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  1. There is no fix, ONLY Atlas team can fix it ONLY them and they act like we don't exist. I am looking for the TOS of this game but can only find Code of Conduct and it doesn't pertain to the game devs or, the ones that are supposed to fix the tickets. I have animals that will die AGAIN due to this so called of a joke of a team.Sorry to say for you, but your animals will most likely die as well, the temp fix would not allow me to stay on long enough to either interact with anything nor, feed my animals.
  2. Would like to know when someone is going to finally get around to take care of our tickets?????.......................H8 is still causing the Battleye issue and not only for me and the poster but for many more, devs? Are you just ignoring us because that is entirely what it is when you don't fix only what YOU can, it is seeming that you have put out a product you are not standing behind and this is not only my opinion.
  3. My friend told me a temp work around and it worked but it is not long term that has to be done on the devs end...........but I did get to get in and feed my penguins then! I my mate who lives in another state entirely got on and was affected with the battleye problem as well, really, really needs to be fixed or, let us players know what the h#ll to do if we can fix it ourselves, we have no problem with that but, we don't know for long term how to do that
  4. Hey, you able to get on yet? We still are not, going on two days now and I have penguins that will die if I can't get in soon.
  5. We have always gotten 15 minutes warning on a maint on the server, didn't matter if you had baby's due ( which I did and lost two different times due to not having a certain time, don't get those sorts of goodies. Here it is almost the day is over and still no fix, this is totally ridiculous.
  6. I haven't heard of any other grids so far but I was told by a couple of my friends that live in other grids that they are on the way to being the same, can't sail and keep lagging out, dc'ing with errors left and right, I knew this would happen
  7. " Now this too ", this is an old issue that has gone on for a long, long time, I wish it could be fixed, I turned my ticket in today so I am hoping they fix it, normally if we are short on the problem and give the info on what is wrong, who we are and where we are normally it is fixed fairly soon but I didn't even get to give my cords which I always do, from now on I will write them down and keep them near. 7dtd got tired of their followers complaining about the battleye issue and made their own anti-hack program, I wish Atlas devs would do the same I mean, it isn't as if this is a new issue? If you look back this has been going on since the start of the game, this game shouldn't act like it is in alpha still.
  8. Oh yeah I have noticed the inconsistency for sure along the coast, thanks for the advice though, I think in the future since I don't understand the tech part I will just throw up something simple like thatch to see if they will breed, not a lot of mats nor time I just thought it so odd though how it happens and all around me ladys were having baby bears left and right.
  9. It will only get worse as time goes on sadly.
  10. So I set up a place to breed bears, I know about breeding bears as it was a sort of hobby on the side before the last wipe that was promised to never happen again but, I ran across an issue with breeding that I am not sure if a few or a lot of players have dealt with, here is how it started. Before the wipe I had no issues with breeding bears in M3 put 12 grills under the floor and anytime I wanted to breed didn't matter the time they bred but one day a guy came through and said " Can someone answer some questions about breeding bears please? " Oh, one of my most fav subjects in Atlas besides sailing which I can no longer do anyway, so one of my longtime friends was on too and he knows some things about tech crap as far as games go I do not but, this guy was having issues with breeding his bears, he lived in the Polar or whatever the very top and most coldest part of the map is, I told him to do the grill thingy and he said he has tried everything! My friend piped in and said something pertaining to, if your pen is too close to the edge of the ocean the map doesn't recognize you are on land, he went into some tech garble that I just didn't get and the guy said he WAS close to the ocean like right at the edge so he left I never heard from him if he resolved his issue but, my friend said that happens sometimes with planting certain things as well that would normally grow in the colder regions. My issue, H grid, my pen was overlapping the ocean, couldn't get them to breed to save my life!! Talked it over with some folks that just didn't believe it had to do with the map not knowing to separate ocean from land and, I remembered what my friend had said so, I built another one! A big one just like that one that didn't work NO, didn't work, it was NOT touching water however it was in a cove but on land so, my friend on that grid said come on over and see if they breed here, she had such a simple little get up I was like " no way! " and, yes way, she had like eight campfires below and right above she had only a small room that the bears could enter and mine started breeding immediately, I guess they were frustrated with all of the waiting they did with me trying to figure out the map configurations but, I ended up throwing down a wooden building not far from her place but, non intrusive and they freaking bred, this was waaaaay away from my area so, the map in that area for whatever reason would not allow me to breed on land, if someone can explain the tech jargon for the reason that would be abso awesome! Thank you in advance.
  11. Cutting some Atlas waves eh? LOL
  12. Is anyone losing animals during sailing due to this? I wouldn't know since I am afraid to sail which is stupid since that is what the game is based on but I don't want to lose my bears.
  13. You never had those issues because it was on an NA server not a global server.
  14. I have told players best get while the getting is good because of the animals being pretty much obsolete due to the farms, the breeders will start griping about it, being solo I like it but I can see your point at the same time I also see a lot of players charging out the back for prices of like 10k+ for a mater just absolutely ridiculous on prices and only a few will pay those prices I mean, if you don't want to do it and you think it is so hard to do then why do it? Why invest your time into it only to have them sit around and wait on a sucker to come along and pay that much for an animal. Two sides to every story or, more. And not having to make a small base like so many people do, one could set up a farm with a bed and that is all.
  15. The decay timers on some of these items is maddening like those billboards and the looms and smithy's and the forges they too should have the same decay time as the foundation of a base which IS decent time with ten days IMO.
  16. C5 is the same way.
  17. Agreed and at this point I will not sail which, is the biggest part of this game!! I knew this would happen and would have railed against it had I had a say so in the dumping us all on global but nooooooo none of us get a say so and now look, to the author everyone is complaining not just a few. We were attacked five times last week due to not being able to get the sails to work right they kept going up and down up and down due to the lag and rubberbanding sadly if it isn't fixed I will have to give up the game, really sucks!!
  18. Gameshooter crashed I have seen this before when I ran my own server years and years ago but can't recall what caused it but back then I knew how to fix it( have forgotten how! ) being I was the one that could work the server can someone tell me how to fix this please? Me along with five other players ( that we know of ) in our grid alone H8 crashed with this error me a total of seven times, the others were varying in the numbers it happened to them HELP! Please BTW I could absolutely NOT get any answers after googling blog to blog.
  19. Thank you!! I do NOT twitter at all and never will again but I am glad some of you guys do
  20. WHEN are we getting the farming goodies please?
  21. I am sorry but the way you described the invisible monster I just had to laugh. I too had a similar thing happen as well as others only we weren't sailing, our ships were parked outside of the base in waters that did not have boulders below otherwise, we would not have chosen that spot but they kept growing and our ships would just " leave the company " .......I had a brig, two schooners and a sloop go poof, a few other people in the same grid had the very same problem, this was before this last wipe ( which by the way was never supposed to happen according to the promise made from the previous wipe with xbox ) I turned a ticket in and in the following patch there were notes pertaining to fixing the growth of underwater boulders that weren't there before but, still had loss of ships, I just rebuild just easier to let them know what is going on and where than to try and make a list of all that I have lost I like to keep it simple.
  22. Devs please read my words. I have played games only since 2014 as a pve player. I think PVE gets lost in the definition of exactly what it is and, why I was drawn to it myself so please read what I have to say before you make any big moves again and to consider pve players more seriously. Veterans People with disabilities Older generation People with agoraphobia Introverts People wanting to escape the crap of the world today. There are more I am sure that I have not thought of. Veterans have fought their wars, they only want to go on a game in pve mode so they themselves can not only control their situations and not have to fight which would most likely trigger a lot of players. Many of the Vets I have seen posting in the blogs and on the game have left due to them thinking it was going to go to pve/pvp and global server. PVE offers them the choice to put themselves in a controlled situation. People with disabilities now have a way to get up, move about like they can't in real life, they can jump, run all of the things that they can no longer do in real life and if it isn't stressful enough in real life, making them play pvp ( if that is your intentions ) in order to play this awesome game would be, well it just wouldn't be right. Agoraphobia, there are more people out there with this disorder than one actually realizes, they have anxiety about their environment, if it is not a controlled environment then all h#ll breaks loose for them in real life. With the pve aspect of a game it gives them more control of their surroundings. Introverts, shy people that would not really have anything to do with other people due to the severity OF that shyness, in pve they can actively participate in conversations and of course, control their environment, this gives them some sort of platform to build better skills and confidence to actually talking and interacting with people. People wanting to escape the crap of the world today. I am one of them, if I don't get on a pve game I am in F# jail on a constant basis fighting politics, on games like Atlas it keeps me out of F# jail lol. I absolutely hate how our nation is acting and so Atlas gives me a MUCH needed reprieve from the real world one where I myself have control over my actions and not have to worry about the actions of others. There are a lot more out there like me in this aspect than what you think. Last and I feel weird offering this up but, Atlas brought me back from a stroke, I had a mild stroke, didn't know how to use the asdw I could barely decipher left from right and it took real hard thinking to get that straight, after six days of playing Atlas I finally was capable to sail one of my ships, scary as h#ll but, the game itself helped me to get back my functions I am convinced and of course, those gorgeous baby bears!! OMG I lOVE those bears!!! In short ( finally ) PVE is a lot more than what you guys realize, meet us, your pve players Now please, put us back on NA servers, global servers are not only horrible on the lag and rubberbanding they have a high account of mean, snobbish people ( and jerks scared to play pvp so they do it on pve ) whereas you just don't get many on the NA server, that plays an important part of the pve community and why people ARE pve players. Thanks, sorry for the long winded explanations.
  23. Sounds interesting but I don't think it will happen. I think they would lose pve players way more so than pvp players, pvp players do not care where they are as long as they can destroy and kill period. You can't really log off safely in freeports, your ship will decay and it will go poof in a matter of a short time so stop overs yeah but no no on the log off, can you imagine how cluttered it would be if people were allowed to log off there? You would never be able to get TO the vendors, I am glad they made it quick decay, that gives people a line they can't cross and us humans need that in life and, in game because we are not smart enough yet to know when not to cross lines we shouldn't. I think maybe Atlas was trying with a pvp/pve situation like Memories of Mars has, that is pvp/pve, there is a certain zone that if one wants those special materials you must go to the pvp zone or, pay high prices for them so in the whole of that situation, it IS pvp although it says pvp/pve as you WILL be forced to join a large group and a lot of folks just don't want to, when one joins large groups one loses the actual base of the game, Tom, Dick and Harry will gather all resources so that leaves John to stand around and.....get bored. Don't get your moneys worth that way IMO only.
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