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  1. At this point in the game .. You have not addressed what is going to happen with SP. There are many that do play SP and prefer to keep it that way .. Mainly because of the Grief that comes with MP or PVP, .. plus hacking issues. I for One only play as a SP in any game that I buy and prefer it that way. Thank You
  2. FIX The Damn Heat Wave affect Started A New Game because of New Map requirement .. AND .. loaded into starting area and DIED in the first 5 Minutes .. Did the water trick and dived to the bottom and that was No Help at all. Have over 600 hrs in the game and it is WORST Now ..Than it ever Has been. The Heat Wave is the worst Mechanic of this game and really needs to be Fixed.
  3. OK .. Tried SILO in SP and I see it Does Not Work as described .... IN SP Crew will Not use for food or gold ........ PLEASE _ Can it be a thing there also.
  4. WELL, we are Still waiting for Update. Feb 3rd, 2020
  5. WELL, we are Still waiting for Update. Feb 3rd, 2020
  6. Don't KNOW What they did with Last Update .. But it's broken. Last Time Played 10-25-19 for about 7 hours building up new home island and everything was Just fine and as always made a save file for that game .. Now with v 401.5 .. I can NOT play. JUST Tried to run the Game .. Game Loads to main window .. and .. will loads at Island for a few second .. AND .. THEN the Game Just Exits .. not a Crash .. Just goes back to desktop. .. Even tried my last 2 Saved games and the same thing. What ever happened in the last updates .. since 10/25 has messed up something Bunch of Crap, sometimes I get So tired of EA excuses .. Game Has run fine since end of August for the most part and Now back to the same old stuff. If I started a New Game .. it most likely will run just fine for another month or so .. OR .. until next breaking update. SP on Ocean Map on Steam account and Yes already did the clear cashe .. but that did nothing.
  7. I logged back into my Game and it is saying _ I'm overweight and will not reset. I've never seen this bug before in my 390 hours of playing.
  8. It would be Nice if we had something like that in Atlas. Because, Frankly I think we are playing on a Scorched Green and Wet world. Where swimming doesn't help 80% of the time.
  9. Anyone else having Animals issues, Like going thru walls + I'm trying to build a Brigantine and I hear a Cobra near, but pay no mind to it because I'm behind a Closed door and have no windows where I'm working with smithy and loom .. Well it came right on in as if nothing was there, run like hell _ I did not have any weapons on me due to loaded with parts for ship .. got away _ later here comes a tiger, lvl 29 right on in also .. me died. I did even have a chance to turn around. I guess we are still fighting Bugs in the game, but that was first. Doors and Walls used to at least slow them down. But in this game I'm playing on. SP .. Oceans .. Latest Update 400.38 .. PC
  10. Main problem .. it doesn't work most of the time .. I've had it on and have not used it. You still die. Zone (Island 819) might be bug. started another game yesterday late on (Island 817) and did not have the issue as bad, But Also .. I didn't stay there long enough for it to start. ( got my stuff needed for boat and got the hell out of there).
  11. OK .. I just started a New Game with fresh files and Update 400.21 .. SP Only on PC _ Oceans I think there is an issue with the " HeatWave mechanics" and Yes, I know all about it (fortitude was at 33) for a few minutes .. I'm on the starter island Freeport and died 10 times in 15 minute, while in the water swimming and going deep _ 100% wet was showing .. I would die _ spawn on bed _ run to body, get my stuff .. jump into the water, die back to bed and repeated this for 15 minutes and quite the game. ( It did not make a difference where I went _ I just died over and over and over ) When I left the game fortitude was only 6, I had full health and stats during this time. I have Not seen this happen this Badly since I first started playing several months. You might want to recheck it, something got broken or not working as it should. PS: I.m restarting and trying a different map location.
  12. Something that is needed in Game is a way to turn OFF the pop-up info everytime you move over blocks or pass a wall .. it is so Frustrating to see all the information _ everytime you move over blocks. It would be nice to be able to turn them OFF when Not needed and it just might Stop some UNWANTED Block removal, if you hit the wrong key in a panic. Just a thought, that I think would make the playing experience better. Image attach .. Seeing this 1000 times a day .. [E] : [Hold for Options] is so frustrating. Just want to scream. Thank You AND if there is One and just haven't seen it .. PLEASE Someone let me know where.
  13. THIS is in Reference to Spray Painter and Brush I was wondering if it would BE Possible for you or someone to do list showing different items and the numbers that work with painting .. We have a set of number ( 1 - 6 ) to work with. BUT, what is what .. other than guessing what goes where and then having to redo something, because it was the wrong number _ OR _ is it just to much to ask for at this time and being this early into the game. OR adding something Like Dying Clothes has ( you can see the colors there and where they are going. ) _ But for the Sprayer .. it's all guess work.
  14. OK _ The only thing I was saying is that so many Games (Start as Single player and add Multi-player .. OR .. Start as Multi-player and add then Single Player) ........ AND then completely forgets about player's that likes or prefers _ playing in a single player world without all the bull that normally follows with MO. IF you like MO and co-op that is fine and I have no problem with players that do _ But since SP is a part of the game now, let it be. Lets us all .. Have FUN and ENJOY Thank You and no more will be said on my part.
  15. I just read the Road Map discussion and All I want to Say and Ask .. Please don't forget about the Single Player that bought the game BECAUSE the game went SP. I love the building part and sailing with my crew all about the map and Do Not care for MO or co-op games. That is all .. Have Fun and Enjoy
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