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  1. Wrong ! PVE is boring and only for warm shower takers. Destroying a tribe solo, because they dont have skill, knowledge and a plan, that is my personal fun here. Do you know why homo neanderthalis lost against homo sapiens ? He was more bulky, much stronger and could take more damage. The power of imagination was missing.. the same valid for 99,998% of all Atlas players joining a mega tribe, because the IQ to archive anything on their own is missing.
  2. Talono

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    HaHa so funny, Grapeshot is comforting megas more and more. Ok, exactly this could be exspected from Jeremy Stieglitz after the ARK experience. Mega tribe or well known streamer ? You can customize your dream patch and you receive it. One time Jat tried to break this circle of madness (reconversion of stone steucture requiremenf, FOY in all golden ruins) but i think the streamer slaves took back control. Result : Insane toys for megas (torpedoes), wooden spear for casuals. Soon we will see flying iron man stuff tech tier like in ARK. Shame on you, Grapeshot !
  3. I hope that all of the mega tribes will enjoy their new revolver and have use for it when hunting solo players across the beaches.
  4. Funny, megas answering the solo questions. No, you can not kill the Kraken solo, or aquire the 9 power stones. You can kill the Hydra by using exploits, but not the dragon. Golden age ruins are extremly unhealthy, if you have any hints how to avoid the one hitting light speed cyclops i would be grateful. So, as you asked for a list : No brigs and galleons for solos (you cant prevent offline sinking AND your skill points are not enough solo, if you also want to have weapons and armor) No sub, no torpedoes No tools/weapons above blue (treasure guards too difficult), no mythical (not enough skill points and mythos too difficult to aquire]
  5. Guys i really enjoy my pirate life inside your persistant Atlas world. I just dont like how you absolutely focus on mega patches only for mega tribes. I am quite sure that the majority of your players are solos/small tribes/casuals. Why lock them out from fun stuff like subs and torpedoes ? One of the big advantages in Conan Exiles is the ability for everybody to gain anything solo. Not easily, but with the correct preparation and planning. Please consider a similar strategy and i am quite sure that the 50.000 players from game launch in december will be back here soon. Dont let the Atlas galleon crush into the next iceberg.
  6. Best solution in a persistant world would be to do no 2x and 3x events. Every player has a different time window to play, this should be respected. Devs can in general set 2x, would make life easier.
  7. Talono

    Respec tames after mega patch

    i hate the bear nerf
  8. Talono

    wieght sails

    Well, as it is a mess to sail around even to a neighbor island, with stuff to collect and to do on that island, you can spend several hours. Hauling cargo over 5 grits can take you half a day. Because of this i only build one-way-schooners to haul cargo. Going back and forth would be a whole real day... no thanks. Better wait for double harvest weekend and build a throw-away ship. If i imagine that my Schooner will not only be limited to 60% max speed but hindered even more by the weight penalty... no thanks Sir. I better go out with my girlfriend than to spend a day with cargo hauling with devs latest full failure mechanics.
  9. Talono

    Crossbow nerf ?

    Ok this is really plus, 50 sailors on a galleon with crossbows = no boarding...or at least a very short boarding hehe.
  10. Talono

    Anchored ships should not sink

    I agree, there is no way to protect ships from bored trolls passing by. Stone gate is one broadside+game over, so ship hangars dont help. 9hour combat window is not giving any troll protection as well. Anchored ships = invulnerable would be the perfect solution. Wouldnot hurt open sea combat but prevent offline lolstomping
  11. Talono

    Crossbow nerf ?

    Grey vs Grey, same target, crossbow 50 damage (not 55 like in the patch notes), bow 45
  12. Talono

    Crossbow nerf ?

    Now i do 50 damage with the crossbow and 45 with the bow. What us the point ? I need a smithy to craft and have more or less the same damage ?
  13. Talono

    Gated content

    Mega patch only for mega tribes
  14. Talono

    Gated content

    Gated content is a joke, not the best player is rewarded but the most submissive slave.
  15. Talono

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    Very nice stuff that i cant use as a solo player. No sub, no torpedoes, no quest for me. Not sure if it is meaningful to continue playing when all new stuff is megatribe only.