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  1. Vorxius

    Is there any in game support?

    Pretty much says it all. He should be able to get through the gap.
  2. Anyone know how to get hold of a GM or anything? Bear is stuck in terrain, and there's absolutely no way to unstick this. This has certainly crushed an evening of gameplay. Ticket raised, no response unfortunately. Anyone have any advice?
  3. Vorxius

    what has this latest patch done

    made me chuckle, nice one!
  4. Vorxius


    I have a galleon called the Mary Rosemary. So far we haven't been able to turn it hard enough to capsize... yet. Trying handling sails later !
  5. Vorxius

    Elephant taming

    Wait what? Potatos are better than wheat? Really? That's an epiphany for me if that's so!
  6. Vorxius

    Claim vs Lawless

    Excellent, that's helpful and clear, thanks Guybrush
  7. Vorxius

    Claim vs Lawless

    Is that good or bad?
  8. Vorxius

    Claim vs Lawless

    Claimed islands with landlords, make great outposts... temp stop offs for you travels. Terrible for landlords as it generates no regular income / revenue. Our main base / farm zone remains on lawless, we have a secure, safe, large and spam free area with fabulous neighbors. Couldn't ask for more tbh. Lucky.
  9. I second this, what's nice, now, in my experience, is that there's no so much clutter along beaches now, the additional island space, it all adds up to really make a difference. Ofc now, we would like to just mark off our land (without asshattery, or greed) to just ensure our path to the waterfront remains build free, and, I have located foundations to the local metal nodes to prevent anyone boxing it in.. The neighbors are all awesome, and we're holding nothing back from them. We each have our own space, and, happy for everyone to tinker about as needed. Even been swapping various resources if anyone gets low (aka honey for bear taming or salt etc, which doesn't spawn on our grid). A little more radius on the foundations would be great, but ofc I am talking from our 'adult' gentlemans agreement with the neighbors, not taking into consideration that some players out there are far from considerate, and will be able to slam doors on whole islands still.... but would they do that anyway? Probably. Anyway, +1 here for slight radius increase... but, expect others with different experience to rightly protest.
  10. According to the patch notes, 100% of -whatever- should be going to the player, and the tax amount should be magically appearing in the coffers of the island management. If what you say is right, and the tax is deductible from your treasure hunting, then that sounds like an oversight, and will probably get fixed. We're playing PvE / lawless, it's pretty good so far, the experience has been better for us now than ever. PvE has turned into the casual fun I envisaged, no longer punished for working long hours, the neighbors are so far really awesome to.
  11. Vorxius


    I can only really put any time in Atlas at the weekend, so the 2x rates work brilliantly for me. It allows us to keep up somewhat with the Jones's. One has to get into the mindset that weekdays are normal, and weekends are a bonus.. makes sense, some of us have work during the week, I work long days, and any week day game time is absolutely premium. Mostly, and primarily just to keep an eye on things, with no actual gameplay. 2x weekends is what we live for, it's perfect as is.
  12. Lawless works way way better for us, and it's never been better. 100x yes compared to pre-wipe. Hope it stays like it lol
  13. Vorxius

    Pilar/Foundation Spam coding question

    I think it's ok now, foundation spam was annoying as hell when real-estate was virtually nil. Now with the additional islands, space is not premium any more. People use foundations to just mark an area around to stop morons boxing you in. Devs are right to leave foundations in in lieu of being griefed by blockades or arsehattery like when someone boxed in our primary supply house... just because. Must admit, since the new fresh atlas, things are way way way way way better, it's never been better tbh. I actually feel like we're playing now, not begging / scrounging.
  14. Vorxius

    Question about Lawless.

    Lawless on PvP.... Good luck! Lawless on PvE.... Awesome.
  15. Vorxius

    We had our first fight in PvP today.

    I remember our first PvP encounter we had supplies, a schooner of rare supplies. We didn't have weight for weapons, and tbh, didn't entertain the need for it. So, we were just sailing in a diagonal with the wind and from the side saw a boat coming at us, again had the whole rack mount on the back, the pseudo meta. They had one or two cannons on the front as well. As they closed in, they fired the front, I was sailing and was able to turn so as to make the ship as thin a target as possible. They missed, and kept firing, it was easy to avoid from that distance. As they approached, they got the odd hit in, but my friend was capable with the repair hammer. The island we needed was off to the side by this point, and as we turned, they caught up, and the next thing I remember was them turning hard pointing their ass at us, I saw this and turned stern to them. They must have fired about 35 or 40 cannons... most missed, a few hit, but it was obvious they were just out to blow us up. Finally, as they turned in again I lined up wind again, and headed for the map edge, as they caught up I crossed the threshold, after the loading screen they appeared, I crossed the threshold again, and they must have followed... and so it went.. crossing the server line for about 5 mins.. All they did was hail abuse lol as they couldn't actually line up any shot before we had 'vanished'. I told them we were unarmed, their response? You're going to die then.. I said you're going to get very bored with loading screens. I got abuse, and mocking... but eventually they gave up.. Loading screen PvP... I knew then that PvP servers weren't for us. Joined PvE, and never looked back. Still thoroughly enjoy Atlas to this day.