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  1. Vorxius

    Server Population Is The Lowest I've Ever Seen

    would less players = less foundation spam though?
  2. Vorxius


    are they the enemy boats there? They look like they're quite close to the land.. Whether I was likely to win or not, I'd have built structures under their boats to strand them, so they couldn't move. I'd have then demanded every last gold coin back..... and if they refused, and their boats still stuck dead, lured my own sotd in to force feed them some of their own medicine. At this point they already wrecked you... the least you can do is send them back hom with their tail shoved up their ass.
  3. I remember when we had virtually completed our brig, a moron parked a sloop just in front of our shipyard to troll us. When confronted we asked politely if he'd move his boat to which he just laughed in our faces and there forever more just replied hahaha whenever we tried to engage in conversation. His mirth abruptly ended when I lost my rag and kited a sotd which sunk his troll-wagon... he had the nerve to say he'd report us for exploiting and have us banned. Good that we had screenshots of the entire conversation, but good that we could have the sotd do what we couldn't in game and remove it. Sometimes you have to fight dirt with dirt it's the only language some people speak.. but if you do it, my only advice is to have evidence and back up that the dirt you're dishing out was warranted, needed and the only course of action. The last thing i'd want is anyone to get sanctioned getting their own back on muppets that take satisfaction ruining peoples days.. Sadly it's how the world works.
  4. on a PvE server i'd go so far as to say it's an outright EXPLOIT, as by design, a player should NOT be able to destroy another players assets. Abusing stupid AI to circumvent in game restrictions IS exploiting. It's equal to using 'special' characters to evade a swear filter on a childrens show. It's not nice, it's not fair, it's not within the spirit of the game. hence I call exploit, not 'griefing'.
  5. Vorxius

    Offline players phasing off boat?

    rgr that, thanks for the replies everyone. For sanity it confirms things for me! Personal boxes it is; within in the barracks section of the ship
  6. Hi all, this is all new stuff to us, but, we have a house boat, that we use as a mobile base. Every time I move the boat I kill the entire crew when they're offline! This is funny for me, but, one guy was moving a large sum of gold (overloaded with thousands), logged out, and after i moved the boat, he had been phased off the ship, been subsequently eaten by any number of sealife, and when he eventually logged back in, had already lost his stuff and enormous amounts of gold... Is this customary? To not move with the boat when logged off inside a boat? Unless i'm going stark raving mad, it happens every time the boat is moved, and the entire crew dies. Not overly immersive I must say! Does it happen to anyone else here? We have taken now to stripping naked and dumping all our gear prior to logging off...
  7. Vorxius

    Another Chinese Exploit?

    In PvP absolutely, but in PvE, immune ships when anchored would make no difference to any gameplay balance. If you wanted to just ensure people can't cheese the mechanic, you could introduce a 5 minute timer, after which you are immune. I see no problems with it in PvE. I always said split PvP / PvE servers with their own balancing.
  8. Vorxius

    Resource Box / Food Larder

    It's certainly saved me a couple of times, when cash ran out on sloop and schooner, and the good old nearby brig kept everyone fed and paid.. Silly work. How dare real life get in the way of my crew's well being Learning from that, the brig is now center anchor, other boats crowd around it in the event i'm away on business for a few days and I forget to stock up... on thing I do wish was that the larder acted like a preserving bag fueled by salt. Shame food wastes away so fast in it. Love the resource box though. That's a nail on the head for me.
  9. Vorxius


    LOL -- ok I'll take the bait. this game is completely wrong Wrong in what way? Saying something is wrong with no context is... a bit to ambiguous for me. it is like they tried to make and sell this game as quickly as possible all the mistakes they made clearly shows that Such as what? Ofc the game has it's mistakes and bad mechanics, and some things are just mind mindbogglingly daft, but over all, but I can see the potential! Going cliche, it is EARLY ACCESS, which means we're just glorified game and design testers for the players that sign up at release... It's our job to find the flaws! But in all fairness, it has to be a two way thing... right now it feels like feedback is just fart in a cat 5 tornado. So many game breaking exploits and mad mechanics do taint experience.. but all will be flat ironed sooner or later...
  10. Vorxius

    Fountain of Youth is a JOKE!!

    You'll always get one .... the same guy that won £150m on the Euromillions or $1.5 billion on the US Powerball... Claiming it's easy and telling everyone else to learn to pick numbers. The fact that one person can do it, doesn't mean everyone else can lol. When so many people have the same issue, it does deserve some attention.
  11. Vorxius

    Coins weigh way way way too much

    I understand your point, and you're not wrong to a point. My real issue is being awarded something you're not able to carry. In a game where loot and treasure is the lure, it seems a bit... counter intuitive. Since now, we have changed tactic. In non lawless it doesn't work, but we build a storage box so overburdened loot, we can stash, and revisit as many times as needed to get the spoils back to the boat. One alternative solution is to have the treasure chest act like a personal storage box, where it's then up to the player to loot what they can carry and come back... not dumping ALL of it on you and making you 400% over weight limit with no warning.
  12. Vorxius

    Unable to complete treasure map

    Unable to complete treasure maps. We kill all the guardians, and when try to dig the treasure, it says unable to as there are 2 guardians left........... like every time. Somewhere they are despawning and we are unable to fund them. This is every time.
  13. Please for the love of god, decrease the weight of coins? Just ran our first treasure hunt with a friend, got 1600 each stuffed in our inventories, unable to carry it all lost 2k of it. Do coins really need to weigh what they do? If so, why? What's the point in getting loot like this, if you can't carry it? You drop it and unable to pick it back up... we both sat there watching timer count down... until pop... 2k gone. Strange mechanic.
  14. For some reason unable to build them. Skill is trained, I can build everything else (that I tested) unable to build small storage box. Right click, build 1, nothing. double click, nothing. press 'e' to build, nothing. Just wanted to report it. Thanks.
  15. Vorxius

    3 Weeks is Too Long

    My holiday entitlement in 2018 was 42 days, and I work in Investment Management, i'm sure there are people with more than me still ! London here, so I guess the table above is not a myth lol. Even 3 weeks isn't enough.... I'm in Tokyo soon, I'll have to leave a gaming laptop with a buddy to just log in during the 3 weeks I'm there just so I don't lose my crap in game Silly devs discriminating against those who take family holidays