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  1. Daemon Cross

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    For me and my infinite wisdom, I was just sitting here thinking about other mmo games I’ve played in the past, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Elder Scrolls Online just to name a few and honestly I can’t recall any of them that required me to join with a guild, clan or company in order to do the pve side of the game. Now I know Willard and a few others insist that since this is a mmo ( Massively Multiplayer Online) game that alone means I should either for a company of my own or join a existing one and in part I guess they are right. Let’s see, when you claim an island or form an alliance then you need to have a company name and in case I’ve created a company because it was required. It has been a strong company and it endures through hard times and good times that the game has went through but with that said, the company I created was a company built for one person and that was me and me alone. Now I have had other members in the company with little issues and I’ve always felt that people could come and go as they pleased and as long as they didn’t tarnish the company name I didn’t care how long they chose to stay but in the end, after every one else has moved on I would still be there. Still supporting that same name. Do you know why ? Because the name means something to me personally and other company names don’t. This game could be played just like any other mmo out there if players would lose the power trip mentality or god complex they have going on, players like that belong in pvp because they are after fame, they want to be in the spotlight, they thrive on competition. They feel like they need to prove something to themselves or everyone else. I play in pve, casual, come and go as I please, take as much time as It takes to get something completed. I don’t get excited anymore over someone else who maybe faster, quicker, smarter or have more skill than I do. I have realized that trivial things like that means absolutely nothing in the real world. My boss doesn’t give two shits that I’m part of a company in a digital world that has 500 members or holds the #1 rank in said game, he only cares that I can do my job safe and efficient enough to make him money in which he will give me a small amount of it in return. I’m rambling, lunch is over and I lost my train of thought, pvp sucks, pve rules and this new claim system can kiss where the sun doesn’t shine.
  2. Daemon Cross

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Why not have it setup to where a company can only claim one island, instead of increasing the number of points a company has then force large companies to either downgrade in size or claim one of the larger islands. Companies could split and then go with Lotus 1 and Lotus 2 to work around this but a single person wouldn’t be able to claim more then one island. Change the rule set to where each person who claims an island is the only one who can maintain the upkeep cost just like a solo player would have to. The island owner would have to log in every day to maintain the claim and police the island. You again mentioned someone has a public garden and allows settlers to use it, I still haven’t gotten any younger so I still don’t need someone to hold my hand.
  3. Daemon Cross

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Yeah some regions are nothing but 53 point islands and there definitely isn’t enough 15 point islands. I’m not sure how each individual feels but those of you who have managed to claim an island would you be content if you were just a resident on someone else’s island who could restrict your building ideas or even where you build ? From what I’m seeing those that own or are part of a company that owns an island are good with the new system but those who are living on someone else’s land aren’t at least for the majority. I won’t live on someone else’s land, regardless of how good of a land owner they may be, lawless would be more my favor if there was some kind of a build radius protection other then pillar spamming. The old claim system worked good for most people but it did need improvements made. Limited claim flags would have solved most issues. Most people could have build a nice base, taming pen and barn on a single claim flag. If people preferred to play as a group then allow a group of 10 to have 2 claims, a group of 20 to have 3 claims so on so forth. If your going to play solo to a company of 5 then you can manage with one claim, a small company 6 to 10 could manage with two claims, so on so forth. That promotes joining a group to gain more land access and also solves the land issues.
  4. Daemon Cross

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Lotus, it’s good to see you back, still sucks to see you like the new system and want to make it harder for solo/small companies to own land. Before you get started on the “why don’t you go play unofficial or join a company campaign” conversation I’ll go ahead and stop you and tell you why are you ready - it’s because we don’t want to. It’s as simple as that. The new claim system sucks, you’ll find more people agreeing with that than you will disagreeing with it. If you are part of a large company then you may like it, if you are solo then you probably won’t. The player base jumped up after the patch was released, its slowly dying back off and it’s mostly due to the same reasons it did the last time, because people want their own piece of land, simple as that, they don’t want to join a large company, they like playing solo or with a small group of friends. I noticed that empire server bombed, guess that didn’t go as well as the developers hoped.
  5. Daemon Cross

    Where is PVE NA server

    I’m not sure we will ever see a different claim system, they may adjust the point system but that won’t fix the issue. The issue from what I see is everyone wants to own their own piece of land but the developers want settlements and governed property. That works in pvp, it doesn’t work in pve. In pvp you can battle for ownership of land, you can pillage settlements but in pve you can not. Pve will only work in a few different ways from what I’ve seen thus far and I hope someone challenges this but it’s either going to be limited claim flags to 1 or 2 per player, per account, doing away with claim flags and taxes all together and make everything lawless or force people to join a large company in order to have a place to build. Now going completely lawless wouldn’t be bad as long as there is a build protection radius but then that won’t stop pillar spamming. Limiting claim flags would work but then you have to ensure each player is able to build shipyards and have access to their base, gates and such would cause problems for anyone who builds further inland and just makes the hike to the ships each day. Joining a large company will provide land to build on, no taxes but at the same time you will be building on someone else’s land and along the same idea of being on lawless. If you get tired of the company you’ll lose everything you’ve built. I’m not sure what will work, limited claim flags would be the best idea, for companies even having more claims but still limited works because members can use one another’s shipyards, crafting stations and bases. Instance based bases solves the issue but that takes a lot more coding and limits some of the mmo design.
  6. Daemon Cross

    Ship max. Level 50

    Before the wipe I had Brig at 53 I think and a Galleon at 52. That was using a normal shipyard
  7. This has been discussed over and over, those who play pve have complained about the new system since it was mentioned in the patch notes. Best bet is to watch the numbers drop back to nothing again and then the developers may notice that the system they have in place right now isn’t going to work otherwise it’s just a few people on the forums complaining and it’s not a majority of the player base
  8. Daemon Cross

    Company points issue

    Patch, patch, patch that or maybe by logging out for a few hours. It may be based on a cycle that requires so much time to pass.
  9. Daemon Cross

    What do you do with your fucking PVE system?!

    Pax what server do you play on ? I have been in several different times and there are no islands left in the tundra, Temperate, or Tropical that a solo or even a husband and wife can claim. Not in EU pve anyway.
  10. Daemon Cross

    Where is PVE NA server

    Have you been paying attention to how many people are even playing on the pvp empire server? They should have left things alone because I know a few of us have quit until the NA server comes up. Kinda late to start now if you want to try and own a island
  11. Daemon Cross

    Where is PVE NA server

    There is also talk of doing away with NA pve and just hosting a pve server for all to join.
  12. Daemon Cross

    New claim system vote

    Like you said General Chat covers both PvE and PvP and neither at the same time, your argument holds no merit when you say this should be used to discuss how awesome or how bad the game is, any topic you can think of could be covered in its forum platform. There is absolutely no reason to have a general chat for discussion of game topics. General chat should be used for just that, chat among the players that isn’t game related. You say you have no favoritism, you can play one as well as the other and that is fine but any game related topics could still be covered in the appropriate sections. The forums have never been a way for the developers to communicate with the players, it has been used by the players to communicate with each other and we do so in any section that has a interesting topic. The developers have only used the forums as away to host the updates for the game, how often have you ever seen them active in the forums vs Discord or Twitter? You may not think I know my ass from a hole in the ground but I assure you I do.
  13. Daemon Cross

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Good luck, I can see pvp players trolling pve forums trying to get people to join pvp, they already stated that pve players are easy picking.
  14. Daemon Cross

    2 Weeks

    Update is live, on both the default branch and the PTR branch on Steam. I recommend restarting your steam clients to download the patch. We'll be monitoring posted in Twitter it just had me confused, I’ll play in the PTR until NA comes up
  15. Daemon Cross

    New Claimsystem finally makes me Quit the game

    Unofficial servers are based on a player maintaining the server cost, they are most of the time only a fraction of the official server and pve players have no desire to play pvp. The developers cater to large companies and PvP, they may make a change to try and accommodate solo or single players but it’s all 2nd thought to the big picture.