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  1. Why are you complaining about ARK on Atlas forums?
  2. Its a green fleet, not exactly smt which is supposed to be dangerous for a gally.
  3. So PvP players will start playing on PvE just to grind gold and grief someone by razing an Settlement? And how do those PvP players take that Settlement in PvE in the first place? So according to you they will join PvE servers, farm 25k gold and then they will try to find an island with settlers which is not claimed just so they can raze them? You know how absurd this sounds?
  4. Ye, PvP in an MMO won´t be balanced around solo players, sorry to tell you. I find it pretty amusing you only have 2 categories, solo players and megas. Nothing between these two. Patch is either for solo players or for mega companies. How the heck is this change connected to megacompanies if a group of 2-3 players can easily farm 20-30g gold per 1 weekend gold run which means they can claim and wipe the island just like bigger tribes? There is a single player mode afterall.
  5. Defender should not have a choice IF he wants to defend when there is enemy at his gates. It would always end like "hmm, they are stronger than us, lets dock our ships, wave and smile". It would lead to situation when noone attacks because they don´t want to waste time sailing somewhere just to figure out defender doesn´t want to fight = death of PvP.
  6. No, thats not the point. The point is to provoke PvP players to come out with their ships if you come with your fleet. If you come and they will have a choice to simply dock their boats and they are not in a mood to fight, you can pack your ships and sail away again. And that would be really annoying. Sailing in this game takes too long to have this kind of protection. You could end up sailing somewhere for 2 hours just to figure out your enemies are not in a mood to fight. You need to have a risk factor in a PvP game, otherwise it will be boring.
  7. So you basically want to remove the risk of losing an anchored ship in PvP environment? I don't think it's a good idea, it would be totally exploitable. Imagine your enemy is sailing 5 grids to you, you just dock your ships for gold and you are out of danger.
  8. I don't care about your base in ARK, we are talking about qol changes in Atlas. Maintaining base in ARK is easy in comparison to Atlas (I have 1800 hours in ARK too so I believe I have a right to compare it), you have no defence towers all across the map with NPCs which need both gold and food. You don't have puckle guns all around the island and you don't have ships with the crew. Each of those you had to visit "personally", give food into their larders, give gold to ship resource chests. Until now. So now people don't have to spend hours and hours running with gold and berries and refilling everything. That change is huge imprpvement. In ARK you need to refill only food AND gasoline (or element in case of tek gens), moreover it takes a lot of time in ARK before your animals begin to starve.
  9. Sorry but im hostile against people who tell me I have no right to tell my opinion because I don´t play the game rn.
  10. Jesus fuckin christ, Im not guessing. Atlas is the same game as it was 2 weeks ago when I still played, just with these QoL changes which fixed things that were annoying, for instance refilling 10 defence towers with 10-15 NPCs each all around the island, 6 galleons full of crew, 15 brigs full of crew, multiple schooners and hundred puckle guns all around the island. It took more than 4 hours to refill all these thinks and man, It was really boring. I know this much better than u are because I actually done that multiple times (just like my crewmates which hated it too). If you don´t see, sorry, your fault. You lack experience, not me. I know that for you and your 2 pve ships this change doesn´t do anything but for people who have a lot of NPCs (like hundreds all around the Settlement) its nice.
  11. Ye but im not someone who never played Atlas. I am probably much more experienced than you are. The fact you are still playing and I am not doesn´t make you someone who knows the game better I know everything about this game m8, the fact I stopped playing week ago doesn´t change it.
  12. You clearly lack experience with maintaining a lot of crew/defences etc. m8 so I understand you don´t see an QoL aspect of this change Otherwise you would certainly know how time consuming and boring is maintaining such amounts of NPCs and why this change is so awesome
  13. Man you really don't have experience with maintaining 20+ ships with crew, several defence towers + hundreds of puckle guns do you? Otherwise you can't say nonsense like silo isn't worth from qol point of view and ye, berries are all you need to maintain your food, you don't need veggies. Feeding NPCs with cooked food, jesus, such a waste
  14. I bought Atlas and I have 900 hours ingame, ye I have a right to comment. You know why? Because I care about Atlas and I want to play it again in the future. Having a break does not mean I lose my right to comment This QoL change is huge step ahead yet you see problems which aren't here. If you lose your claim because of crew payments you are just insanely bad at this game sorry to tell you. Stop accussing developers they did this change because they want people to lose your claim faster etc., its ridiculous and on the edge or paranoia. Keep gold in your silo and in your flag and you are ok, u can honestly never lose your island.
  15. Man your problems are from a different world, really. Can you simply count your daily gold consumption or just test it? Like put 10k gold in your flag and see other day how much gold you lost over 24 hours. Same.with berries. You don't have to be Einstein for this. Its much better than refilling 20 boats and 10 defense towers like a slave. You complain just to complain really. Edit: btw its normal to have several thousands of gold in a flag so you can maintain your island for days without going online. Just don't refill flag with precisely counted gold every day. Then you really risk you island. Otherwise you don't.
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