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  1. Senkoau

    We don't need any more ship types.

    Actually in Solo I'd love to try different builds. A small little ship for nipping round my island home, a schooner for general exploration, a brig designed for hauling cargo and a giant man of war to symbolize my merchants might even if I never use it. Then a whole range of differnet designs for specific purposees like animal hauling vs frieght hauling. The issue is the fleets of the damned for you to build the best (current) ship vs ship design, the best (current) run away design or the be sunk repeatedly and lose all your work design. I don't need more ship types, I need fewer ships of the damned and it'll get me back into playing AND allow me to create different ships for the existing hull sizes.
  2. Senkoau

    Too much negativity

    The thing is people pay for early access and expect to see changes/development/improvement. Instead we get post after post complaining there are too many ships of the damned and its ruining sailing so they fix the problem by making fleets of the damned that are still too close and have all the same issues but now come in bigger numbers per spawn. Players find a way to deal with powerful wild animals and it gets nerfed because its not playing the game the way the dev's intend. We have major bugs, issues and gameplay mechanics that don't work correctly which should be the number 1 priority in an early access game only for some new mechanic change (i.e. adding metal to the requirement for stone buildings when wild animals can attack through said buildings wall to damage/kill things inside). Then you add in all the out of game issues like dev's dissapearing or focusing on other games and that's the cause of negativity. Its not that the game was unfinished when bought its that the dev's seem to flip between ignoring the game, introducing mehcanics that do the exact opposite of what they players want or trying to force the players in an open sandbox world to play the game the way they think it should be played and only that way.
  3. Senkoau

    Rethink the Road Map

    It's hard to get motivated about sailing in Atlas where after a few hours/days of farming materials to build your ship and several hours of sailing you cross a zone border only to find once it loads you appeared between two seperate fleets of the damned and were sunk/killed before you could even try escaping or fighting back.
  4. I'd just like to add fleets of the damned to that list. Its what stopped me playing and until there's an option to remove them I'm not likely to return. I'd love to sail around the world exploring islands, gathering resources but when you get a dozen enemy ships that can demolish yours easily over and over and over and over its not worth the effort. I could build a ship that can fight them but it'd be a ship built specifically to FIGHT them not a ship for exploration or with flavour and roleplaying touches like cabins for the NPC crew. Solo game so resource issues only affect me.
  5. Senkoau

    Atlas you just cost us a Brig :(

    As I've said elsewhere give us a SotD slider with off, easy, medium, hard and so you want to die options. That way those of us who HATE this mechanic especially with how its been turned into fleets of them now can just turn it off and those who are saililng top tier ships and love (or say they do) a "challenge" can turn it up to spawn fleets of red, alpha, galleons to fight. Honestly with it as it currently is and my limited time I've just stopped playing beyond an occasional glance at patch notes to see if they've reduced/turned off the SotD in solo because until that's done I've no interest in playing any more. Just too many fleets too often for this solo player to find fighting them to be fun. especially given the amount of time you have to spend harvesting and crafting to build a decent ship.
  6. I still remain ambivilent about a PVE econmy as long as you're required to be able to make the gear in order to use the gear. Sure there can be a world of difference between a BP crafted item and the equivilent type if made by someone who's maxed their crafting ability (crow, dolphin, repeated building for +x bonus multiplyer). However to use that legendary bow you still need to sink points into it to allow you to make/use them.
  7. Some interesting ideas there some I agree with, some not so much. I like the flotilla idea and we do have some elements that could tie into it but I'm not as much of a fan about the idea of islands becoming less useful as you move to the edges of the map. All else aside it'd make more sense that the edges of the largest/most wealthy islands and as you move in it gets less and less till you hit the empty grid with the kraken (where a meteor hit and destroyed the old world ) Honestly though all I need to get me spending more time at sea is getting rid of the ships of the damned. Just put a sliding option in the player settings 0 = none, 1 = solo ships of varying power, 2 = flotilla's, 3 = alphas near the powerstone islands, 4 = armada's lead by alpha's. That way everyone gets something. As it is with these constant flotilla's everywhere (so many times I've sailed between two seperate ones of 4 hoping the end ones don't head my way) I've just stopped playing. It's not fun for me and just kills the sea aspect of the game.
  8. As i understand it the values when moved out of game script mean . . . multiplier for NCP ship difficulty = 1/4 or 0.25 so if normal difficulty is 100 they're now 25. Don't know what the second one is but going by context I'd guess its agro range. multiplier for how many there are = 0.3 or about a third so if there were 3 before now there should be one (though I think its 1 flotilla not 1 ship). multiplier for how good the flotsam is = again about a third. THough I'm not sure how these changes are actually reflected in game. I have heard and seen the same (flying over to kill them lets me see levels). Still I'm not interested in trying to take out 12 ships of the damned (I've seen way too many flotilla's next ot each other so theres' not 3 or 4 but 8 or 12 saililng there). Especially since right now I'm in an unarmed schooner when I get to the point of having a brig/galleon I'll test fighting against them but I don't like the feel this is balanced for late game players and hurst enjoyability for mid game ones. I've built a schooner but I spend far too long saililng around the huge numbers of ships of the damned. In solo they really should be single ships or far less common so you don't see 4 or 5 flotilla's just sailling between islands on a single grid.
  9. Thank you so much I HATE these things they aren't fun or challenging now they're just a road block that makes me spend ages sailing (usually against the wind) around them on my way from island A to island B. As I'm not familiar with editing json files could you tell me if this is what I should have after I made your changes? "ClientCustomDatas2": ",-1,0.015,", "ServerCustomDatas1":"NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult,FloatsamQualityMultiplier", "ServerCustomDatas2": "0.25,4.0,0.3,0.35", "sublevels": [ Also if I change NPCShipNumMult from 0.3 to 0 would that get rid of them entirely, if so would it also affect merchant ships please?
  10. I know this has been raised many, many times but having 8 ships of the damned camping IN a zone border is NOT fun or CHALLENGING, its just a pain in the neck. I do mean IN not ON there were 4 on one side of the zone border and 3 on the other. This is on top of the fact that there are typically 4 or 5 in a squad with multiple squadrons close to each other. I know this is a personal thing but when they were solo you could avoid them or fight them but this just kills the game for me and I suspect a lot of other solo players. On top of which they respawn pretty much instantly. I've been using fly/kill then just leaving the lot because I just hate the mechanic and don't want to deal with it but if I kill them too far away they'll have respawned by the time I get back to my ship. So please at least on solo player could we get the numbers/spawn rate of them either turned down, off or made adjustable by the player so people who actually enjoy this can keep it and those like me who hate it (especially since half the time we're on a slow ship sailing into the wind) can just turn the whole thing off entirely.
  11. Senkoau

    Increase sailing speed

    From my admitedly limited perspective so far the biggest time consumer for me is not the wind/storms/etc its the ships of the damned especially now they've been made flotillas (Maybe on golden age islands but not everywhere). Probably not as much of a problem for big tribes or well geared people but for me it can easily add 20-30 minutes sail time just detouring (often with bad wind) to get safely around them. Something made worse when you've got the 12 ship flotilla's or as happened a few times several flotilla's close to each other and moving around. Honestly its driven me in solo to the point where when I run into them I just use fly/kill then get back on my ship and cary on sailling. Its made a huge difference to my time/enjoyment but its not something I should feel like I'm forced into. Either cheat to get them out of my way or spend ages detouring around the half dozen enemy ships. Single ships I could put in the time (though even then it wasn't fun especially since they tended to cluster) or take them on with preperation. Now they've just become a mechanic I cheat to eliminate till I have a brig or galleon. On official servers and indeed quite a few private ones though that's not an option so you do have to spend the extra time just sailing in the wrong direction to get to where you want to go and like I said even on short journey's that can add half an hour depending on the wind (which also affects how close your willing to go). On longer multi grid ones I've had my travel time doubled or more by the need to avoid them particularly in cases where they're in a line like this - - - - - and you have to sail far enough to loop round without stirring them up in order to get to a specific island on the far side.
  12. Senkoau

    Max level of animals question.

    So is that you can catch a lvl 130 on official or you can catch/breed up to 130? If its catch how come 1 on solo only gets you lvl 30 critters with the excpetion of seagulls (in my experience so far)?
  13. Senkoau

    building Building System is Terrible

    Wait what was that about a snap toggle? The number of hours I've spent doing place, pick up, place, pick up, place, pick up because I either can't see all that I'm placing (lighthouses, backs of grills, shipyard that end behind me even with 3rd person view) or I can't adjust the view until I've locked it in at which point its too late if its wrong and I have to start fresh because i've moved. I'd love an ability to toggle a snap lock on with a lot of things that will click a grill or shipyard to a certain point so I can work from there.
  14. Senkoau

    Max level of animals question.

    Time consuming though, very time consuming.
  15. Senkoau

    Max level of animals question.

    Hmmm could have sworn I saw something about some creatures being 60 must have been mistaken.