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    Better survival perks

    Even with recipes I find the fire easier since you're trying to balance different boosts from this meat and that vegetable and this meal they're not uniform so if you eat X your A vitamin shoots up while you're food barely budges and Y only barely budges the B vitamain while your food skyrockets. On top of which its not just a "Max my vitamins" option because if you get too high you get vitamin poisoning so you're actaully aiming to get it in the middle of the bar which adds to the hassle. Then if you go out in the ocean they fall faster while your food doesn't seem to so you need to eat more but then you get full and can't eat any more so the discrepancy gets even greater unless you figure out the high vitamin, low food items. As for the buff the temperature extremes mean even with high fortitude, the buff and an appropriate animal you can still wind up dying from overheating because its simply too high above what is manageable. Add in lions who grab you off your mount, snakes who tranquelize you and all the other death sources when the return of the buff takes time because you need to keep them balanced for x time before it shows up. Finally the food recipes that should make it easier usually require a huge variety of specific resources not just berries for a cake but blackberries which you have to find a source for and you wind up with our current situation where its simply easier to die and reset everything than spend time trying to balance it.
  2. Senkoau

    This is not fun!

    I assume that's aimed at me its not the dangerous wild animals that's the issue its the fact you can search the entire area killing them off to tame safely and they respawn right on top of what you're taming and kill it. I just killed FOUR cobra's and a Lion (with about 10 deaths as the lion came from behind then guarded my body) yet it respawns two more cobras on top of me in the short period I needed to tame a bear. If I clear the area of dangerous predators let me enjoy it for a few minutes before more magically appear or at least spawn them in front of me so my first warning isn't being jumped from behind. They're snakes not black ops soldiers why are they using flanking maneuvers and stealth attacks.
  3. Yep I see it now . . . Player 1: "What? I want to play the character I made not some RNG kid, sigh off to the fountain of youth again." Player 2: "Hey baby want some mayonaise?" Player 3: "Sigh another one, go buy yourself an NPC I'm not interested." Player 4: "Nope not right" shoots kid in face, "Nope not right" shoots kid in face, "Nope not right" shoots kid in face " looks at pile of dead child corpses "You know there's something off about this mechanic I just can't place what it is."
  4. Senkoau

    This is not fun!

    What gets me is the sudden wild animal spawns of aggressive predators. Starts taming a bear hisss cobra attacks and kills it. Start taming a bear hisss rattlensnake attacks it from behind and gets killed, hisss alpha rattle snake attacks from in front and kills it. Start taming a bear Grrrr lion grabs and bites you, hisss FOUR cobra's attack and kill the bear. Start taming a bear whinny alpha horse falls into the pen and kills it. At the end of which I still have no bear because even if I check the area thoroughly before hand something will spawn and kill it in the middle of the taming.
  5. Senkoau

    Alphas, alphas, alphas.

    For me its the snakes not only are their hit boxes a pain (low down to the ground and narrow) but they don't want me to have a bear. Every single time I try to tame one snakes will suddenly spawn out of nowhere (I have checked the entire area around before taming but as soon as I've got the bear on low health and Bola'd hissss) and kill the bear.
  6. Senkoau

    They lowered the build limit on ships!

    This. Yes you only NEED ladders on one mast but you may WANT them on all masts for the look, convenience, to allow multiple players to be up each mast. This is the issue if you limit building (not just structure limits either the crew limits are pretty tight as well on the larger ships if you want them fully manned) to the bare minimum necessary for PVP and protection you kill creativity and drive away people like myself who have zero interest in PVP but love to craft and build. My prefered schooner design has a whole bunch of design choices that do nothing for it as a ship but make it feel like a home. I have dividing walls in the lower deck solely so I can have a store room, kitchen, living room and crew room plus the captains cabin on the upper deck. I have tables and chairs down there for the NPC crew, I made and put on the same crew cloth, hide and fur armours for different climates simply because it adds to the realism of the game for me. I would have given them all swords not for melee but simply so they had a cutlas hanging off their belt (only you can't have one on them that way its either equipped or invisible). All this stuff would be counting against structure limits, crew weight, etc but I do it because to me it makes the game a little more real and a little more fun. I'm part of a company where we have two galleons and outside of group events (like raiding a golden age ruin) I almost never go near them because to me they have no life and no interest. I can't put rope ladders on all 6 sails (Structure limit), I can't make a dining area and crew cabin (structure limits and weight). They are great at killing ships of the damned and may be ok in PVP (we haven't really had ship to ship combat yet) but that doesn't interest me and building wise we've got parts of the decks that are just unfinished and never will be finished because for PVP other priorities take up the structure limit and so they simply aren't a part of the game i'm interested in bothering with. Increase the structure limit and on the interior decks I can have fun making the galleons look more like a real functioning ship rather than a platform to transport 60 odd NPC's with canons between fights.
  7. Senkoau

    Hatchet blueprints?

    We were wondering about this recently as well bow, sword, pistol, pickaxe, climbing pick, grappling hook, sickle all are upgraded designs but not the hatchet (or spyglass and lantern but they're less of an issue though more duarbility on a lantern would be nice). A hatchet is one of the most commonly used gathering tools we have and yet there isn't an upgraded design blueprint to be found.
  8. Senkoau

    wtf do advanced foods/drinks do?

    Oh that's what that arrow means, thanks.
  9. Senkoau

    Incentivize not dieing!

    I don't really understand them as the arrows point up and down (as well as give no indication of how much they give)
  10. Senkoau

    Does the geography of atlas trigger anyone else?

    Hmm tidally locked planet always facing the sun...
  11. Senkoau

    Make Anchor Chains Longer Please

    I actually was suggesting something similar in another thread. I was thinking components you can buy like the ships figureheads. A heavy anchor and a deep sea anchor (you can only have one equipped). The heavy anchor could only be equipped on schooners and up and would allow you to anchor in the medium blue water around islands as well as shallow water. The deep sea anchor could only be equipped on galleons, would allow you to anchor anywhere but would not protect against SotD. This allows the medium/large ships to anchor further out from shore while still needing to be close to an island while the largest ship class have the option of that or being able to anchor anywhere at the risk of bring vulnerable to attack if you leave them there.
  12. Senkoau

    wtf do advanced foods/drinks do?

    I know it's a pain to balance vitamins with them as theres no indication of how much they restore and some seem to have delayed effects.
  13. Some of the choices on reload/requip times when you pick things up are odd though like the bucket.
  14. Thanks, I know I'd feel a lot safer on the bigger ships being able to drop anchor and moor them in deeper water then swim/take a dinghy/company memeber with a smaller ship into the shallower waters. Sure you may have to deal with sharks/manta ray's but at least your expensive ship is safe from running onto a nearly hidden sand bar or rock. Even if for balance reasons it doesn't protect against SotD or cyclones I'd take it over the current need to cautiously edge in with a person swimming underneath to warn you if there's a sudden shoal ahead. Some areas are a really steep drop off that goes from can't anchor to beached in an instant, especially with the anchor at the rear.
  15. Senkoau

    Does the geography of atlas trigger anyone else?

    I always viewed it as a half sphere myself as in we're only exploring the northern/southern hemisphere sailing up/down to the north/south pole and then down/up to the equator and back so there's an entire half of the world unexplored but its still there which is why things like the compass work.