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  1. Hush, or someone at Coffee Stain might hear you and soon I'll have to eat and drink, maintain my vitamins and worry about the temperature in Satisfactory...
  2. You seem to have skimmed over the part where the map was made by one person, and that that one person doesn't even work for Grapeshot, and that they decided to make the download opt-in using the Steam DLC system so that people who have no intention of playing it don't have to download a 10gb update. And where did that part about having to pay their employees even come from? There are plenty of valid things to criticize Atlas and Grapeshot for. This is not one of them.
  3. I agree, but all I can think of is it being a basic fetch quest of delivering 20 fiber to some random NPC 2 grids away, and Talono coming on here and complaining about ships in bottles being only for mega companies because it's gated content...
  4. The more egregious example in my opinion is our inability to place pillars on the edges/corners of ceilings.
  5. You may want to visit your doctor and adjust your diet if you're soiling yourself that fast. Or if it's not you doing the soiling, you may want to find some new friends. For me though, I'd say the time it takes to do anything worthwhile. It's been many times I've found myself saying "I got two hours before I have to go to work... Well, can't really do anything on Atlas in that time aside from maintenance, so I'll play something else instead."
  6. Yes, I've read that, and I stand by my statement. You have some nice ideas, they solve some issues but create others, many of which have already been mentioned here. It's a nice thought and I hope certain aspects do get implemented, but sadly I don't think it seems like a viable solution, and would require far too much work to implement (much, much more than a week)
  7. The simpler solution would be to simply make the open world fully PvE, and make PvP instanced with matchmaking. Gets rid of the need to have two separate code bases for the two different game types and wouldn't require a full redesign of the map to account for resources availability and discovery points, gets rid of offline raiding, base wiping, losing all your progress every night while you sleep, the need for mega-companies, doesn't restrict anyone to a portion of the map or content, and ensures that the people who want to PvP are able to find fights with people who are ready, willing and prepared to put up a fight. With it being instanced, can even have different game types... Team deathmatch, king of the hill, battle royale, merchant escort missions, etc. Unfortunately, I don't see a way that open-world PvP can remain a thing without all the issues that come with it. The only real way to solve them would be to overhaul how PvP works. I also don't see a viable way to have PvE and PvP players coexist without doing the same (and yes, I read that post and stand by my statement)
  8. I always have to let them get very close to the ship before ballistae start doing damage to them. A lot closer than I'd like, and much closer than the max range of the ballista.
  9. I'd just like to point out that Jat is not the one pulling the strings. He's a community manager and one of the developers but at the end of the day he doesn't call the shots. He's just able to make suggestions and pass on our suggestions, but the one you are thinking of that is making decisions on the vision of the game is Jeremy.
  10. Much better, and yeah I can't disagree with that lol
  11. It's a pretty impressive accomplishment honestly. Though I think you've now past the post threshold to have the default forum avatar be okay. It's time you got yourself a custom one my dude, the parrot does you no justice.
  12. I completely agree with you in regard to the wiping of bases. It's something entirely unnecessary that provides absolutely no benefit and has cost and continues to cost players and the game at large dearly. Edit: I should rephrase that. Wiping bases by itself isn't the issue, but being able to completely wipe out everything a player/company owns and resetting their progress essentially back to zero is absolutely an issue.
  13. My company is pretty spread out across the map, and all of us have our own outposts for farming/taming/whatever else. All told, we have more than 50 outposts on different islands, as well as over 300 more little huts with dp beds all over the world, and never once has anything of ours been destroyed by another person outside of our company. The concern you have of other people destroying your stuff is a perfectly valid concern, and it's one that a lot of us shared with the recent announced change that was then reverted. But unlike that issue I feel on this one you're perhaps disconnected from the reality of how it actually plays out in the game. Unless you're foundation spamming or building the spiritual succesor to the Great Wall of China across someone else's island, your actual risk is next to none. As someone that has built anywhere they wanted to whenever they wanted and has done so on a large portion of the inhabitable Islands in the game, I can safely tell you that yes, it is functionally no different from build anywhere.
  14. Atlas already is build anywhere, though. With the exception of Freeports and Golden Age Ruins there is nothing stopping anyone from building anywhere they want other than if someone else already built there first, same as ARK.
  15. Since single player and local multi-player are also options, counting the number of people on unofficial servers will not accurately represent the number of players that do not play on official servers.
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