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  1. No real reward for stuff. Blueprints are great, but it's like, hey you beat that high level sotd, now go farm 50 islands on opposite ends of the map to be able use anything you got. There should be actual items in some of the drops, coupled with BPs, that'd be awesome. And just in general, the journey is fun, the reward for the journey isn't, I've climbed so many mountains just to find normal wood and berries at the top, I want to find rarer resources at the tops of mountains, or a little village to explore, not just 3 pigs and tons of poop. Or the alphas dropping normal resources, why not loot, I might enjoy them then.
  2. Does anyone know how the Alpha spawns work in this game, is there something that can be adjusted so that I see them rarely or possibly never? Hoping for a game.ini setting I can simply change. NPC replacement doesn't seem to work and spawning wild animals gives a chance of spawning an Alpha, so adjusting the value may be tied to the actual spawn instead of being a separate bp.
  3. Ibbette

    Increase sailing speed

    Maybe tradewinds would help, like a certain band across the grid with excellent wind almost all the time, allowing for faster travel, but almost impossible to stay in that band when fighting ships or sailing toward land.
  4. Ibbette

    Max level of animals question.

    If they reused the Ark settings, then mutations and stat stacking come into play and the level with breeding could theoretically be infinite with a practical hard codedlevel cap, I think it was like 400 or something in ark, I forget. So, mutations are a mutation on a stat increasing it from what the parent's stats were, I haven't gotten any mutations breeding yet, so I can't confirm how it works on Atlas. Stat stacking is a bit easier, just tame every high level wild you find, so wild animals have a random assignment of stats, with 30 levels(44 after tame), if most are in one stat on the mom and most are on another stat on the dad, when bred, you have a chance of getting both higher stats on the kid which means an initial level even higher than 44 on the kid(max with this method before leveling would be 44 X the number of stats, but you'll never get a tame with all 44 levels in one stat), with this method I have gotten babies that start out above the max post tame level by a few levels.
  5. Ibbette

    building Building System is Terrible

    I think building is a clear attempt to improve on Ark's building and it succeeds more than it fails, like the snap toggle, types toggle, you can go out and build 50 roof pieces while gathering to reduce weight and figure it out when you get back to base what configuration you want, in other games if you don't make the exact right one, you wasted half the resources. Water pipes need some love though, not being able to place them without already having a water source makes some ugly pipe routes, the indoor water pipe is basically useless cause you have to connect to a source and foundation, but no water sources snap to foundations, so getting pipes to line up with a foundation perfectly is impossible. And trying to connect a reservoir to a water pipe, it just snaps below it no matter how hard you try to line it up and won't actually collect water from the pipe. I had one pipe visually in line with my railing on my bridge at one end and a zigzagging mess by the time it got to my base cause it was just slightly off.
  6. Ibbette

    SP items disapear

    Had a tannery disappear while traveling by boat, no bed travel. The only thing I could think is it was hanging off a ceiling, not fully on a foundation or ceiling, so maybe it was considered a single structure. Hasn't happened since I moved it to a full ceiling. I save manually every so often, just copy the saved atlas folder. Reverted back a few times, works well, considering looking into how private servers set up the backups so it's more like Ark with half-hour auto backups.
  7. In case anyone has the same issue; the singleplayer setting does not allow imprinting without tweaking. Had a bear age up in ~1.25 hrs, while her first imprint was at ~1.5 hrs. and it only added 33%(when I realized it wouldn't imprint I tweaked maturation enough to get one in). Settings with singleplayer settings on that do work are taking cuddle timer to .4 and increasing maturation rate to .5(lower numbers increase). This doubles maturation rate, but allows 4x25% imprints every ~30 minutes. Testing on bears, so not sure if this works for other animals.
  8. Ibbette

    Single player loading mods

    Also note if you lost structures because TS wasn't fully updated and on your list and then logged out, you likely won't get them back after updating the mod as Atlas would have saved when you exited, without those structures present. Same would happen in Ark when an update for S+ would come out and I loaded without putting S+ in the list again, but Ark kept multiple saves to roll back to, Atlas does not, you have to manually save a backup(probably because the world saves are a lot larger). So, especially with structure mods you're using, make sure the mod is updated and on your list before opening the game, they may only be in the lower list of downloaded mods after an update, but you have to add them to the top list before loading single player. It's because of this I haven't gotten fully on board using TS, I have tested it out but my base and ships are with vanilla structures, I don't want to lose stuff because the modder stops updating in the future or I forget to check.
  9. Ibbette

    Singleplayer Remove Alphas

    Yea, nothing useful coming up when I googled it is why I posted here. Might have to search the devkit some to see if I can figure out a simple solution.
  10. Ibbette

    Singleplayer Remove Alphas

    I know how to kill them, I just don't find them fun and want to disable them. If anyone knows how to do that, it'd be appreciated.
  11. Ibbette

    Singleplayer Remove Alphas

    When I played on servers at default settings Alphas, mainly alpha lions, made having any tames useless, they spawn too randomly and move too quickly. They still spawn right outside my base on the server I was on and it's just a chore to trap them and then waste a ton of ammo on something I don't want to grind through and I've lost max level lions to alpha lions, so they're not some slightly harder mob for your tames to take care of, not unless they've been severely nerfed since I last dealt with one. In Ark at least they give some nice loot, but here it's just ridiculous amounts of standard resources I can get a lot easier if I could actually take my lions out. They're a time consuming barrier to doing the things I do find fun in the game. If there's a way to disable them or nerf them in singleplayer without nerfing everything I'd love to hear it.
  12. Ibbette

    Singleplayer Remove Alphas

    I set it to 1 and was seeing lvl 150 wild tamables and figured taming some of them would be too op, so then changed it to .5 and I like the normal difficulty of the animals with it there, but Alphas are like level 400-500 still.
  13. Is there any way to remove Alphas in singleplayer? Like a game.ini setting or something that can be adjusted? Can't seem to find a mod and they don't seem to be a separate creature like in Ark, but rather a rare spawn of every creature, so modifying the spawn code doesn't seem to work. Just tired of never taking my tames out of base unless I want to risk running into a faster Alpha and losing it. In Ark good tames could manage an Alpha, but here, they're just tame killers with the only real way of handling them being to trap them and grind them down which just isn't fun, I want to get experience normally, not grinding on the same animal for an hour.