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  1. Yep you were right Mahnogard!! found the beacon on a different freeport. thanks.
  2. That's what i thought too. gonna try to sail to neighboring island (M8) since i have a map for there too and see if i can replicate the issue. - Was seeing this on publictestrealm launch AND opting out and relaunching. - I had already thought about EagleEye as well and bumped it to lvl 2 and STILL no beacon.
  3. that's where I'm at as well and they are not showing up when I have the map in hand. I've even tested 3 other M7 maps and none of em are showing the beacon.
  4. So I have come across instances where where I am not seeing the beam / spawning AoD near area shown on treasure map in Single Player game-play. Anyone else having this problem? - Flex
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