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  1. Willard

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    No limits will stop playing megas together guys. This is just QoL change.
  2. Limit was just annoying for megas, they still played together. They will always find a way. Stop pretending they won´t They will create 2-3 companies and thats it. We are not a mega, we have about 45-55 members (not online, just members) and it was really annoying.
  3. Willard

    Blocking ships with shipyards/big walls

    Ye but problem is anyone can build everywhere now. You can do it even in enemy harbors now.
  4. Willard

    Another Wipe?

    Jesus these topics They really did that in ARK, i remember that.
  5. Willard

    Bunny ears? Cmon.....

    Well to be honest I am glad they are focusing on fixing game instead of easter event
  6. Willard

    New islands coming summertime

    Wipe was needed because claim system changes. Ofc there won´t be wipe because they add new islands.
  7. Willard

    Empires Destroyed

    Well it was clear since the beginning :) They won´t maintain server for 100 people.
  8. Willard

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    Upkeep is a joke ... ookee m8 it seems we don't persuade each other. Cya, I will go enjoying the game instead.
  9. Willard

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    Im not aggresive, I'm just expaining to you that landowner has to pay an actual tax whilr settler doesn't. You consider this system like owner of the island has everything and settler have nothing. Which is just utter bullshit. You choose what u want to be. Or just go lawless. You got 3 options how to play.
  10. Willard

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    Oh so you don't want to to farm and pay "tax" which isn't even tax in the first place. You realize that ugly landowner HAS to pay upkeep which means he has to farm gold just for staying an owner. That gold which YOU can use for anything else like buying NPCs, cosmetics etc. We for instance pay fuckin 1300g/day just to have an island. Oh poor settlers who harvest that 10k wood per day and we got 2k wood from it. We are such slavers ... I don't think you even realise there is an upkeep cost.
  11. Willard


    This "I paid the same money as you" argument never gets old. Basically it means "I am worse and much lazier player than you but I want to have the same as you do"
  12. Willard

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    I want taxes for instance. You don't. Many other want taxes like me and many other don't like you. What would you choose as a developer? This game is based on claim and tax system since the beginning. It will stay, get over it. We can speculate about how it developes but it will stay
  13. Noone forces you to play in group. It just makes things easier. Claiming island for instance. If you don't want to play in group, just stay lawless or go play as a tenant. Both are viable ways how to play this game. If u want island, grt a group. Devs will not balance this game around solo players, its meant to be mainly in groupa. U can't really build an empire and rule as a solo person right?
  14. Willard

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    So you should not have a need to ask someone before you build on his island ... are you sure you want to play MMO game? Because its their game and they decide what to implement?
  15. Willard

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    Build radius is small only on lawless. Thats why you should consider moving out of lawless to claimed island. Otherwise lawless would be better in everything. Choice is up to you. U realize that taxes on PvE already are additive right? It was in patch notes about 4-5 days ago. So settlers harvest here without any limitations.