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  1. Yeah I lost all of my mastercraft blueprints they just poofed into dust.
  2. WInslow

    Claim Flag Rework Suggestion

    We had an interesting claim system in Life is Feudal. Although the game itself is an actual nightmare, the claim system could be adopted. The guild, company, clan, tribe, whatever -- gets one company claim. This claim expands over time as it is upgraded. Company claims cannot be placed within X distance from one another to allow for maximum claim size without overlaps. Basically, each island would be parceled out. Then, each individual player gets a smaller player claim. They can be inside the company claim or adjacent, or anywhere else they wish. The personal claim is your personal claim, you are the sole owner of everything on it. Now this isn't to say that people can't exploit the system, split their large companies into smaller allied companies and accomplish much of what they currently have - large areas of land controlled by a single group. But you know what? That is always going to happen no matter how you slice it. If you add in an upkeep mechanic (stock it with gold, resources, etc.) that will keep the claim active otherwise it will start to decay.
  3. WInslow

    Claim Flag Rework Suggestion

    I don't disagree, but as a solo player doing maps I have like 25k gold just gathering dust in a box.
  4. Exploring is quite fun. I wish that there was an in-game log for discovered resources on the various islands. I imagine that a proper captain would keep a log, on board. "Day 659. Make landfall on Broface Skerry in the temperate zone. While searching the island, I located silver and rubies. There appear to be some maple trees that I could probably tap for syrup, and I see many tortoises and snakes along the shore." That would add a bit of flavor to the game over the long run, rather than just have a full screen popup of "DISCOVERY FOUND BROFACE SKERRY" Each discovered resource or item could add to the flavor text for the island. This would be a very nice way to stockpile data for resource gathering and hold it in game, rather than in a 3rd party wiki.
  5. I just gather, treasure map, tame and adventure from Friday until Sunday. I just do base maintenance and map collection during the week. Tames are fine for gathering, regular tools are fine for gathering. If you make everything easier it cheapens the experience.
  6. WInslow

    Animals respawn

    I do not believe there are alpha bears, or at least I have not seen any in my time in the game.
  7. WInslow

    Why are cobras even in the game?

    I'd be fine with them just the same size as rattlesnakes but with a ranged spit, make them like actual cobras.
  8. WInslow

    Whales, borders, and why they need fixing.

    I slowed to a crawl to cross and spawned on top of a whale. no escape except if they tail slap you away. I had to replace 8 planks immediately and emergency repair the rest.
  9. WInslow

    Pet Lost & Found

    Found wayward wolf in the ocean in M9 NA-PVE today, belong to company "Company of Ole Man Wally" I claimed it and have brought it home to the Unknown-Warriors base in M4. Please contact one of us for the return of your woof.
  10. While zoning today from B13 to A13, I collided with a friendly whale right on the zone border. It was also tossing around SotD. I zoned technically on top of the whale and it did damage to *every* plank on board and it's tail managed to slap me away to relative safety. I managed to get out with about 2300 health on each plank. I decided after repair to take some time to carefully test the collision distance since I had plenty of replacement planks and a resource box full for repairs. I found the collision distance which puts you at a full stop when hitting the front of the ship at about 2 brigs length in front of the head and also about 2 brigs length distance from the tail, which caused a knockback effect. Now earlier today this almost sank me, because the whale was far to my port side and I was dealing with a SotD also shooting me while I was pinned. I managed to back up and sail away, replacing shattered planks and repairing and continuing on my way. I would recommend that collision with friendly whales be adjusted. Either allow for an immediate sail drop and speed to 0% (so we don't keep going forward into the obstacle) or have a knockback from the head. The damage could be adjusted but the damage is overall consistent with running into a stationary object like an iceberg or land. The other option is giving a battering ram on the front of the ship, which will take the majority of a forward impact and also do damage do it's target. It could have significant health and allow us to ram into SotD, ram in PVP, and ram into whales.
  11. WInslow

    insta kill climbing picks

    This just happened to me, and honestly I'm at my absolute limit for errors. sailed with mates around all day doing journeyman maps, get to the last one and instant death from climbing.
  12. I am only posting this on the bug forum because there is no recovery available for any items lost due to climbing pick instant death. I realize there is no recovery and that is fine, but this is honestly my tolerable limit for issues. Good luck pathfinders, I hope adding this report to the several others will encourage the devs to work on this relatively rare yet incredibly disruptive error.
  13. WInslow

    Animal transport

    Yes, this is a good function that we have however I have lost two bears and a horse while "sending them to ship" because they either float away and are too far to whistle (even with spyglass) or sink to the bottom of the ocean and die.
  14. WInslow

    Insane amount of SoDs after recent patch.

    M4 today had a cluster of 7 or 8, M3 had also 7 or 8 + three whales in view distance.
  15. WInslow

    Animal transport

    I would like to suggest a structure that can be added to boats, unique per vessel, that can vary based on the size of the ship. The structure can be an animal pen that has limited space, each tame will still be counted toward total ship crew but each tame type would count toward a specific amount of space in the secure structure. The structure would need to be on the top deck of the ship. Example, the structure on a brigantine would have 10 effective animal slots. An elephant, giraffe or rhino would cost 5 slots. You could safely store 2 large creatures. A bear would cost 3, so 3 bears. Horse, cat, cow, bull and sheep would cost 2, so 5. Shoulder pets and chickens would be 1, so 10. This would be a way to store creatures for either long voyages or for safety. Each creature gets a unique ID associated with it. The stored creature would drop inventory (except saddle) and would have food storage slots for animals. Their effective weight would still count toward total ship weight, and the structure couldn't be destroyed by the radial menu while it has animals in it. It could still be damaged from PVP and ships of the damned, upon destruction it would release the animals and they'd be relatively injured and/or panicked. We are losing tames while crossing over zone borders. Tames start to glitch, go through ceilings, fly off vessels or sink to the ocean floor and die. This would prevent a lot of vanishing tames, tames lost at borders or those that end up dying when you are trying to get them on board. Sure, you can build a platform and walk them on board now but if you are out harvesting or adventuring you risk losing them when sending to a ship, or whistling them on to a ship. It's just unreliable and glitchy. There could also be a variety of stables, barns or other structures for bases where we could store tames. Same damage rules would apply, similar limits. Other games have structures like this where you can store pets, tames, livestock etc, in a somewhat safe place. (Life is Feudal comes to mind)