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  1. (Official PVP) ATLAS is doomed, and this is why. A fantastic game world with superior game mechaniques + graphics but the worst game balance in the world. You trolls dont believe me ? Go out and check how many islands were claimed 2 month ago and how many are claimed today. Then you have your answer. Issue 1 : PVP is pointless ——————————————— Look, what do you need to raid anyone you want ? a) a raft of sloop (luxery) b) a cannon with ammo or some grenades (luxery, you can do well without) c) a grappling hook and a climbing tool Thats it. Stone is ridiculous weak, just a few hits and you are through. Thats it. You can easily place your cannon on a wooden foundation..pew pew game over. You can also drown any ship you want with your 1-cannon sloop. Thats really cancer for your game, as it is impossible to defend your assets with strong defences, only camouflage ninja techniques are working. Issue 2 : New content not wanted by the community but only by the devs. New content only available for big groups of players (Conan Exiles is successful, because everyone can achieve everything solo... if he is good !) ——————————————- a) You bring cats, did anyone ask for cats ? B) You DONT bring new ships, you dont bring new ship equipment and mechanics. IF you bring something new, like the sub, you lock it behind boss mobs only achievable by big groups of players. This is the highway to hell, or in case of ATLAS, the highway to closing of Grapeshot Studios.
  2. Talono


    I dont believe that there are many mega companies left in Atlas. When the game came out there were tons of YouTube videos, today none at all. I like the pirate setting, but i wont start from scratch again.
  3. Talono


    This. We need a clear answer about that wipe a) yes b) no
  4. a) Atlas is infested by hackers. Wallhackers, teleporters and flying pople with bullseye 5km headshot ability roam all over the seas b) Atlas is rewarding submission instead of skill. Every authistic kid able to hold a wooden pick but who is member of some megatribe is level100+ with mythical weapons, ships, subs and loot. I am just level 53 as solo Player and have no more chance as a snowball in hell against one of these guys. c) death teleport. No effort needed to raid someone, just a mass of naked players with beds and grenades. d) STONE as highest tier building material is a joke. About 20 cannonballs or grenades. Huge Stone walls are a joke. One broadside of a sloop (or a raft) = game over e) Defense is not possible. Playing smart and using exploits works..and only that works ! Building a superfortress that takes months to build is full fail... 5 minutes of work for a megatribe.
  5. Talono

    New Players

    Lets hope that the devs shift their focus away from crazy fantasy pets and stuff. Back to the roots, back to pirate life and warfare ! SAY NO TO DRAGONS ! SAY YES TO FRIGATES !
  6. Who - requested - Blackwood ? OMG, please sent your devs into new ships. And new ideas. PIRATE ideas ! No cats, offline biomes and stuff.
  7. Talono

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    Nice idea, i would love small tribe servers. Actually i am creating my own content trying to rule 3x3 grits lol. Means that i wipe everything and everyone inside the 3x3 grits. That means, if a single player is able to do that, even if he is a pro, too few players are around in Atlas
  8. Talono

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    The same in Conan Exiles. The reason that i stay in Atlas despite these horrible devs, who invest their time into „cats“ and „quality of life - mega companys & streamers!only“ is ships and pirate setting, which i just love. Maybe they should think about the reasons, why these 10-players-max-tribe servers in ARK are that popular.
  9. Talono

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    Just my 2 cents : I „hoard“ ships in my drydocks during 2x and hoard maps for 2x weekends. This is stupid. Better would be a „general“ 2x setup for the official servers. A general „1x“ setup would be also ok, but the increase just for the weekends is a motivation killer. I vote for same conditions for everybody at any time !
  10. Like in RL, it would change how you act if death would be meaningful instead of just being some means of teleportation
  11. Concerning DP : The reason that i play Atlas and not Ark is, that people need time to raid. You have to harvest, build ships sail to your target, lay siege. This means efforts in terms of time consumption. In Ark you fly with your dragon in , pew pew, game over. Instant raids Death porting only helps. If your death port base contains all siege stuff. If not it is just a help in terms of scouting. But i agree, DP should be limited to the grit. I would even agree to limit it to the same island+ships close. Even “only one bed per company“ or lets say, as many beds as the company has players + 2 would be ok. Sailing would become more meaningful and really turn Atlas into a persistant pirate world where travel is the key. At the moment i build one-way throw-away schooners on my outpost islands to haul resources to my main base. It would consume more time to sail back and forth. This is comfortable, but obviously not ok. Maybe „fixed bind point“, must be changable, could be the solution ?
  12. Well fact is, that you can only live on claim islands if you are a mega company. Singles/Small companys are 1-button-razed together with all of their assets. Its just as i always have declared : slavery system
  13. Ähmm, are you living in some parallel universe, dear Mr. author ? Your ships are sunk if someone wants them to be sunk. It does not matter if you build stone gates (half of a broadside..game over), it does not matter if you place puckle, gun or whatever turrets. You wont even scratch the outer hull of the raiders. Stone walls of any kind are ridiculous, a few grenades out of a free climbers backpack or a nice cannon placed directly offline in front of your base.. directly game over. Pets ? Oh my god.. pets are auto-history in the moment you tame them. You cant even bring them into -relative- safety into a high rock base but have to store them on the ground inside of some shelter = see grenades & cannons. Recently Grapeshot frankly showed their ugly face very open : Any mega company can wipe any solo player on „their“ island with just a push on a button. Directly game over for ALL of your assets on that island. The once free ATLAS world turned into a socialism. Exactly what is actually happening to our countries. In this respect, Grapeshot shows some realism by killing players freedom piece by piece, indeed. I beg you, please wake up and face reality !