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  1. Talono

    water reservoirs and barrels

    Well ok. But was still better before with the refilling barrels.
  2. Same here, rope ladders self destruct when i demolish something close. Sometimes even happens if i build something close (but not in contact).
  3. Talono

    Simple suggestion to reduce landlord tyranny

    Slaves are not allowed to talk ! You wanted slavery, you received slavery ! Now go on to the cotton field of your master and work harder !
  4. For a more expensive project (e.g. ship building) the double rates would be helpful.
  5. Talono

    water reservoirs and barrels

    I placed my water reservoir on a thatch ceiling which should count as fertile ground, but i get neither a percentage nor a refill.
  6. I dont need stupid cosmetics items but non-cosmetic ammo for my mortars. And i want to tame my bears faster !
  7. Talono

    water reservoirs and barrels

    Hmm i placed a water reservoir and a barrel on fertile ground, both are not refilling after the patch. Still broken ? Any hints ? Maybe the reservoir has to be placed onto a crop plot ?
  8. Talono

    Another Wipe?

    I have been wiped again today on Empire. Love you Jat !
  9. Talono

    Bug: Pets disappearing off of ships during travel

    Solution : System like in Conan Exiles : Transport tames and NPC in your inventory. This would also solve the issue to bring NPC up into high rock bases,
  10. Well, hermits also want to build a submarine ! Dont make Atlas „Megatribes Only“ like Ark !
  11. Talono

    Empires to get same claim system as Colonies

    Haha, no, please dont change anything on the Empire server, it is perfect ! Yours Number 1 Empire company
  12. Talono

    Game Breaking Bug

    Yes, many bugs came back with the patch
  13. Talono

    24h no dimolish!?

    Poor slaver.. want a towel ?