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  1. Looking for ideas on how to remove some foundation spam so 3 of us can start our own small base. Every island we go to is completely full or a group has spammed foundation/pillars everywhere and we can't build. Found a small spot but need to destroy a few Stone Pillars in the water to be able to build. What's the options for destroying foundation spam in water? Cannons don't drop low enough to hit them.
  2. A lot of people on the verge of quitting this game. We put in work building and farming just to have the "Artemis" company in the NA PVE server, grid B12, get on a raft to draw in ghost ships, then run around base/shipyards with bows while the ghost ship shoots at them so that it destroys everything; "Waifu Wu" from Artemis is the person that's been doing it today. Losing a brig and schooner because of this and it's ridiculous. It's happening to everyone on this island. This same Company is exploiting the Weight Glitch to sink ships. Someone else on the island posted proof earlier today. Optimization updates are great but you're going to lose players if you don't address these things asap. Prevent ghost ships from getting too close to land until you come up with a better solution.... Prevent ships from moving when overweight instead of sinking until you have a better solution. At the very least do something and acknowledge these issues to give everyone some peace of mind. Would have plenty of pictures to show if the max total size wasn't .49mb's.
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