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  1. Player count hit 370 on NA pvp when I looked. I dont understand these Atlas idiots who want a pointless grind. Its like sailing, so many people want slow grindy sails. Its mind bongling. I quit a couple of weeks ago due to the cheats but Ill be honest it used to annoy the hell out of me coming home from work to do chores on atlas. Some nights I couldnt go have fun killing SOTD because I had to do my chores...LOL what a joke, no other game is like it which I have played. So much unecessary upkeep and for what? a handful of players who think its cool to waste time? Make a new server add the following - No low wind mechanics - No upkeep of npcs - 2x sailing speed or speed sail bp with 2x speed - NO HEADSHOTS (too many cheats to keep it in, this isnt fortnite this should be a boat pvp game) - Puckles outrange cannons - Grenades nerfed to the ground - Ship kills leaderboard - Repairs for the whole boat, no single block repairs - Auto return home 1000s would come back I am sure of it.
  2. Yes clearly I need to learn to sail... The pic was of me in a power stone grid hunting SOTD that do not exist it seems. 1hour 40mins for 5 ships. The boat was relatively heavy as I wanted a decent amount of ammo to shoot (500+) I do not understand why people are defending such a slow system. Its not about making speed boats it about looking at it and upgrading it (you can do it by fixing sails for a start!!!!). So far they have buffed everything in this game and yet I have not seen any buffs yet to the sailing systems. I will say it again. This is a PVP sailing game where no one is on the dam seas. I wonder why. https://atlas.hgn.hu/grid/na/pvp We had 40+ people playing in my clan now we have 5 and only I am willing to do the 5-8 grid sails necessary because people hate the feature. I understand you guys are a few of the tiny population who like it but clearly something is wrong when everyone is just on islands all day.
  3. What kind of troll are you? We enjoy sailing just not the slow speeds of it which is just not necessary. There is sub 1k players on NA PVP and big part of that is no one wants to go on the seas as its too slow.
  4. Yes let me just get off my boat in the middle of the grid or just abandon being on the sea in a SEA GAME.
  5. Its hilarious. Some people on Atlas enjoy the most stupid things. This is a PVP sailing game. Yet everyones quit it because there is no sailing as it is so dam slow. Here is a pic of my experience right now. My evening is 1 hour now going 1 grid ....yay fun. There is just no need for it.
  6. Another fun night of sailing....
  7. I just put two pics of the tiny wind line. I just want the devs to realise they have a lot of people who would enjoy sailing if there was not such a frustrating mechanic in the game. I literally spent 32 mins watching dead sea as I returned back to base. This game should be all about getting on the sea. People should be visiting islands 3-4 grids away constantly. Instead no one wants to sail because they do not want to get lumbered with the boat. There is also another thread on reddit about reversing speed. Another example of pure annoyance. You get back to base and have to spend 5-7mins just slowly reversing...completely annoying time sink. Lets make sailing more enjoyable! There is no need for new content just revisit what you have and improve the experience.
  8. Sailed nicely to the powerstone island. Server goes down and boom look at that beautiful arrow upon return. 8 knots speed to sail home with.....honestly I just do no get why this is not being addressed. My sail back 1 grid is now 40mins watching dead sea. Why is this a thing?!?!?!
  9. Yes great game. This game is meant to be the alternative for the tv/the wife. Its simple this game at end game is about travelling multiple tiles and resource gathering. We did 16-20 map on Sunday. It took us 15 hours of sailing...yeah real fun. On Monday / Tuesday no one even bothers to logon now as they have now discovered what this games future is....sailing for ages.
  10. The way the game is right now is 1. Some poor sap drives boat. 2. Everyone logons for the mission 3. Some poor sap returns boat I just do not understand why we cannot find like 150-200% velocity sails or just remove the harsh winds / weight. I love killing ghost ships and doing trade runs but if they do not improve the wind/sailing speeds I am gone. I will not be that poor sap for much longer.
  11. Quite sure not many people are sailing and truly understand how slow this game is. I logon and wind is in wrong direction. Great news 8 knots speed for me....twice as long to get to a tile. I like to play 4 hours in the evening but this mechanic just means I cannot do anything. The player count keeps dropping and now below 1k on NA pvp. Everyone moans about this being a pirate game but no one is on the seas..... I wonder why. Not one person wants to drive our boats because of how sucky it is due to slow frustrating mechanics. BUMP PLEASE do something before player count hits 0
  12. Yes this. When the wind goes down to nothing its so slow. However the current speed of sailing could be faster. Those saying they enjoy sailing, great thank you for being part of the 1.5k people who play ... In my clan I am one of very few who will do the powerstones/long distance sailing because no one can be bothered with such a boring experience. Everything keeps getting buffed but not the most important aspect of the game which is getting about. I do not want speed boat ability just a quicker experience either by - better blueprints which give meaningful increases - better skill points - bigger ships go faster not slower
  13. The opposite. I want to spend more time on the water. Just not hours watching dead screen doing nothing. We should be out going island to island getting rare mats. To do this however due to weight / wind mechanics just make everyone think why bother it takes so long and is so dam boring for the driver.
  14. Lets discuss sailing. I am surprised no one has complained about this yet. Wind is an awful mechanic. I strongly believe no one enjoys sailing because of this and the effect of weight on a ship. If I want to plan a journey to a power stone or further a field I have no idea how long it will take me because I do not know how the wind will blow over that journey. It was a nice idea in theory but in practice I am sure half the game has quit because of it. No one in my company enjoys sailing because its so dam slow and frankly boring/annoying. This game needs to be faster to get people onto the seas. Add more cheaper parking docks. I should be able to logon after work go 3-5 grids and pay to park in a FP.... Currently sailing at 8 knots compared to 16 due to a wind arrow the size of atlas player count :)
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