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  1. so windows 10 xbox play anywhere yes no maybe? Not like answering this is going to break the bank for anyone... jeeeezz...
  2. So just curious.. Since the steam and xbox crossplay is garbage will there be a windows 10 version like there was for ark who want to play with xbox players on official servers?
  3. It's all about the money they have to get it somewhere since they pissed off the steam players.. Now they need a new source of fresh meat to piss off like the good ol ark days.. "The circle is now complete" as a somewhat evil great man once said.. lol Money first players last has always been the wildcard and grapecard motto.. Hopefully they don't tear down this post like my last one.. Truth hurts huh Grapecard..
  4. they should give us the option to mold pieces to the angles and size that is needed for said wall or roof or whatever..
  5. God this is getting worse than some (not all) womens idea of what 30 minutes really means..
  6. Atlas forums so easy even a caveman can do it!
  7. I would just really like to see them hurry this whole PTR and MEGA WIPE thing along already.. The wait is killing me..
  8. Honestly THEIR forums should be their go to..Otherwise what purpose does it really serve... What's with the third person? Stop it.. lol
  9. Yeah the paints always look dull on buildings and ships not very vibrant the way paints should be.. at least give us the option to use more than one coat so we can at least get the actual color to show.......
  10. I mean I suppose it's nice to know we are all nerds.. lol But that's just stating the obvious I guess..
  11. This!! If they had half a brain they would of had that server ready before they said they were going to wipe.. lol That way it would of not allowed many including myself to jump ship and purchase the competitions games.. lol I do strongly feel like it would of been a wise move.. Give ample time for people to play and feel out the changes before wipe.. Instead once again they just let shit hit the fan until they can come duct tape it up until it needs to be fixed again.. lol I'm not hating I realize they are busy but it would of been the smart move..
  12. So we have unfair taxes and having to pay rent vitamins police eating drinking a massive daily work grind for a place to live this is sounding more like real life here in america then I'm comfortable with.. lol I was under the impression people played games to escape their real lives not mimic them.. But maybe I'm wrong.
  13. Well listen to you people I'd be drinking too if I had to read this shit all day.. lol Nah I'm playing I love you guys..
  14. Well I'm a believer of positive reinforcement. It should comfort most that the devs are listening and trying to make everyone happy. I don't think most people get that it is not a me situation here it is a we and as such the devs are doing what they can for us not just a you.. So when people flip shit after seeing the devs ideas I would suggest calm down and realize they keep trying to reassure you those changes can still be tweaked till they get it right.. So as is I am happy with the pve claim the way it is as long as I can have my own island.. The only gripe I have is the renting land thing I still go by my no one wants to rent period ask anyone if they would rather rent or own or share an island most will say they want to own and not share.. I am in the second bit there since I like building in these games so yeah I don't want to share my island.. And taxes come on no one wants to pay those in a game it's bad enough we are forced to do it in real life and turns out most of it here in the usa has been being done illegally.. lol So... Boston Tea Party anyone? Also would like to add at this point I don't envy the devs.. No matter what they do everyone still cries fowl on them.. Smh..
  15. They should add a trade chat that covers the entire map for trading purposes. Also I want my own island I don't want to rent out or have to rent land either.
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