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  1. If pigs had diarrhea then they would have to balance farming to the point that pigs would be required to farm. Just like until harvesting needs a bear. Unlike Ark they are moving away from tames being required with things such as the warehouse/windmill. So if they are to improve farming I would expect them to do it in a way that does not require the only feasible way to do it is a pig with a loose gut. Then tames became vestigial and the only reason to tame will be to tame.
  2. Should be, but then do you really want a NPC that gets ganked by a lvl 1 chicken manning your gathering operations? If they was as strong as the WPE NPCs then I would agree with you.
  3. Like the prior community managers that never used the forum because they liked discord better. Even though the damn job of a community mgr is to communicate on all the channels your players use especially the official ones.
  4. You misunderstand what they complain about. It is that the warehouse whose entire point for existing was indeed to eliminate the need for cargo beasts to run around and collect things from windmills does not collect wood/thatch that it needs for fuel - even though the windmills are self-fueling. This means that you need to go collect wood/thatch from your windmills to keep your warehouse running. Which defeats the entire purpose for the warehouse even existing, which was collecting from windmills. Like it or not the intent of these changes is to automate land functions (gathering/taming) so that people spend more time at sea, and the complaint is that the warehouses which are intended to do that very thing, are not actually going to accomplish that. You are much better off putting a ship storage box at your windmills, making your rounds and dropping what you do not need right then into the ship storage box. Yes you then have to go out to the windmill when you do need that stuff later, but that is not any different than having to go out to windmill to gather the thatch/wood to get the fuel to run the warehouse. It is actually a better solution because the ship storage boxes are bottomless, and you go to the windmills only when you need it and not when the warehouse needs it. It is so badly implemented it clearly was some junior programmer that had made the warehouses pull wood/thatch then QA said hey my windmills stopped for no fuel. Rather than think about it for a second and make a change to not pull all the fuel from the windmills and just leave some to keep the network runnning, the stoopid programmer just said I will fix it by not pulling fuel. It smacks of a serious lack of design forethought.
  5. To be fair that is exactly what automating the land functions are doing, gets players to spend more time on the sea. They certainly was not going to delete the islands to do this.
  6. IT must be an entirely new dev team, did they forget they got rid of the original claim flag because of so many badly implemented overlapping circles bugs? Now these things are essentially just like the bugged flags?
  7. WTF? Did they seriously do this - the whole point of warehouses was get rid of the cargo train but to make them require manual fuel they made it so they do not collect their fuel unlike windmills that do? Thatch and Wood is most needed for repair and build resources yet they are not including them in warehouses? So you still need to go to the damn windmill to get the wood and thatch even though the invisible NPC already went there to get the other resources? They misread my enhancement request for all infinite stack storage which includes ship boxes. What I wanted was click gets one stack rather than one item, wheres T still gets all you can carry.
  8. Then I still stand by my statement that it collects things that are not there. pebbles on the beach only allow the player to collect 1 stone (x harvest multiplier) until it respawns. I should find a very small number of stones in the windmill. It should not be filling it with metal. I have metal nodes for that I want just organics. I am also drawning in coconuts even though these are a rare spawn compared to fiber. Leave a player in that same circle for an hour and they would get magnitudes less coconuts.
  9. Called it. Good luck making gold as a weight breeder now!
  10. They do not mean optimal for the player they mean optimal for performance. Drawing a thing that has hundreds of destructible pieces on it is much worse performance than a thing that is just one part.
  11. Tropical freeport has it in three forms, sugar cane, sugar blossoms, and sugar from honeycomb.
  12. Actually instanced freeports are the solution to the starter island. They are great for building starter commons because you have only generic mats, and they are great for returning home for repairs especially with windmills meaning no more emergency harvests. Just need to make them buildable/leveling grids just like they are in single player.
  13. Find me a location where your windmill gets no rock, flint, metal because I want to move there....I made every effort to make sure no rocks in circle and still got them.
  14. I mean with windmills and warehouses you do not need actual trees, they are not actually harvesting ones that are actually there. They even harvest things that are for sure not even there.
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