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  1. Vorxius

    Ok, so we got a 30 perfect tame bear

    Around the tundra area, it may have been around J3 or I3, i noticed a level 30 snow bear.. After we tamed it, I ended up sailing it away, and got it killed by falling off a really high single width staircase up a mountain trying to get a treasure.... anyway, on a whim, went back where I had picked her up, and lo and behold, saw the identical bear, level 30 female....after taming that one, noticed a level 4 or something spawned in its place, and after killing it, it changed to a 22 after killing that one, and the one after and the one after, another 30 spawned. Once we realised that, we just provoked the respawning time and time again, and ended up with 4 or 5 of them. Random sex as well, but it always cycled back to a level 30 eventually. We figure that where a 30 is found, you'll find the same again on a dice roll. I have never found a 30 spawn where lower levels are no matter of the kills. We weren't into breeding, but was a fun find anwyay.
  2. OP : Raise a ticket with GS. They have surprisingly logical GMs, that, will look at the full situation, and act upon it in a smart, fair way. If you went on hols, and your animals are still in your pens, in your base and the other players are just resetting timers to stick it to you, then, you'll get them back. If your pets were claimed, and they're in another base being used, then I'd say you're out of luck, but, in this case, raise a ticket, and logic will prevail.
  3. Vorxius

    Just uninstalled the game.

    There's an old saying here: Every dog has its day
  4. Vorxius

    Just uninstalled the game.

    I had a little chuckle at that to. Hope GS does get a well deserved player boost like that. I would love to see Atlas reach its full potential, and see how it pans out. Heavy realisation for me was that I just can't dedicate enough time to make OPEN work. It's not the developers fault, it's my restricted free time that is. GS threw a bone and gave people like me a chance to experience atlas and the freedom to employ mods as I see fit without disrupting anyone elses experience. +1 and cudos where it's due.
  5. Vorxius

    Ok so we decided on official pve

    I like the climbing pick / grappling hook combo.. find myself running out of stamina on the steeper slopes. Atleast hook up to as far as possible, and grapple the rest.. Probably derailed the current topic, but my 2 cents! Good to hear you're giving it a fair shot, Realist
  6. Vorxius

    Just uninstalled the game.

    It's a glass-half-empty example, but in a way yes. The glass-half-full approach would be that if balance of persistence of the game world is out of whack of what's convenient to you (as like it is me), then, we can have our own world and do what we want I dare say with friends if you have a server.
  7. Vorxius

    Just uninstalled the game.

    Happened to me, it's a chore to solo in multiplayer mode. If all your stuff vanished, then you have inactive company mates, and if you are solo, and you take breaks from the game, this will happen. Like I say it happened to me. It pissed me off, but, I swapped to single player, and now I have the world to myself. You can compensate yourself for your multiplayer 'losses', and carry on from where you were, with the additional boon of mods giving you some lovely and much needed flavor. The devs have done a fantastic job, GS have given players like you, and I, the ability to have our own world with none of the drawbacks. Do yourself a favor, reverse that uninstall, and go out there and pwn your own atlas. This time next week, you'll forget this ever happened
  8. Vorxius

    Single Player very Good !!!

    Just have to remember that in single player mode, there are no formal ground rules to form a basis for code of conduct. By playing single player, your only set of rules are the world you live. If you tame dragons, and spawn level 5000 scorpions, who says that isn't the entire idea of that atlas world? Someone's single player world does not have to conform to the rule set dictated to on multiplayer servers set by Grapeshot. That's only there to keep players reeled in. Doesn't matter in single player, therefore anything goes, and it can't be wrong. I like single player mode it gives me the ability to play in my own time, without it becoming a chore. I can stop my boat in the middle of the ocean, log off, and when I log back in 4 weeks later, i'm on my boat in the middle of the ocean, exactly where I left it, and all my crew are as they were. Would anyone consider that cheating? You can't do that on the official servers. We're all good, chaps. There's no comparison between single player and official. They're two very different beasts.
  9. Vorxius

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    Most people that play solo / in tiny groups are the ones that lose out in big open persistent worlds. Everyone's enjoying Atlas against their own wish and rule sets, but in big open play, it's easy to get sucked into a vortex of persistently changing rules and goalposts. By bringing in solo / personal server based game options, more and more people will be able to play atlas they way they want to. If you have no time to play, but find 2x weekends the only viable time to play, then the new mode will be ideal. Some people want 0.5x some people feel that farming shouldn't be the aim of the game, but have 10x so that building a boat is trivial, but perhaps prefer PvE fun with no overhead.. ofc single and solo eliminates the spam, player mess and griefing as well. For me, being a sailor / survivor with and entire grid to myself is an adventure of a lifetime. Me vs a world to call home. Sea is a lonely place, i can finally have my house boat and play rules that suit me. I'm very luckly, the dev team just made Atlas exactly what I want it to be. I emphase the I. I now have my very own Atlas world, and a fantastic place it is. I have to exercise discipline with the settings now, so that I don't make things too easy, or, I get frustrated with the difficulty. If I don't enjoy Atlas now, then I don't deserve Atlas. I love it, settings and mods bring new life, and I'm grateful to the dev team for bringing this to me. @Jatheish @Dollie and team, you're awesome.
  10. Vorxius

    Bad day for company of Floie

    Thanks for the support guys. It's a bad day for sure, but, just like a losing football team; to hear the crowd cheering you on still provides a much needed crutch!
  11. Sad but true. Had to leave the game for about a week and a half for personal reasons, and when back I saw this in the logs. Looks like all our crew killed, animals gone, other players tamed our stuff, and boats vanished. Not a good day for me The only good news is that I was able to catch the base. It's something I guess.
  12. Still think single player is the most important thing to come to atlas since they added water
  13. - AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle) ,melee damage and tame damage - Just trying to imagine what they are immune to... is it only bow?
  14. Vorxius

    Atlas worth returning too?

    Atlas is definitely worth getting. It's still early release, so a lot of stuff to come. If you're with friends, you will have a jolly good laugh. I'd say give it the benefit of doubt.