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  1. Thanks for the info. However, I was more looking for any server settings I could change like in the initiative files. I know this was possible in ark to unlock engrams. Just curious if I can do a similar thing here. I personally, am not looking for any mods thank you.
  2. Does anyone know if it's possible to automatically unlock the submarine engram for players? I just want the players on my server to be able to access all the content around it without having to fight the kraken. Any information would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  3. So after the mega update, all of my players have a blank atlas map screen. I have already checked the URL in the JSON, it's null, I have tried killing my character, starting a new character, reinstalling my atlas client. Nothing has been able to resolve this. I thought it might have been a change I made to the server so I reverted my customization(new islands/quests) but that had no effect. Has anyone else had this issue since upgrading their server? Any help/info would be really appreciated thanks.
  4. Does anyone know how to setup the new quests that were added? (- New Feature: 7 more ‘Quests’ which upon successful completion will provide their own unique Skill unlock). I would love to get this setup on my server for my players as quickly as possible but can't seem to find any information/documentation about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. So, I can confirm that GINGERNINJA's solution does work. Changing the spawnpointregionoverrides has resolved the spawning problem. My players now consistently spawn on the freeport. However, I still have the issue that all my discover zones no longer work in my homeserver grid. Does anybody know why this changed and how to fix it?
  6. Wow so many great answers thanks everybody! Looks like I will have some settings to play around with after work today. Grogs on me!
  7. Has anyone successfully disabled the new option to set all islands in a homeserver as a spawn point? On my private 4x4 server I have setup my one homeserver grid to contain other islands as well so that I may use the grid for more than just a spawn point. However, after the mega patch I went through the various config files, found the setting "AutoGenerateIslandSpawnRegions" set to true by default as expected and changed it to false. However, players are still able to spawn on all islands instead of being limited to just the freeport. I would like to disable this if at all possible as I have setup the map with the intention of having the freeport be the only possible spawn point without beds. Has anyone had any luck turning this off? Please let me know it would be a big help. Thanks! P.S. It appears that all of the discovery zones on my homeserver grid have been disabled, making it impossible for my players to get the discovery XP for those islands. Any information on how to fix that would be greatly appreciated (if it's not related to the issue up above which I'm assuming it is).
  8. I think you are misunderstanding why I am asking for this assistance. My group likes the speed at which we are playing and leveling on our server. I'm not trying to power level by manipulating the bottle quality (if I wanted to level super fast I could just increase global XP gain). All I want is for my players to have a chance (however slim) to find bottles above blue quality. We enjoy finding rarer treasure maps, setting sail together and seeing what kind of trouble we get into along the way. I'm not trying to break the game balance, I just want it to be literally possible to find high quality maps on my server. That's why I am on the forums asking in the dedicated server section if anyone knows how to do this. That's all.
  9. Hmm ok that might be useful. Thanks for the info. By any chance when you adjusted that number did you see an increase in the quality of the bottles you were getting? Perhaps there is a separate custom data parameters that effects the bottle quality?
  10. Does anyone else have this issue? Is everyone else's servers spawning all map rarities?
  11. Oh, ok thank you for the information. Looking at the settings that makes sense to me now. I really hope this isn't the case. Completing high level treasure maps is already the best way to level up. My friends and i like the rate at which we gain XP and level up. I couldn't imagine getting more xp and better maps at the same time. It would be way too easy to level up quickly. Can anyone confirm that this is the case? If not does anyone have any more information about adjusting the quality levels for treasure maps?
  12. Does anyone know how to increase the maximum quality of treasure maps players can receive from bottles? A little background: I am running a 4x4 grid for me and a few friends. After collecting hundreds and hundreds of maps from bottles we have never found one above journeyman(blue) level. I think this might be ties to the size of our atlas (since it at least seems like the higher quality the map the farther away the treasure is in general). After some testing with some admin commands it looks like mythical maps are around quality 50-60. So I tried changing all my island settings to the following: However, after flying around collecting dozens and dozens of maps I never once found a map above quality 19. Maybe I am unlucky maybe not. Has anyone had any success with this? It's not clear what "Use NPC Volumes For Treasures" means. Does anyone know? Any assistance with this would be really helpful. Thanks!
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