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  1. Ethanidas

    A few questions....

    ok but does anyone know why ships of the damned arent spawning? lol And why I can't pick up treasure maps?
  2. Ethanidas

    A few questions....

    I hate to make these questions all in one post, but The forum is only letting me post 3 times a day? weird. Does anyone know the console command for summoning ships of the damned? I am on single player. They have stopped appearing for me for some reason. Dont know why. Maybe something i did, or mod, i dont know what. But also, treasure maps arent going into my inventory when I pick up the bottles. I saw this particular problem before on a private server I used to play on. But I dont know how they fixed it. Lastly, did the make it so you cant hurt crew of the damned with grenades? or fire? Ty in advance to anyone who can answer 1 or some or all of my questions.
  3. Ethanidas

    Single Player God mode

    i have turned the game on and off, still in god mode. In the adminmanager how do you turn on and off god mode there, or anything else for that matter?
  4. Ethanidas

    Single Player God mode

    lol i cant tell if ur being serious or not on having to find the monkey, but ya thats gona be fun to do... Is there a command to locate a tame? teleport to the tame? teleport the tame to u?
  5. Ethanidas

    Single Player God mode

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I could not find mention of it here on this forum, or an answer on the web. I am playing around in single player mode. I turned on godmode, and I can not turn it off. When I am on a Mount i can turn it on and off for the mount it seems, but not for myself. My weirdest theory is that I turned on god mode with a monkey on my shoulder, and then lost said monkey. I wonder if I have to go find that monkey and put it on my shoulder again to turn off god mode lol. I hope not, but Im out of ideas.