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    Treasure Maps B3 Bloomsworth Ait

    i had 5 (yes 5) Maps on Bloomsworth Ait in B3 and not a single one triggered so ive to abandon them all. EU PVE. pls fix this and give this whole treasure map thing a look over there are realy too many maps which dont work and its pretty anoying to travel over half the map for a purple on and cant to it cus its on an very odd place or simply doesnt trigger or some of the guards go missing to finish.
  2. Odet Templar

    Server Loading

    maybe he messed his anticheat software, try reinstalling it and check Firewall settings.
  3. Odet Templar

    Quest Rewards (Perks)

    Hello, you guys deleted the button in the skill menu (its been the most left next to tarot bevore) where we could check what reward/buff/perk we get when we complete a Quest. maybe im just not find where youve put it now but to check on the rewards is a necessary thing in my opinion.
  4. Odet Templar

    Treasure maps disappearing

    i got plenty with quality above 14.9 but i also noticed that some maps disapear on pickup. my guess was that you already have this one once so a second gets deleted. EU PvE
  5. Odet Templar

    Sextant Minmap Fps drop

    Hey, when im using the sextant, to establish the perk with more HUD and Minimap, ive a massive Fps drop in my case 30. For me it makes the game unplayable because i end up with about 10 Fps. Turning the Minimap off removes the drop. Anyone else has the same issue?
  6. Odet Templar

    Server Loading

    honestly i cant but ive been aware of it infront dunno where i got the info. Btw. verifying gamedata worked for me. Or they fixed it in between.
  7. Odet Templar

    Server Loading

    It was anounced some days infront if im not completely wrong. -) And back to topic, ive the same loading problem and i also noticed that some servers just go down without reason A2 and O2 so far.
  8. Odet Templar

    Can't login, Primal GameData_BP

    Seems ive the same problem. In addition i was kicked twice from a sector because the server went down with no reason to notice.
  9. yep same here, undersurface building isnt possible at the moment
  10. same here on a shooner shipparts converted at some point to common woodparts when i place new ones they get the right shiplook again.
  11. Odet Templar

    Hunting the Fountain of Youth again

    allright thxs
  12. Hi all, as im close to hit a age of 90 after the wipe it would be somehow helpfull to know when and where it shows up now. Couldnt we get a sheet with times and locations up somewhere?. I play at EU so GMT would be nice.
  13. Odet Templar

    Move to ship sticks tame inside ship planks

    same (recently fixed (lol)) function made my bear dissapear completely with dieing notification some minutes after. your problem could be helped by, set it on follow again und just run away from the ship or repeatedly anchor and disanchor. any of this two things works ususally. Guess the new thing (the so called fix (lol)) is that sometimes if you simply stop bothering, after a while the bear gets portet to a different spot. @ Devs pls ppls realy stop fixing things at all, everything you tried to fix gone worst than it has been. like shipsinking exploits, claimsystem, npc following ......
  14. Odet Templar

    New Claimsystem finally makes me Quit the game

    i dont agree, all this changes where made about small groups and soloplayers complaining about not to ba able to get a own claim, but this rubbish now made things worst for all the ppls who complained exactly about this. the former system was not that bad specially for large companies, or more it was what you get in most of this bigscale pvp games this days. Could be funny if it wherent realy sad for all players without a own claim now. nope, rebuilding all my shit every 10 days wtf dude are you crazy? lawless is only an option to get your first shooner into the water but nothing more.
  15. Odet Templar

    New Claimsystem finally makes me Quit the game

    unofficial servers tend to disapear out of a sudden (the one who pays the server isnt interested anymore) and PVP as a soloplayer ends up with sunken ships and raided bases on a dayly basis. i dont mind pvp tbh it is fun for sure but this griefing offlineraiding and shipsinking fucks me off - realy. with the old system of claiming you had a fair chance if you where patient enough (took me over two weeks of searching) to get some place you know its save at all and nobody could fuck around with your stuff, now if you get on the bad side of the claimowner (which somtimes only takes some unserious words) he could simply demolish your base. So honestly how could you fuck up a claimsystem so completely in another way like this?