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  1. As for listening to feedback I read in one of the forums here where they are seriously considering removing the Q & A and no, I am not seeing things nor am I joking. Like one guy said, maybe devs need to start being held responsible for what they sell instead of the " quick cash grab " that seems to a trend but what it is truly is a rip off. I love this game I do not love the devs actions and non actions. I wish a more responsible company would mimic this game only do it the way it is supposed to be done you know, the right way. Maybe one day, sigh.
  2. I totally agree with every single thing you said.
  3. Yeah same here, I only log in for enough to update so it won't decay but, after my friend told me she couldn't even tame a monkey due to tame cap in G4 region that sort of put things into perspective more so than what it was meaning 1. A company is supposed to have a tame cap of 300 doesn't say you must share some of that tame cap with Tom, Dick and Harry!! . 2. They are eeking out pve playing even more little at a time I don't think one can micromange taming, breeding and selling to be fair to other players in their region, it's just not possible, that is what the original 300 cap per company was supposed to do. I too have noticed less players, the number I originally gave for the percentage of people hanging on is actually an old percentage according to a few of my friends.
  4. Hard to support them if they do not return the favor of acknowledging their players, as far as the hours one has put into games is ones own time spent the way they wanted to spend it that being said, it should show some support IMO at 4k hours but one can only take bs for so long in any situation, I have supported Atlas myself up until the change of wiping us yet once again ( being lied to when they said they would not wipe again ) not crying just pointing out a blatant lie, I don't hide from them like so many others like to do nor, do I act like it didn't/doesn't happen maybe I am more compassionate about the people who actually play the game and who put in all of those hours, yeah, that is most likely the way my mind works. Either way, I still have not gotten an answer to my question, only a smarta$$ reply that he never ever follows through with any explanation of what he means when he makes the simplistic statements ( not referring to you the poster, referring to the obvious one that only posts to have his numbers go up ).
  5. Probably more newer to video games than you are to being an a$$, that is a guess though.
  6. I have been told by a few people that have played games for years and years that companies that have actions and non actions like you guys are actually on the verge of bankrupt, I am not stating that this is factual this is only hearsay but, from a few good resources so I would like a confirmation. With you guys not only putting pve on global servers and now capping the tames in a region not by company but by region that is showing you are dead on with putting pve players out of this game, you are losing a lot and are barely above the 60% of those that actually still state they like the game. When companies make big changes like you guys have, it smells of failure if Wildcard hasn't totally washed their hands of this game I would suggest they do as it is, a sinking ship, what a waste.
  7. Ok so I wonder when promises actually start meaning a freaking thing. Did you read it here on the forum or is it because it is early access that you say this? The answer determines if I uninstall this puppy for a few years.
  8. Satisfactory? As in, we don't tell you what you want to hear? Or it's just easier if you don't look, like as in, putting blinders on..........................................
  9. Did someone talk of wipes? That would def do it for me, as it is I only get on a play a little bit depending on how bad the lag is or how badly battleye keeps me out. There is absolutely no reason to wipe if their is a decay timer, that makes no sense at ll.
  10. " only 5 company members in a company and no alliances allowed " When did they start doing that? And where would all of the whiners go that get on and immediately ask " Can I join someones clan/company ? cry.
  11. True but, you should not advertise something you don't or can't come through with js.
  12. I disagree, it is a wonderful game, original in itself imo, it needs tweaking badly, if they had someone who knew what they were doing with tweaking it that would fix most of the problems, if they had their own anti cheat program that would fix most problems, I think right now they have too less of cooks in the kitchen so nothing at all can be made that is right or rather, works right. DEVS FIX YOUR BATTLEYE PROBLEMS IT IS YOUR ALBATROSS AND, OURS sadly PSST! Ark is a great game and, your tickets actually get looked at and fixed.
  13. OMG who said anything about you or any other pvp'er being responsible?!<rhetorical. PVE is the same as PVP only we don't have a need to go shooting people and we don't have a need to go destroying what others have built. We are pretty tame people until, we get riled that is
  14. The game is supposed to hold a lot more than what actually plays on it but, it is not geared up for that and I don't think it ever will be. Ohhhh I was under the understanding that they moved PVP players to NA actually, I saw that once when logging in but that was right after the last wipe that was promised to never happen again. When trying to get around that batteye issue WHICH IS HUGE and one may not think that until they themselves get it and trust me, you will get it sooner or later but, sorry got off point, the point was is that I tried to log into a pvp server, I saw two but tbh I didn't even pay attention to whether it was EU or NA servers as I knew what my only server was but, there were two pvp servers.
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