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  1. krazmuze

    Mega update 3?

    It was clearly stated in the last log that it was a remove/replace. People built on the old islands would need completely wiped to virgin ground and everyone will need their discovery points wiped. We did not wipe the grid when we did such a replacement for our unofficial server, instead saved the database with the deleted cleaned out island, before adding the new one ; but we did wipe the characters with admin restoration support. That would be a support nightmare on official servers.
  2. krazmuze

    Single player settings for land

    Difficulty is normally set to 0.2 if I recall...
  3. krazmuze

    Captain's Log #35: PTR and other News

    Surely it takes them a long time to make new islands, since the bulk of their work was equatorial in the last island update as well as artic caves that is the biomes they was working on that they would already have new assets for. No doubt they are working on the other biomes too - since they have stated their goal is copy paste removal - that is something you cannot do partially.
  4. krazmuze

    Captain's Log #35: PTR and other News

    The new islands are not additions, they are replacements. Their entire purpose is to remove the amount of copy paste - you can only do that by wiping existing islands. Now does that mean they will wipe only the replaced islands, all of the islands in those grids, or all of the islands on the map, or all that and wipe your character? What do you think?
  5. krazmuze

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    But WPE is more for when the population is decaying like it is now in a death spiral - people leaving because people are leaving. WPE on official makes sense to stem that loss by providing those who remain something to do until people come back instead of leaving themselves. They surely did not develop it solely for single player to have more fun - the game would need a complete rewrite to not feel like you are soloing an MMO. It is useful also for the new server that WPE makes sense, it slows down the land rush giving more people a fair chance.
  6. krazmuze

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Actually is that even possible - wouldn't that require XBOX code to logon to steam server authenticate? Would (has?) Microsoft ever enabled that? Is Minecraft like that or is on just all platforms without crossplay? Yes if it is crossplay that only WIN10 PC players that bought it on the Microsoft XBOX store - then they are a new player playing on the new XBOX server since they are logging on with their XBOX store account. No wipe just a new server.
  7. krazmuze

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Of course you have not seen Microsoft promote XBOX Atlas - it is simply not available on console for them to promote. It would be a huge mistake on M$ part to promote these devs will release something by such and such date. But surely a contract that once it is available they will promote it if they do crossplay is the reality, why would they promote something that does not do crossplay when that is the WIndows 10 gaming push?
  8. krazmuze

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    It may not be the devs choice if Crossplay is done, if they are being promoted by Microsoft (as Ark was) then it is possible that part of that contract is Crossplay since Microsoft badly wants to merge Windows 10 PC gaming with Console gaming. There is no mechanical reason for a wipe with crossplay is just comes down to they will surely make more sales if XBOX think they are buying a new game rather than a stale map. XBOX gains surely will be greater than PC leaving - because PC already left and those that did not - well they already have your damn money. There absolutely is mechanical reason to wipe characters if islands are replaced - even if a rescue boat of admins shows up to clear the area (as would be expected on unofficial - but is stated policy that they do not have hand holding admins on official) Discovery points are tagged by ID per char. Do you give people credit for islands that do not exist giving them more DP than possible? Do you risk ID database corruption because of dangling references? Do you risk complaints that the procedural resource algorithm rearranged where stuff is like happened with last map change which was a good reason to wipe so people could fairly relocate? On our unofficial when we did it we wiped the characters as it was the only way to make the work and that was with time consuming admins giving everyone their levels and stuff back which is not going to happen on official.. It is much better for everyone if things are wiped for this case and the facts show that players do come back from a wipe, they just will not stay if the new map and rules does not make the game better. WPE is not a mechanical reason to wipe as it is designed to only appear on empty islands. However they have already shown in the interest of fairness they will wipe - Colonies was not a reason to wipe as they could have just erased all the flags and made it a free for all (which is what most unofficial did) They did it out of fairness so that everyone has a chance to claim the islands without fighting someone already being entrenched. WPE is the exact same argument about fairness - old players did not have to PVE fight to take an island. So if Crossplay comes and WPE comes and island replacements come? They are going to wipe. Or you can believe that PC PTR is testing the WPE and new islands for XBOX servers, and PC servers will not get them so no wipe.
  9. krazmuze

    Atlas and steam charts

    This is why I predict that WPE will be on official servers. When people are leaving because people are leaving, with WPE some of those people will stay and engage in the increased amount of WPE that results from people leaving, rather than leaving themselves. Yes there is less PVP but something is better than nothing.
  10. krazmuze

    crossplay xbox

    Or I could be wrong and they are not doing crossplay, and new islands and WPE are only for XBOX and they are not wiping official. Because that is certainly another way you could read these tea leaves.... That would certainly be mean if they tested it on PC but not released it there!
  11. Yep (on a freshly wiped server) and nope the merchant ships are done elsewhere as they are on a defined path. Yes there are lots of copy paste to do this on the official map - you could also download the island editor tool and do it more graphically but I think that ends up being even more work. Another way to go is just get a mod for speed sails and fly right past them. But that makes it harder to engage them when you do want to fight. You have to fight them if you want more than just freeport sailors manning your ships and better blueprints for your ship. Caveat I did this for our unofficial dedicated server, but I would presume SP works the same.
  12. krazmuze

    crossplay xbox

    PTR replaces copy paste islands which would require a wipe if released to live. XBOX is coming sooner than later. If Crossplay was going to be done, it only makes sense to wipe. It does not make sense to add wild pirates to official and force newcomers to have to fight NPC to take an empty island when old players did not have to. Better to wipe and make it so everyone has to do that. Conjecture based on these facts? The new islands and WPE are ready for when they wipe the servers for Crossplay
  13. treasure maps are optimized to be done with aoe swiping bears as they rise out of the ground. devs could care less if you want a realistic swashbuckling fight. They attempted to get ARK players to switch to Atlas by making this a taming game, did not work since Ark put out a new map. The damned really will not aggro your raft unless you harass them, their AI aggro increases with the size of your ship. However it is single player so you can mod that if you want. Back up you changes for when the server updates find ServerGrid.json in your steam folder in each grid just before this line "sublevels": [ add these lines... "ServerCustomDatas1": "NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,NPCShipNumMult,FloatsamQualityMultiplier", "ServerCustomDatas2": "0.25,4.0,0.3,0.35", What that does is makes the damned the inverse of what they are in the powerstone grids. Less difficult, less aggro, less numerous and less rewarding flotsam (optional you could increase flotsam if you want)
  14. krazmuze


    WPE (Wild Pirate Encampments) was last noticed that it is coming to SP/coop and unofficials last month. That is your pirate villages right there, not sure why it was not released yet other than status quo for these devs.... as for decorations lots of good mods to use, as that is not a priority for the devs - the only cosmetics they plan on is skins.
  15. krazmuze


    A PvEvP server will not hire additional GM staff to make sure everyone is not breaking and exploiting rules. So that means new code that cannot be bugged and exploited to make sure everyone has to play by the rules to deal with PVE/PVP integration issues when those rulesets was originally intended for seperate servers. The facts are as this thread shows is they did the nuke option for spam removal because they do not want the GMs doing this work. So I stand by my point that a PvPvE server only works with strongarm admins, which is work that Grapeshot does not want to do - they prefer you go to unofficial for that.