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  1. Title. Trying to id the .ini and finding multiple files in multiple places. Which are specifically for the single-player experience?
  2. Just wiping today [4/14] as a matter of fact. Moving to a colonies system 6x6 (map reduced to promote more action) Great time to get in and get to it.
  3. Been playing on both the PVE server and the PvP server. Excellent connection speeds even thru my VPN. Great set up just enough carrot to keep a solo player alive in a sometimes unfriendly world. Fun fun fun
  4. Need to find a way to hide who is playing on which server in a grid. this is a multimap PvP game it should not be as easy as finding the grid with the players on it.
  5. It can not be that difficult to have parsley nodes use the parsley art. Nothing is as it seems and it's just ridiculous in a survival - esque game where you are actively searching certain ingredients.
  6. StewPot

    New pvp changes are trash.

    The thing is you do not get to dictate the way the game is designed. If enough players want the change then they will get the change and your whining won't do a thing. This is an EA game which means big changes can and will happen. This is one of them. I think all of those pvprs who are complaining about changes that aren't even in full effect should move on to another more grief friendly game.
  7. StewPot

    Ship Speeds & Balance

    In any kind of realism, the physics would break the small boat in half if all the force was applied to a single mast.
  8. Pocket single use no stack item. Inflatable Raft Can be used in deep water only has both a use timer and a fast decay that starts the minute it comes into semi-shallow water "Anchor range" This item is used if you happen to get past your attackers in a sea battle and need to make landfall at the nearest port. Make it with fiber, thatch, and paste. Part of survival tree.
  9. StewPot

    Offline raid solutions needed!

    Hmm, wonder what game I have been playing. I like how you ignored 40% of the suggestion and focused on the part you would hate to see implemented.
  10. StewPot

    Offline raid solutions needed!

    Another solution. A mechanic that allows a base to be taken over for the period of time that the raiders remain. They can then use the facilities and empty the place if they are not apprehended but they can't destroy the base. If the owners log in while the raid is happening they can fight to apprehend the pirates. Once they all dead or outside the circle the base reverts ownership and the mechanic resets. You could make the mechanic a resource sink. Say it's the door. You have to defeat the door to gain entrance. Then you have in-game items different types of locks etc that people can use in combination to try and keep the pirates out. the pirates can pick locks or try to melt the door. Upgraded doors self heal.
  11. Base raiding had a distinct reason in ARK. You were all on one map your base could be reached in 10 minutes from anywhere on the map. You burned your enemies because if not there would be no peace. Atlas is much different in this regard. There is no reason to allow total base destruction it would make more sense to have a mechanic where Pirates took over a base for as long as they remained and could loot it dry if they were not apprehended. Pirates do not have a reason to base raid aside from collecting the loot.
  12. StewPot

    Possible solution to offline-raiding

    The Shadowbane mechanic. Funny how this game puts me in the mind of Shadowbane. I'm seriously waiting for the people to get a clue and form huge organizations to take over the world. Banestone was a good idea and one that could easily be worked into Atlas. I would love to see base raiding demoted to burglary. Pirates were not for the most part big on taking over peoples property basically they wanted the booty and a quick trip to the local tavern. I was Prankster [SOL] First and last standing city on Skorned.
  13. There is absolutely no reason to use the artwork consistently to represent the various resources. Parsley looks like parsley. coconuts look like coconuts. I swear they have the artwork just make it work it's the most aggravating thing in the game when one plant looks like another plant depending on the area.
  14. Love to see a way to park NPC's at the base when they aren't needed. A craftable Tavern or Even dockside stoop. You would "pay" for their availability by both buying their food while they wait and by rehiring at a small bonus.