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  1. A lot of the player base can only get on during the weekends and look forward to the 2x in order to make up for loss time, I believe there should be something for a rotation if they plan to do a 2x every weekend but at the same time I try to play the game on the weekends just like I would through the week and not get used to a 2x event. The one thing that I’d like to see addressed is the breeding, start at 10 in the morning on Friday, you have four hours of babysitting, so it’s 1400, 8 hours later for a imprint it’s now 22:00, 8 more hours and it’s 6 on Saturday, imprint, wait till 1400 Sat afternoon, imprint, wait till 2200 Sat night, and finish up 6 in the morning on Sunday. This is bears of course but all the same, two days is a bit excessive if you ask me.
  2. Laptop is a mobile, at least that’s what I’m guessing they are referring to. I also play on a laptop.
  3. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that you sail up along side and trade cannon fire and see which one sinks 1st, you can catch a ship from behind or as it’s turning and empty a round or two on them, sail off and circle back again. Yeah they will give chase but plan ahead, get out in front and turn broadside and wait, they will come. Slow your sails but stay at the ready, your ship should be faster so make that work in your favor
  4. It has never bothered me how people build, build to your heart is content then build some more for safe measures. You know the only reason I chimed in on this conversation was because someone said it wasn’t fair and they couldn’t do it. I just wanted to point out that it could be done with some strategy. I never said you were a newbie to the forums, I said that anyone who has seen some of my post knows I don’t pvp and that was not directed towards anything other than someone saying my OP was fine in pvp but how about pve. In this game as long as I’m able to play as I want within the rules of the game then what my neighbors do or build doesn’t bother me as long as it doesn’t interfere with what I’m doing. As far as I’m concerned to be honest, build a Schooner with 56 cannons on it and 1 shot any SOTD you come to. If the rules in the game change then we as players in the game have to change with it or find another game, you and I both know that it may be wrong today and right tomorrow with this game.
  5. Those who’ve been a part of these forums for awhile and have seen my previous post already knows I don’t pvp. So your saying pve players ( solo pve players) can’t take on the SOTD without front or rear facing cannons? Rethink your fighting technique and I’m sure you can come up with a way you can. You may have your render distance to close otherwise just plan your attack. I carry normally 6 gp’s and 4 rp’s, extra steering wheel, bucket and repair hammer with plenty of resources for bad situations. I also place all points into Sturdiness and skill up the reduced sinking rate. I’ve sailed a long way with what appeared to be just the skeleton of the ship. It sank of course but it was still amazing.
  6. Post some information if you figure out anything, I was thinking it had something to do with playing in the PTR because I never had the issue prior to that.
  7. Those of you saying you can’t fight SOTD groups without front or rear facing cannons need to come sail with some of us who do. Those who say it can’t be done shouldn’t get in the way of those who are already doing it.
  8. Placing cannons on the front and back of ships was great if you wanted easy kills, the issues was that it caused just that, kite to win. The developers are attempting a naval battle by allowing the use of large or small cannons in gun ports you still get some creative ideas on how you’d begin a fight. Pre-wipe I never used cannons on the front or rear of the ship but I did plan my fights and some fights drug out for periods of time due to the slow turning of the Galleon and lack of cannons on the Brigantine. Fights were fun though but it did require planning to win especially having to deal with the wind.
  9. I play on NA servers and since the NA server came back up, when I go to log in it just sits there then gives the message of a host time out, I hit the rejoin button and go straight into the game. Not sure what has caused this but I’m hoping that the recent hardware upgrades will help resolve this.
  10. I’m not sure which is the easiest to do, honestly I found one that was easy and kept going back to it.
  11. It’s been constant at all locations before the wipe happened. C6 is pretty easy to run solo if you’d like.
  12. Not getting the crosshairs unless I’m aiming at the the ship, nothing when aiming over the water. I have 5 placed on the back of a Brigantine and I’m not sure whether it’s a height restriction, proximity restrictions or if something else is going on.
  13. Pre wipe when using a ballista I would have green crosshairs, I placed 5 on the back of my Brig and of I’m pointing at the ship I get the crosshairs but not if I’m aiming into the water. Is there a height restriction or proximity blocker, do I have them to close to one another? Does anyone else have any idea or have you run into this before ?
  14. What the problem is that in pve you can’t kill a thieving pirate so allowing someone to steal off the corpse of another player is not pve. That is pvp gameplay. Keep in mind the person looting the key off of another player is not playing against the environment, they are exploiting a pve game flaw.
  15. It doesn’t matter if it’s alpha, beta or full release. We have all played games that were released as a full version that was worse then this. Cash grabs, fix it afterwards and not worry about pissing the community off. At least here the graphics are amazing compared to other pixelated games on the market, the developers are trying to work with the community and fix issues quickly and they do try to keep us informed with the Captains Log and patch notes. Honestly I’ve been very impressed with the team working on this even know I’ve gave the game itself a bad rating for now. The game is incredible and the possibilities are limitless to what this game could become but only if it doesn’t get sunk before it gets to set sail. Those people who jump at the chance to tell someone to quit until it comes out of EA are in the wrong and I’ve possibly done it in the past but honestly we should encourage those who are here now to stay and warn possible new players on what to expect and be fair with our warnings.
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