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  1. Kidori

    Music Buffs

    This happens when you have people dancing around you. If you have one person dancing, one mistake will count as two. Two people dancing and it will count as four. Three or more and one error is an instant fail. Pretty sure it's a bug, as I'm under the impression that people dancing is supposed to increase the number of errors you're allowed instead of reducing the number.
  2. Kidori

    3x Weekend Hosing Taming/Imprinting

    Starting breeding a bear at the beginning of the 3x. I got 100% imprint on the first imprint, while the bear was at 57% maturation. Haven't tried the faster-maturing animals yet but for those I'd just wait until after the weekend.
  3. The Cloudflare solution that was tried a while ago didn't work out real well. However, I feel that having one of those check boxes saying I am not a robot is pretty unintrusive, and if it's only required when starting a new topic I think most people could live with that.
  4. Kidori

    Allow better land management for landlords

    I have to agree. There may be potential workarounds but a blacklist would be far better than a whitelist. Anyone could still build anywhere, but if a landowner wants a specific person gone they can get rid of them, or at least make it require more effort than the average troll is willing to put in.
  5. Yup, learned that that night. Now I just keep a few fighters on neutral and the rest on passive. Thankfully haven't had an issue since then.
  6. Sometimes neutral is even worse. A while back, at the end of the night I put all my animals away in the pen (full stone, double walls, double foundations) and set them all to neutral as I do before going to bed. Wake up the next day and get on, my discord is littered with messages from my company mates that a bunch of my animals died. I get on and look at the company log, 23 animals killed by a cobra. I run over to the pen, and I see a cobra stuck in one of the foundations. I go and grab a bear I had in a separate building and try to kill it. Because of the way it was glitched into the floor, my bear couldn't hit it but the snake could hit my bear. So my animals all jumped in to save the cow that was in that spot, and the snake just feasted on them one by one, impervious to their heroic efforts. It dined well that night. Had I left them on passive, it would have just had steak. But instead, it also got to sample elephant, rhino, bear, shieldhorn and razortooth.
  7. Kidori

    find server

    I suppose that depends on what you're looking for in a server.
  8. Kidori

    After the Mega Patch

    The sample size is pretty limited, but yeah that seems to be the general consensus. There are certainly no shortage of bugs to squash, so the dev team has their work cut out for them.
  9. Kidori

    disappearing building tiles

    Personally I haven't seen an increase or decrease in this bug's effect. Though I'm perhaps somewhat lucky in that it seems to only affect a certain portion of my bridge and my main structures seem to be working as intended. Regardless, it very much needs to be fixed.
  10. Kidori

    After the Mega Patch

    There is an "Other" option
  11. Kidori

    After the Mega Patch

    Right now the development team is hard at work trying to push out the big update coming up at the end of the month, and that's getting most of their attention at the moment. After the May mega patch drops, there will inevitably be some new major bugs introduced and some fires will need to be put out as soon as possible. Once the fires die down though, what would you like to see the team focus most on until the grind to the next mega patch starts to set in? The options are not mutually exclusive, and regardless of what they do decide is most worth their time at this stage I would presume that some amount of time for working on all other options will be mixed in as well. Just curious what you think should be at the top of the list. Just for reference, I would define a polishing pass as fixing minor bugs that don't necessarily stop you from playing, introducing some quality-of-life improvements and reducing the overall jankiness of certain parts of the game. Major bug fixing would be fixing bugs that directly inhibit your ability to play or substantially reduce the enjoyment you get from the game. Systemic changes would include major changes to core mechanics or anything that would noticeably change the way the game is played. Content would be adding in anything new that may be missing or new things for players to do. Or maybe just start work on the next mega patch as soon as possible to make sure it goes as smoothly as it can. Personally, I would like to see a polishing pass done on the game. There are a ton of little bugs and things that aren't quite right in the game, but for the most part people just push through them. The more major bugs are a big pill to swallow, but all those little things leave me with dry mouth. Fixing them would be like giving me a glass of water. It would make dealing with the big bugs as they come a lot less frustrating if it wasn't the 10th bug I've experienced that day. Make the day-to-day stuff work better and more intuitively and I'll have a lot more patience left for the bigger issues. There are still lots of bigger things that need to be addressed, and they should definitely do so, but the bigger stuff also tends to get more attention and is less likely to be thrown to the wayside and still persist in the game 2 years from now. The longer the little stuff is left alone, the less likely it is to ever be worked on.
  12. This is still an issue. I just lost a good chunk of my bridge not 20 minutes ago. The number of structure parts I've lost due to this bug reached triple digits a long time ago. @Jatheish @Dollie It's been weeks since we've heard anything about this issue. Please give us an update, even if it's a "we're still working on it." The silence is just as frustrating as dealing with the bug itself.
  13. Kidori

    Most needed building piece in the game?

    I would like to see triangle foundations and ceilings be their own separate parts with reduced crafting costs. They cover half the amount of space as their square counterparts and so building a not-boxy structure gets expensive quickly.
  14. Kidori

    Most needed building piece in the game?

    I'd like to see more aesthetic static items. No need to go crazy with them but it's quite a challenge getting a place to look different from everyone else's place, especially when doing the interior.
  15. Kidori

    Give gold to NPC is almost a job

    Same here. Pre-wipe I had built a city, and had some 20-odd lanterns I'd have to grab, bring to a smithy, repair and replace. But I only had to do it once a day so it wasn't horrible. Now I only have a castle built, but with the shortened life time of lanterns I've installed light switches in every room and only turn them on when needed. Even with it being easier to fill them up it's not worth the effort to have them on for any length of time anymore.