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  1. I was really into this game for while and played for probably around 900 hours. After it seemed like the developers lost interest I stopped playing. The game was stale and had too many unresolved issues. I decided not to invest any more time in a game that seemed like it would never be finished. But I have to admit, Atlas was my favorite among all of the multiplayer "survival" games I ever played. Ark is ok, but I'm just not into dinosaurs. Dark and Light was great. It came from the same "mold" as Ark and Atlas but it was all but abandoned too. One of the things I loved about Atlas was the vast open world. No other survival game that I know of is even trying to replicate that. (Last Oasis is trying, but their "world" is just a bunch of identical copies of three main maps.) I think the big thing I loved about Atlas was the fact that there were lots of different things for players to do. You could have fun building bases, building ships, taming animals, hunting treasure, or just adventuring on the high seas. The huge world meant that there were tons of places to explore. With a great deal of sadness I always wonder, "What happened to this game?" It was so popular when it came out and the developers inexplicably abandoned it. I know that some work is still ongoing, but I wish we would hear some real news. Some small part of me hopes that they've been toiling away in secret on the game and one day, out of the blue a gigantic overhaul patch is going to come out, addressing most of the shortcomings of the game. Until then I'll just keep hoping.
  2. I have not played Atlas since July but i decided to check it out again today. I wanted to try out single player on the Blackwood map. When I choose single player form the main menu, I get to the map options screen. Then I set my options and choose Blackwood for the map. Then I click the Play Single Player button and the game just takes me back to the main menu. I am able to start a single player game by choosing the Ocean map. I had existing single player data for the ocean map and deleted it in case that was the issue but it didn't help. Any suggestions?
  3. I use WASD, but I have a tenkeyless keyboard and want to use the up and down arrow keys to zoom the map. This works, but the up and down arrow keys continue to also have the look up/down functionality. (This is quite annoying when I want to look at the map, zoom in and out, but continue to look forward.) Also, can you clean up the config files so that unused binds from Ark are not cluttering it up. I also agree with Diesel Power - please add the ability to unbind a key. I don't ever need to open the console and would love to remove tilde.
  4. I started experiencing a glitch in atlas (shown in the attached screenshot) a few days ago. I get these random purple dots and black "rays" that point to the top of the screen. This happens after the game is running for a few minutes and is quickly followed by the game freezing up. I have to use task manager to kill it. I have tried a few other unreal engine games and none have this issue. To resolve it, first I updated to the latest Nvidia Drivers (running a GTX 1070). The problem persisted. I did a fresh install of Windows. The problem persisted. The last step was verifying the files in Steam. That also did not fix the issue.
  5. I had been trying to tame a level 24 elephant for about 2 hours and it seems almost impossible. In addition to the wonky hitbox for "Press E to feed" creatures lose their tame percentage very rapidly now. I had this one up to over 80 percent tamed. My next bola caused him to land in a place where feeding was unreachable. I undid the bola and he was back to about 30%. After that I gave up.
  6. I feel like this is some issue inherent with the "engine". (I know Unreal Engine is the actual engine but I'm talking about the Ark ecosystem that this game is built on.) At any rate, the scaling issue is present in Ark, Dark and Light, and now Atlas.
  7. Hi Jat, First I wanted to say thank you for this post. Your comments about lawless areas really brings up a question about the overall intent of the game. Is the game supposed to be a giant faction war where players are forced to join a giant company to succeed? Or is it supposed to be a game where people can play in whatever style they want, whether that's solo, in a small company, or with a big company. If faction war is the design goal you'll have to count me out. I suspect a lot of other people feel the same way. I have no desire to be a cog in the wheel of a big company. I already have a job in real life and this is supposed to be a game. It's already been posted by many people but I think you guys need to let go of the idea of unlimited claim flags. Each player should get one to start and have to level up via the skill tree to get more. It's fine if lawless areas aren't meant to settle but you have to fix the fact that there's no claimable land elsewhere. If you don't want to limit claim flags, tax them. That could be in the form of a gold payment, just visiting the flag or some other mechanism.
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