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  1. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    PvP players need to travel with their war ships, I doubt airship will be able to carry these Nope.
  2. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    You really see skill in sailing?
  3. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    Zero wind or you go against the wind = you go 10 knots. Just make 10 knots a minimum speed of the ship.
  4. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    Noone goes sailing irl if there is no wind. They don´t need to put it in game which is supposed to be fun
  5. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    Anything which will lead to increase travel time will help. I agree with you in this. No/Bad wind times are insane. No, I just want to increase travel time from 1 grid to another so it isn´t so time consuming. That´s all Once you are IN fight speed is totally fine. Maybe they could do some form of range check (I don´t know how hard would this be to code). If there is an enemy ship (or SotD) in a certain radius speed would be the same as it is now. Outside of this radius speed would be doubled. This would reduce travel times and keep ship fights balanced. This + increasing default speed on about 10 knots if you don´t have wind would be nice.
  6. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    Sorry, missclick, edited
  7. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    And I automatically "roflstomp" enemy if I arrive to their grid or? I want to have a chance to fight them without need to sail 4 hours (there and back) first. You know how we play rn? We were fighting Cobra and Dark project armada (both top 10 at EU PvP) for like first 2-3 weeks after wipe. Then we gave up and they gave up because we are about 5 grids away from each other and it takes forever to go to each other. So we did a simple thing, we started to fight closer enemies even if they were weaker than us because we could not fight Cobra and Dark project. We knew they were weaker but because of how long it takes to get to equal opponent we had no other choice if we wanted to do some PvP because most of us (as most of Atlas players) can´t play 24/7 to be able to sail somewhere (and back) for 4 hours and fight. That´s it. Everyone complains big tribes aren´t fighting each other and this is a part of problem. At least with us this is why we don´t attack them. It´s simply too far away (and its still only 5 grids, its not that much).
  8. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    Ye they do nothing, they act (speedwise) like common speed sails Btw common speed sails are (again speedwise) better on battle brigs/gallies than mythical weight sails with 145% weight.
  9. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    Man, we have no problem crafting mythical BPs either nor problem with organisation. That´s not the problem. It´s just about how time consuming it is. If smt is time consuming it does not mean it´s hard, there is nothing hard about sailing 3 hours somewhere, get material and sail back. It´s simply boring. Difficult to attack someone further away? Again it´s not difficult, just time consuming. If something is time consuming you consider it difficult, that´s a mistake. I love ship fights in this game. Problem is the game doesn´t allow me to do that more than 3 grids away because it takes insane amount of time to even GET TO SHIPFIGHT.
  10. Willard

    Increase sailing speed

    Hey guys, I would like to discuss if you would like to increase default sailing speed (by a lot). Sailing is good but gets boring very quick because there is nothing to do while going somewhere except of watching movies/series. I understand it´s highly subjective but as I speaked to my company members this is smt which bothers them too. I am a PvP player and rn we have enemies more than 3-4 grids away. Trying to PvP more than 3-4 grids away from your base is insanely time consuming. If you get bad wind you can travel there for hour and half just to get some action. Then you have to think about going back after you get some fights right? It´s another hour and half. Basically you spend much more time sailing (and AFKing) for PvP than actual fighting. I would like devs to think about players who play 3-4 hours a day. Basically they have no chance to do any PvP at all if they don´t have enemies like 2 grids away. And it´s not only about PvP. If you want to go for rare materials (like another type of wood which is few grids away from you) or farm blueprints on Golden ruins and you don´t have good wind you probably end up like "hmm, I got only 3 hours to play today, with this bad wind I can´t go those 3 grids away, farm some wood (BPs) and come back, nvm, hopefully tomorrow when I get from job wind will be better". This game is time consuming, yes, you need to harvest, you need to build a base, tame, breed etc. and it´s completely fine. But sailing, that´s true problem (at least for us) because you got nothing from it, you pretty much AFK while watching movies. This is probably my personal reason why I stop playing. Map is simply too huge for this low sailing speed. That´s a perspective of 850 hours PvP player. I would like to know your opinions on this guys (both PvP and PvE players). Added a poll for this.
  11. Willard

    Sailing speed

    Increase default sailing speed, get rid of small wind. It takes extreme amount of time just to get somewhere. Whether it is enemies or rare resources (some resources are for instance 6 grids away from your location) it just takes too much time. For people who play 2-3 hours a day its practically impossible to do such things as go for a rare resources or go fighting more than 1-2 grids away. After 850 hours in this game I honestly think this will be a reason to quit for me. Ofc it can be highly subjective but as I talk to people in our company this bothers them too. I want to fight, I want to go for a rare resources to craft better things. But I really don´t want to invest SO MUCH just to get somewhere.
  12. Willard

    Stacking cannons enforcement action

    You need to be in a Mega to stack cannons into gunports or to have problems with it? Hmmm, interesting. They made changes in the past to stop stacking cannons in gunports and clearly stated its an exploit. If people kept using it rven after this maybe its time to take a more serious action
  13. Willard

    You guys already know what to do

    Ye but why would you willingly increase that risk by letting your enemies near you? My point was it simply takes too long to travel somewhere, period. This topic is not about how you should keep your close enemies alive so you don't have to travel anywhere.
  14. Willard

    You guys already know what to do

    You cannot "keep" viable opponents man, you fight them, they fight you. They are threat and you have to eliminate that threat if you don't want to risk your ships/tames/base. Thats pvp. You cannot play on your 3x3 tile and ignore the rest of 15x15 map because if takes too long to get there.
  15. Willard

    You guys already know what to do

    So according to you they should remove the ability to defeat / wipe someone, right? Well thats why people play PvP ...