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  1. Gotcha, and btw thanks for your response. We will be waiting though until it is more permanent but thanks for clarifying
  2. is anything in Pve worth working for? Yes./ you could build a blueprinted base with more hp but its not like anyone is going to break them down>I don't think any of us build our bases with high hp, we are aware nothing is really going to tear them down that being said, everyone needs a home base where else are you to put your stuff? and, a lot come on pve to mainly build, there are many, many real life builders that come on pve servers to mainly build and Vets that don't want the aspect of pvp due to the fighting as it is a relaxing time for them and last but not least a lot of disabled people that can't run and jump and do the things their character can do for them, pve touches more aspects in play than one can imagine. you could blueprint a ship but why would it matter not like you are going to sink someone or get shot at>Well that is what this game was supposed to offer, pirate fights, elements against the ships,quest themselves, pve ships take a LOT more damage than just having other players destroying them/ , you could breed animals but since you cant be attacked why would it matter how much health or dmg it did>>No damage? Of course we get damage and killed but it is by our own choices we put ourselves in those situations like digging treasures, gathering meat, hide, keratoid etc.. now that you have cut out the need for any blueprint hunting sod is a waist of time. so what do you do when you have completed the very few quest that are available?>>What do you mean? Of course we haven't cut out the need for bp's from the sod's it is the very reason WHY we need those bps to fight the sods, by the way I was emphasizing not yelling with the caps. There are those that for some unknown reason lol, LOVE to breed and rear animals and then sell them, different markets for different materials and different products that one would not want to spend their skill points on that others have and can purchase, this game already had all of the aspects that they are trying to offer now and, we pve players were happy with it that is why we told our friends to buy it and come play. Some change is good yeah but total change no. PVE players enjoy being able to control their own issues with their environment and not some guy who has a hunger for killing and destroying.
  3. Not to be difficult but those are grey areas, the wording of " for the time being " which means for the present;until some other arrangement is made<that screams temporary to me sorry going by the dictionary of the meaning. This global server I have read what it means if we could maybe get a clarification as to where the pve server is held and will stay that would be awesome because then, one could make an informed decision whether to continue to play as far as a pve player is concerned. The global server concept is all over the place geographically speaking which is not a certainty I am just not familiar with it, is this applied to a lot of pve games? I mean I myself on a normal basis I play ONLY NA servers because that is my preference not only due to ping and overcrowding but other issues as well, still on a learning curve here.
  4. Thank you but I can't, I just can't. I know some girls like doing it but I am not one of them, I killed a guy in 7dtd three times in a row and just couldn't bring myself to do it the fourth time even though he was stupid enough to get in front of my ak that many times lololol yeah, I can't do pvp also the destruction is not in my blood.
  5. Myself and friends are watching but we aren't coming back to the game until there is commitment to the pve side of this coin, no sense if it is only temporary.
  6. That could be funny lol but, pve will be temp sadly according to their news but, not eliminated totally....
  7. OMG I can't believe you are having a go at me for not understanding what you meant, not everyone is in your mind and, on your thinking platform that you have for yourself so high in the sky. When I said that it could be abused to use the vacation mode I thought the base would not go away, I did not understand that a person would end up losing their place totally, I get that you satisfied? Now, leave me alone I do not like how you are totally rude you can deny you are rude but if it walks like a duck and quacks it is a duck. Now kindly leave off from talking to me as I no longer have anything to say to you, period.
  8. So I was late looking on the actual page of the game, so there is to be one single global server for pve temporarily?....Why temporarily no sense in building or taming anything until it is settled, this is just sad in the game world.
  9. I do not talk to jerks and I would have went on to explain just exactly what I was referring to about abusing the vacation mode I was not aware you did not get to keep your spot, it seems nobody knows as much about anything as you do, clearly, now I will not I respond to your absolute rudeness. As a matter of fact do not speak to me at all and make both of us happy!
  10. "Also did you just called the action of stopping playing and coming back an "abuse" what the hell is wrong with you !!!??" >No, you have gone off on a tangent with this one which totally lost the simple point I was trying to make which is, if you build bases and don't want to play any longer then timers IMO should be put into play which would allow them to decay in a timely manner and allow other players to have that particular spot NOT stay there for the duration of the game or, until they decide to wipe that particular map/server. Ooooo that sounds great, I have one friend that has been in a permanent funk since the last wipe, we pve players are still hoping you guys keep it on an NA server please.
  11. @Whitehawk a friend pointed out that I totally misunderstood what your point was and, I agree and, I apologize profusely, you make a GREAT point! Understood and I apologize deeply.
  12. " you'd think pve critics could read " pve> players can read and you writing it over and over and over again isn't going to make any of us agree with what you have to say, of course pvp players have a different style of playing than pve players I would think that common sense hence, don't know why you figure we can't read and understand ... " i'ts not just about attacking other players you say " when in fact that is exactly what pvp is about and destroying ships/bases/animals etc......I saw a guy playing a western pvp game, he moaned and groaned because he was constantly attacked, he threatened to turn the next person in for not allowing him time to prepare for a fight....is this what you are suggesting? I don't think pvp is like that but then again, I am no pro at that sort of game.
  13. "the boat characteristics and its content get saved as data that is not rendered until you come back to the game." "Until you come back to the game"<< is precisely what you are not understanding, so, you think that a game company should make allowances just for deadbeat players=meaning the ones who hardly play for any and all reasons- and use the games data to save their stuff? That is what I mean by people abusing it also, if it weren't for decay wipes would be the way to go and I am positive that most would rather have decay timers than wipes.
  14. Understood, I really do understand your reasoning but as you know people would abuse it and not come back until they are good and ready, in the meantime, their place is occupying the map which only has so much room to it. I would agree the timers need to be longer and maybe to include the vacation option but I don't see that happening since most would agree that decay is a good thing for the bigger part of the players.
  15. LOL but the timers HAVE to be there, they just have to if they don't, folks in your position ( which I am sorry you can't log in and update ) would leave your bases there at your leisure and that just wouldn't be fair to other players since the map doesn't grow, it only becomes smaller hence, decay timers, if we didn't have them in games the servers would look and feel like a junkyard, sorry but I disagree with the decay issue you have. No offense.
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