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  1. Well, Grapeshot Studios and Studio Wildcard really hate people with a social life and a job, They love 24/7 pro gamers who build gangbanggangs, as large as possible, 1000+ preferred. They absolutely hate people defending their assets and they really love offline raiding trolls. Thats why your walls are made of paper and break after a few shots. Thats why NPC defences are a joke and will be taken down by the next cannon bear... or the next naked raft sailor. Possibly your raiders used grenades, their damage had been buffed and now they are OP, requiring zero skill.
  2. Silo is not working for NPC crew in the water, so did you build a base in the water perhaps ?
  3. Well yeah, the wasted potential of a promising game. They never listen to their customers, they cause hatred and bad feelings in the hearts of their players. Grapeshot are perfect SITH
  4. I am looking for a reason to play again. That patch is not it. Now we have the trolls back carrying stacks of grenades blowing the stone paper walls with it... great.
  5. Is not changing the basic issue : - L51 is cap for single players, L120 horde fans will still own them without need for skill - a lot of game fun is locked for single players (sub) - any ship you have is auto offline sunk over night, no matter if claim island or lawless
  6. The trick with these resistance buffed ships is working very well. Too bad that this means you have to login for repairs very often.
  7. Private servers suck. I dont need abusive admins who live out their god complex because they are 12 year old boys without any love from mom in real life. Try to survive on officials.Farm planks when the bonus is activated. Shoot planks, while the bonus is not active. Devs dont care about your comments, complains or suggestions. They just do what they want, shut the servers down without notification whenever they want and activate the bonus when they want. Unfortunately not this weekend.
  8. I agree, fully anchored ships should be invincible, crafting stations on these ships should be non-operational. That would prevent combat-anchoring and would prevent anchored ships from beeing used as invincible bases. So players can choose between sailing and anchoring. Grapeshot promised us ships as „mobile bases“. This can only work if these mobile bases are safe if the owner is offline.
  9. Well, the problem is that your ships are offline sunk 9/7 in claim instead of 24/7 in lawless. No other difference.
  10. Thanks for the hints, so i have to level up resistance instead of sturdyness ? Do quality planks matter ? (Green or blue) You are absolutely right, every idiot can offline sink your galleon with a sloop 24/7 in lawless.... or 9/7 in claim territory. You are also right that bases are not safe, i had a superfortress with 100 NPC, puckles and cannons... not even 10 minutes for a bypassing chinese swarm fleet.
  11. Basically a good idea but my test sloop was sunk in the morning although i had 140% in sturdyness. Other parked ships in the freeport seem to have survived the night. Any tipps for prolongation of the freeport decay process ?
  12. ... just to exchange my ships beeing offline sunk 24 hours a day to just 9 hours a day. Because i am extremely intelligent i looked for a claim island with peace time set for evening- night. Unfortunately the first i saw on my choosen claim island were sunk fleets of people living there and destroyed artillery towers and shore fortresses. In the current state this game is really pointless as you are not allowed to own ships as these are instantly offline sunk.
  13. Completely wrong ! EVE ONLINE is showing how a successful PVPvE concept works. You ships are safe in the harbour (PVE). As soon as you go out to hunt the big treasure you can be sunk by better players (PVP). In ATLAS we have a PVO (Player versus Offliners) concept currently. You can sink the best anchored galleon easily with a rusty sloop and one rusty cannon mounted on it. To build a galleon players have to invest a lot of time, of course they are not willing to do so if their property can be destroyed offline. Thats why this game is doomed despite the fantastic graphics and pirate gameplay Mr. Stieglitz os not willing to learn from his failure in ARK and ATLAS. This is why both have been defeated by CONAN EXILES.
  14. Not possible, this would mean that you could level up in 100% safety and then go to an official server to kill level 1 Beach Bobs in full metal armor with your 256% damage carbine.. of course not working. no risk, no fun
  15. This game has really become a joke. To raid anyone anywhere you need just one sloop with one cannon. Pew Pew and bye bye mythical galleon. It does not matter if you raid in lawless or on a claim island, a few shots and blubb blubb enemy galleons. On the other hand defence is just a joke, you can build whatever artillery tower you want. For sure a chinese swarm fleet is coming, 30 chinese bears (Panda ?) are coming.. byebye artillery tower, superfortress, whatever. Suvival on land is possible, but not through strength nor raw power, the snesky hidden way is successful. Unfortunately this is not working for ships, you can not hide them, stone garage is not even one galleon volley, scouts search the beaches, chinese swarm fleet is coming... bye bye your ships. Really stupid, i would like to build something bigger than a sloop, but this is pointless, as all built ships will 100% be offline sunk the next night.
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