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  1. They're all for M7 so it wouldn't help much. If they'd just made the SP starting Freeport L5 instead of M7, things would be so much easier for those starting out.
  2. I just started using this one yesterday. I haven't used the stations yet (I use the small stations from Peachy Ship Decor at the moment) but I love being able to use ship-style wood building pieces on land. I'm looking forward to using the wooden archways when I build my dock. I'm also using Better Cages and Traps. The cages are saving me from leaving box traps all over because let's be honest, I'm lazy and in SP there's no one to make me clean them up after I tame something. I've only run into one issue when using mods. If you have more than one that adds their skill to the top row of the Construction tree, there's a high chance of it crashing the game when you try to unlock the skill. It doesn't seem to be specific to certain mods, only where they are on the tree. Anything that's not on that top row, I've had no issues with.
  3. I read that differently - I read it as Kulchatila wanting an action that takes less than 30 minutes each time, that can be done many times, to gain some xp to get things moving after 100, not gaining all those levels in 30 minutes. So not leveling quickly, just XP-gaining actions that take less time than hours-long high-level map runs.
  4. Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  5. Can't speak for anyone else, but I'd be okay with that. (Especially since my two levels of non-combat damage seem to be "needs one of everything" and "Oh crap I smacked into the sandbars at Freeport again. Five times.") I like the idea of automatic repair from stationed crew overall, and for me, that threshold would eliminate most of the waste.
  6. For me, it's not about taking damage while anchored, it's when I'm out exploring and gathering resources, or if I made a short run just to a neighboring island.The idle crew will repair at any eligible stop if you've got so much as a scratch, and that 5 points of damage is using up the same 1 of everything to repair as 30 or 40 or more. (It's going to vary based on Captain skills.) I'd much rather wait till I'm either back home or down by a significant amount amount of points before repairing. I stick my extra crewman in a chair to avoid this, but while the change was temporarily active, that didn't help. It doesn't help that on single player, where I'm playing these days, any place you can anchor, you can repair because there's no such thing as enemy territory. Some unofficials are the same way. So if I stop at 5 islands in a tile in my Brig, that's 200 metal totally wasted if I can't stop them from repairing, just on that run.
  7. You can already do #4 yourself by putting bClampHomeServerXP=False in the game.ini file. I would like to add: Commodities vendor in Freeport Ability to create a company for the purpose of accessing the log. - added in v209.4
  8. He's using mods in single player, which he clearly states in the video. He did it in response to a viewer looking for a faster way to get around.
  9. Oh no! Was that you? I didn't think to ask for both the start and current tame levels were. I should have asked for more info. I actually wiped my first save because I messed up my settings, and also removed a few mods that I wasn't sure about. But it's been smooth sailing since then (literally).
  10. You have to go explore, when you visit islands and points of interest, you get disovery points. When you have enough, you get an additional level. Tames can only get additional levels equal to their beginning tamed level + 30. So your tame max levels should be 36 and 42, not 33 and 36. I think. I'm not sure what would be off there, though.
  11. Have you tried all 4 Freeport islands? Since they're identical, maybe it's just the wrong one? If you've already done that, try taking a rank in Eagle Eye if you haven't yet, maybe it's a range issue. If that doesn't help, I guess file a bug report. Edit: Actually file a bug report even if Eagle Eye fixes it, because they should still show up when you're next to them regardless.
  12. Are you just getting bad winds? Even the starter sloop shouldn't be that slow except when the wind dies. That said, I headed for the nearest border ASAP to start getting my own boat built, things get a lot more comfortable after that. I'm going to do the nomad thing on my boat for a while. I found turmeric on the Freeports, then I went one tile north and found coconut. I think I've found yellows everywhere I've gone so far, which isn't far, M7, M6, and N7.
  13. They're working fine for me in single player, though I've only hunted maps on on the M7 Freeport tile so far, haven't gone after them on any other tiles yet.
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