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  1. Sounds like a good idea, but is the AI / NPC enemies fun and worth playing against? Like I said before I don't have a lot of faith in these developers. I just don't think they have employed any real talent or experienced programmers. I mean look at all of the animations in the game just for a visual. each animal has like 3 or 4 animations and that is it. a walk, run, attack, and die. the transitions are bad and janky. I love the idea of the game but I don't think we will ever see a very polished game. Look at ARK, they still think that that is a polished game and instead of making it amazing they went on to make this one. It's like they do an okay / half baked game and then move on to the next thing to make a quick buck. I was hoping to play with other people to make it more fun, but I think the PVE would get boring very quickly and it would end up being a build a base simulator with nothing to defend or fight against and nothing else.
  2. Thanks Vorxius, I will try it out, but the whole idea was to play with my boys. they worked so hard to build the ship it really took days for my boys and I to build it. Due to a raid before taking most of our stuff so we had to start again. It was really hard to tell my boys that all of our stuff is gone due to other players coming by and probably with in a few minutes destroying all of our work. They didn't even get a chance to use the ship. They don't want to waste their time building another ship. it took way to long, and they sink way to fast. Just not worth the time. We are going on to play another game together that doesn't punish us from being off line. So thank Vorxius for your mature response and your sincere care. Sadly there are some fanboys in this game that don't see the problems with this game and will insult you for not wanting to play it because of the frustrations and waste of time. If they made some really good NPC's that could actually guard your base while you are off line then maybe we will try sometime down the road, but I don't have a lot of faith in these game designers / programmers to have the ability or experience to create the AI to do that.
  3. I just Uninstall the game I got into the game and saw that all of my boats are gone nothing they’re. sick of playing and grinding the stupid game. Days making the galleon and now it’s gone all of it. I am sick of this game. All 4 of my boys bought this game too. Now they don’t want to play the game too. We are all done with playing Atlas. You just lost 5 people.
  4. This game has royally pissed me off. I had a nice huge ship it took me forever to build had a whole bunch of money NPC players and then I go off to sea the game freezes I get kicked out I go back in and then I am getting hit by a ghost ships and then my ship sinks. Stupid piece of crap game I’m tired of it. Horrible grind too.
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