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  1. Look, originally the crabs and player shops we're coming out in 16.0 and now 17.0 AND NOW we're in 18.0??? I suggest you remove it off the home screen and announce it when it's READY. Just a thought.
  2. Hey pal! Leader of DOG here! If your interested, we're trying to expand atm. We'd be happy to let you all merge with us, just want to get to know your group a bit first. Add me on discord! -X-#7698
  3. Truee, although I think the way they're doing it is limiting one thousand to each square, which is 2hr by 2hr
  4. I mean, I highlyyyy doubt it. Imaging constant 24/hr live player watching for 40,000 It would murder the servers. Maybe they'll show like a top 100 or top 1000 But no way its everyone
  5. No you can't you can see their progress, meaning their status updates. They didn't mean map.playatlas.com
  6. The thing is, the layout of island may be the same but the biome won't be
  7. Hello everyone! -X- here, Im SO glad that I can be here on day one with all of you! 
    I'm Xision also known as "X" and Im the leader of the D.O.G Crew!
    if you needing a crew and your interested in joining DOG just add me discord. My discord is in the "About me tab". 

    Happy Sailing! 

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