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  1. Hey all, Im playing Atlas in sp atm.. I killed the ghost ship and the quest completed.. killed a blue whale and the sperm whales but these quests did not complete.... any ideas on why? thanks
  2. yeah i agree, was just a random figure.. but def needs something done for it.. its happened a number of times but only once caused us to lose a ship.. so many high levels on that spawn that the ship had lost 2 planks before we could even move.. and the cannon balls were flying like birds to hit us lol.. was to busy trying to scrape together planks i didnt get a vid of it
  3. So we were sailing our new brig to freeport... crossed over and bam.. 15 ship of the damn right on the boared as we were crossing... after we unfroze half the boat was destroyed and we sunk losing all the hard work.. Suggestion is.. either A) Dont let the ship of the damn spawn close to the borders.. or B) Have a 30 second buff when we go through the region borders where they wont attack so you have a chance.. the game freeze as ou cross currently is not really 'right'
  4. it seems not one spawn point but multiple lol...
  5. the base its self isn't getting animals spawning in it, its the 'yard' outside that is.. its sealed off completely no way they can walk into the yard.. yeah iv seen the crocs on top of mountains.. quite funny.. im guessing that there is not a 'stop spwn' command to stop them spawning in x radius of walls or foundations etc.. thanks all
  6. hi, no its our own island.. its not inside our house.. its inside the walls surrounding our base.. think a castle with massive walls around the border to stop ppl getting close to the keep. They spawn inside these walls which we have put foundations all around to try and stop them yet they just keep spawning lol
  7. Hey guys.. So we are having this issue, we have walls around our base to keep creatures out.. we have spammed foundations around the inside to try and stop them but animals keep spawning inside the base.. Is there away to stop them spawning in side? its kind of crazy.. alphas spawn and kill everything!
  8. Hi thanks for your reply. Im on a island with no rain at all, but i have 2 reserviors down (for testing) only one is passivly getting water.. other one isnt.. So if the one getting water from the group fills up it wont fill the 2nd one?
  9. Hey all, So I have some questions, my company is currently living on an island and like most there is no fresh water I found I could place a Reservior on a grass area that has water available to drink from, my question is.. How do you link multiple reserviors together so it will fill up multiple ones or will it only start to fill the 2nd one when the first one is full? (im assuming only when the first one is full) My goal is to get 20 or so Reserviors down and filling from the ground and linking them to our farm to grow crops from. thanks in advance
  10. hello, thanks for your help. Ah that is what I was missing, the stop bit.. i just assumed that after target was dead they would stop to.. Iv alrdy started using the hotbar to disable / enable things.. was just shooting that was an issue lol.. thank you every one for all your help and input... was extremly helpful.
  11. Hey, Thanks for your reply.. yeah thats what i said a few posts ago.. harpoons i dont think the npcs shoot.. going to be trying bolts soon.. but the cannons shoot fine so im assuming its just the ammo being usd... not i need to work out how to stop em shooting everything.. only shoot when i tell em or when they get hurt lol
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply. so target as in pressing LT to zoom out when controlling the ship and letting go when hovering over a enemy target... it puts up the sights icon on the ship and the npcs turn to track them.. So I worked out the balisstas, they had harpoons and dont seem to shoot them for some reason.. got some cannon balls built and the cannons will fire np at all. but i got a few questions in regards to settings for them if you dont mind. I want them to attack any target (which i setup) but i only want them to attack when i tell them to attack a target... whats the best setting for them? even though i had them deactivated on the hotbar, when i made port they still started to attack ppl running past lol.
  13. any one able to help? I found this link listing the controls and LT is meant to make them fire at the target but they just wont... not even RT for manual firing is working...
  14. there is ammo, and they are loaded.. (i manualy loaded them to be sure).. like i said i can make them lock on and track the enemies but they just wont shoot.. currently the ballistas are loaded with Harpoons, butt that should not be the issue as i can shoot them my self.. iv got the group active, click LT to zoom out and let go targeting an enemy and they lock on and follow it around but yeah no shooting, iv press LB + R stick to fire but.. yeah i just cant work out how to make them work.. how are they meant to operate? what buttons are meant to be used? just to make sure im doing it right,.. just not making sense to me
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