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  1. Confirmed, travelling with two logged off players in ship, both logged in at the grid boundary in the water.
  2. Exactly the same thing happened to us with no warning. Alpha lion hooked the rider off the bear, killed us both , killed the bear and camped out bodies so we lost everything. VERY annoying. If the high density undergrowth there is literally no warning and it's so disorientating being dragged around by the lion.
  3. PLEASE separate out the skill trees for crafting and using items. What is the point in skill specialisation in a group if you have to learn the skills anyway to use what is produced. Example: Want to ride the elephant your clan mate trained? You still need to learn half the training tree. Want to use the skills for a weapon you have to spec into building them as well.
  4. The sad thing is it feels like this could be true! What a damning indictment of game design that is!
  5. It's often money driven isn't it? You find huge gangs doing this and selling gold etc online ? I don't know if that's the reason here in Atlas. Often bots are employed, you see it in most MMO's. Most don't have quite as many obvious exploits as this one!
  6. I can't believe people are discussing ways to kill yourself as the solution to this like it's ok. IT'S NOT OK. Please fix the problem properly!
  7. Its 100% a joke. It doesn't matter if you did it or not , the point is it's a fucking travesty. Who comes up with this crap? 50 cyclops, sneak doesn't affect them, they run faster than you and one hit you. Brilliant. Bravo. An entrance to the cave that only fits ONE person! Or giant snake / spider / lion / scorpion etc. Delete as applicable. An entire coastline rammed with hundreds of ships. Jump off your ship end up stuck on a raft because of their other "fix". Lag. For the love of for fucks sake.
  8. thanks to the guys on EU PVE with the cart and gun clearing the way!
  9. The point is a pure PvE player can play it without risk, but I as you haven't played EVE guess you will have to trust me when I say having players drive the economy of the game makes it much more interesting for everyone. The choice is the important thing, if you get bored of PvE you can try something more dangerous,but you don't have to. that makes a great deal of difference to the game. The binary choice of PvE or PvP is pretty poor to me. Not to mention unrealistic.
  10. It's hardly a failed theory it's been proven by over a decade of refinement in EVE. What it does is make the game better for both the PvP players and the PvE players and provides a niche for those in between. At least in my description i linked above , perhaps the OP wouldn't agree - sorry if i'm hijacking your thread... 1: There is a PvE zone where care bears can play and never get attacked if they don't venture out of it. They can build fancy bases without the risk of getting destroyed etc. 2: There is a middle zone - the equivalent of Low Security in Eve. Lets say for arguments sake, you can attack people out in the ocean - ship to ship. 3: There is a PvP only outer area, which has rarer resources in different areas. The more people you pirate the higher your infamy becomes. High infamy makes it harder for you in the middle region and stops you from entering the PvE area completely. Area 3 becomes a war zone. Companies vie for control of the lucrative rare resources. You can't just build in PvE because you have to secure these resources if you wan't to keep them. Area 2 is interesting. Companies may have bases here to raid into area 3. Or they may have posts to trade with the carebears. Or they could be pirate hunters, bounty hunters - good guy type players who try to protect traders etc. Now the PvP players in area three have bases where they can harvest materials you cant get elsewhere. They can monopolise it not letting anyone else have access, or they can trade with area 2. Who in turn trade with area one. This sets up supply and demand. Example: you live in PvE and build ships which you sell to PvP players who prefer fighting to grinding matts. But to make the best ships you need the materials from different areas, some of which may be in the PvP area. So you trade to get the mats, build the ships and sell them to Pirates for good money. The key thing here is supply chains. Trade routes, the matts have to come from area two or three and the finished ships or tiems come back out. Which provides 2 really important things. 1: Targets carrying high value goods for pirates, 2: Lucrative trade routes and opportunities for companies to specialise in transport, or protection. This model not only works for everyone, but it actually improves it for everyone. How much better for a PvE player to have a market to sell to. They could choose to support good guys or bad guys, and although they are safe their action could impact what goes on in some distant war. Furthermore their lives are affected by outside factors, prices rise and fall depending on how effectively trade routes are raided, or what prices some company in the north charges for yeti spleens. Players that like some risk but not 24/7 fighting can sit in the middle , risking their ships and the contents of their holds but not everything. PvP players can war non stop trying to take areas which actually mean something. And not only that they get an opportunity to kill carebears in trade ships. White knights can hunt the bad guys , be bounty hunters etc. It creates meaning and drivers for the game and unexpected things emerge from these kinds of mechanics, events that are much more interesting and unpredictable than the current set up.
  11. I would like to know how, for example the cheaper crew / crew food skills work. My clan mate built a ship but I have the skills in captaining. Do my skills effect the crew or only his as the ship builder?
  12. On further consideration doubling the grid size might be excessive. Perhaps a 20 x 20 grid , giving 400 grid squares ( a bit less than twice a current server). would be more feasible. The PvE zone as close to circular as the grid will allow, diameter 8 squares. Hybrid zone 3 squares thick around this. PvP the remainder outside this.
  13. Yeah I would imagine as it's really a grid of separate servers you could enlarge it easily. In my suggestion post I proposed doubling it which may be a little excessive , but you could combine the PvP and Pve servers into one and have say a 20 x 20 grid (approx double the amount of grids) and have an approximate circle of PvE grid in the middle ... say around 8 squares in diameter. Then around that a band approx 3 grids thick of hybrid zones. finally the edges full pvp.
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