI missunderstanding issue Here the Patchnotes for the Shipstorage update. -Freeport Debuff (4hours) Ship and Tame and strucutre parking only for 4 hours. after that time everything will be demolished. -This Freeport Debuff goes away after 2 Hours not in an Freeport Grid. After this time you can go back to the Freeport for 4 Hours . -The Shipyards -Buillimit per Player = 1 If you want to Build a better Shipyard the old one will Demolished. (prefenting shipyard Walling yea Megas can do it but the Player will lose his "save Ship option") In the Shipyard you can tow your Lovly Ship (like in the Build state) The Shipyard have to be Destroyed before your Ship start taking Damage. The Shiptowing looks like this Picture But more Ropes. (yes we take the Shipyard and removed the Woodstrucures from the Ship in Build stat and added bunch of Ropes ... Done greetings from lazy dev.) If you Drive close to the shipyard you have an option on the Radial menu. [Tow Ship in Yard] it Will Take 30 minutes to Tow your ship after that Timer your ship goes to the Save State and is towed with the Shipyard. ( The ship have now Bunch more HP.... Like 300.000 from Shipyard and shiplife itsself and have the green ancor Buff) If you want to drive you have to untow it. its takes 15 Minutes to untow and ater this you can release it and take your ride and now here the magic happens!. Your Ship is more save if you tow it in an better Shipyard ! Hell yes!! this Fine ,Masterwork, legendary ... shipyard have one more nice use! because the Myticlas shipyard is always in use Maybe we make a new Bonus effect ( reduced untow time because ... dont know some more bonus is better than no bonus) - UI FIX .... Better understanding what a shipyard does .... because... the whole UI is early dev mode and not clear to understand -mice drop ciao bey hope it will be added
  5. Hello, My Suggestion making Sea Fights more Clear / Visible on Fights and gives more Feedback for -Cannon Impacts - SHip Health Status -Overall Damage Output from Ship -Quicker Feedback what a Ship Quality of Ship you are Fighting / Attacking One Simple Picture
  6. Atlas Needs more Icons. Wall of Text are not good. MY Idea is an KillFeed on the Corner of Screen in the Company logg for Discord should be an Text. Here the Idea. greetings
  7. Hello, i quite the game in the Megaupdate 2 Phase now i saw the Dev stream and know my intresse is up again. I know the Devs have an roadmap but maybe a Developer read this thread and things [Hey this is an good idea ] and i can see some of my Ideas in a form in the game. First of all Polishing and Balance the actuall game contend Player: -Level Cap to 60 -XP ´gain lowered but u can gain XP for all stuff you want to do (Combat/Farming/Building/Exploring/Sailing) (This needs an Redesign of the Skilltrees/Points to the New Max level) -New Quest at Max Level to increase the Level Cap by (5?) -> Boss Encounters, Exploring archievments to an Max Level of (70?) (New Max Levels by new Updates/DLC/Quests) -Balanced Stats to the new Max Level/PVP Gameflow Design Early game: Primitive Tools, Thath/wood base, first try to build up a smale base with a small harbor and low deffence Mid game Metal Tools, Stone Base, Better Crafting Stations, Store option for the tames/ships in a Harbor, Medium Deffence Starting build up a Fleet and NPC Guarding Bases End Game Big Base, Big Harbor for Storing Tames/Ships Strong Deffence Better Stonebase (A New Tier for Stoneparts "enhanced Stoneparts with more Metall Plates" Lots NPC Guarding Only 1 active Tame allowed per Player Only 1 active Ship allowed per Player Basebuilding: Some new Structures Playercamp: Players can craft a Playercamp (Fresh Player Respawnpoint) with an small bed and an Campfire player can place 1 Camp at a Time but dont need an foundation . (the glowing Campfire prefent a abuse for a stealth respawn on attack and adds a Timer if a player died in PVP for respawn and reduce the Bedspam on Attack ) This is the Basic Respawn for a new Player. And a small source of heat. -Base quarters : Second Respawn point for the Base: Needs an Foundation and the Claimed Area -Ship quarters : Respawn point in the Ship: Needs an own Ship -Wood Watchtower (Tier 1): 1 NPC with a Bow on Top (Tier 2):1 NPC with a Bow/Crossbow and one down with an Meele weapon (Tier 3): 2 NPC With Rangeweapon and 1 Meele on Entrance -Stone Watchtower (more Health) (Tier 1): 1 NPC with a Bow on Top (Tier 2):1 NPC with a Bow/Crossbow and one down with an Meele weapon (Tier 3): 2 NPC With Rangeweapon and 1 Meele on Entrance -Stone Deffence Tower (Tier 1): 1 Gun Snappoint (Tier 2):1 Gun Snappoint and a Guard on Entrance (Tier 3): 2 Gun Snappoint and 2 Guards on Entrance -Stalls (Tier 1): Store 5 Animals (Tier 2): Store 10 Animals (Tier 3): Store 25 Animals -Stonemason Needs a Worker and Gold (New NPC and can only use for the collector Buildings) Workers needs to rescued from the Pirat Fortress and shipped home to the Base (Tier 1): Collects Stone (xxx stone/hour) only once allowed in Claimed Area and only the ressources you can find on the Island (Tier 2): Collects Stone,Flint (xxx stone/flint per hour) only once allowed in Claimed Area and only the ressources you can find on the Island (Tier 3):Collects Stone,Flint,Metal,coal... (xxx stone/Metal /Flint per hour) only once allowed in Claimed Area and only the ressources you can find on the Island -Lumberjack Same like the Stonemason but for Wood/Tatch -Farm Same like the Stonemason but only for Fiber and u can place "Farm animals for collect some other ressources (Cow,Sheep,Pig...) -Blacksmith Players they spent points in Blacksmith skills, can build a Blacksmith and craft Gear/Weapons from Blueprints -Stone Gate (Castle Like Gates with an Metal Gate for Closing and Opening ) -Tavern: Can Store some NPC´s -Harbor /Small / Medium / Big Harbor (With a Docking pole for ships (offline Storeage) -Wood palisade -Playershop : grant access the the Market where u cann sell/Buy Ressources from other players. The Playershop sends a Trading ship to your base and brings the ressources or take the ressources (Real Sailing time and other players can see /attack the ship) The Playershop can only used every (6) hours. Looting: Looting from PVE(Ghostships, Treasuremaps...) are Physical loot. Blueprints can only found super Rare on Endgame NPC Envoirment Tamed Creatures: Your can only controll 1 Tame at a Time. If u want another Tame your must store your actual Tame in the Stalls and choose the new one. Tames are mostly for Movmentspeed now and some PVE. Farming Animals are now the new "Collector Buildings" where u can hire npcs for collection some ressources Ships: Need Ship Fregatte! The Fregatte close the hole between Brigantine and Galleon. Fregatts needs Larg wood Planks have 4 Big Mast slots and 16 Gunport´s slot per side 8 in a row and on 2 Decks. Costs 2,5x of a Brig UI: -Removed the Textoverflow -Some Text are only show with specific Tools in Hand (Structure health only shown up with an repair hammer) -Quickslot change .... you have now 3 Main slots (1 , 2, 3 ) for weapons, and the other for tools/food/drinks -The Blue Pinweel are only shown up interactions between players (Trading,invites) and colored in Black like the Atlas Window black -Crewsystem (Groupsystem) -You can invite 5 People into a crew.you can see their position on the Map u can allow build in your Claim area or keep Controll/spawn on your ship Combat: -Meelecombat more fluid -> quick swingtime for a hit, but needs a small cooldown for the next swing (prefents left click spamming) -Remove knockback mechanic -Simplyfied the Combat system to left and right mousboutton (and ctrl for block) (Different skills have to unlock ins the skilltree and activated for that boutton) So know i am tiered for more writing Greedings
  8. Red alert? I dont know what it is but i think its Mount Ur npc on Ships on the last known position
  9. Will the UI sometime polished? Here some pictures what can make atlas UI more effective and not so "over Informative" First a Simple interaction system every Interacive Element (Tame, Structur, Cannon , Door ... ) have a "E" for a simple funtkion ..... and a "Hold E" for the open Inventory where u can make changes craft options or somethink here the Picture : Better Player UI : Here are the most anoying thinks Chat lol ..... Here a Better solutions Here Some polishing :D Pleas make this :D New Ship UI?
  10. Can we get an ship speed indicator for Feedback how fast or Slow a ship is?
  11. Will the melee combat System optimized? Melee combat make no sense in the actual state, its to slow hitting somethink and tames or carabines are the best chose, they outplay every melee player
  12. Will the missing Information Feedback for the Player ( clear dmg Numbers on Weapons, cannons in example, or why Deal a cannonball less dmg against a Struktur?reason: The damage reduction Information is missing on that strucktur ) and the „text overflow“ on screen polished?
  13. ghostships are sometime "overspawned" was sailing and a ghostships spawns in front of me ... i was thinking ... ok doge this one .... 10 seconds later (more ships comes in the render range) .... look at the Picture 15 Ghostships .... (missed one takeing the screenshot ) #Feels Sailing around is more Dangerous now (and more annoying doge every ship -.- " )
  14. Don´t know its a Bug but it looks like one . some small Code change will fix it. Small fix -> Big Improvement photo hosting
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