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  1. This an idea I just randomly came up with I would love if this was in the main game but a mod I guess would suffice even though I couldn't play if it was a mod since I play xbox. I don't know how to code and I don't have the funds to get a computer (I am typing this from a phone). I have this idea for a new way to sell animals essentially you make a pen (based on level of taming required) you put any animal into (physically into by riding it or throwing in) it and it will ask what price you want to sell it for (it will pop up like when you tame it and you then have to name) then all people have to do is manage upkeep (feeding it) and all a buyer has to do is go up to the animal in the pen hold down y and buy it if they have enough gold in their inventory and then the gold get deposited into a chest that's attached to the pen that only the owner/s can access. And people should be able to close any shops. But the animals are invincible to other players and their tames and crew but can be killed by starvation and wild animals. So keep them protected and fed. I don't play PvP so I don't know how it would work for PvP players. I do think this can be added to the base game and I think you should check it out.
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