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  1. Remo Williams

    Map Zoom

    This happened to me ages ago and has returned since the wipe for me. Its very annoying.
  2. Looks like lots of hours went into this. Great job.
  3. At my age, ive decided to try and enjoy the ride and not speed to the end. I understand everyone does not have my play style though. I assume we will have at least 2 more wipes or more before release
  4. To be honest, im ready for the wipe. I like fresh starting but i know im in the minority on that thought.
  5. Being a bit dramatic about it. Also what does a little more harvest have to do with offline sinking. Im afraid to ask
  6. Afraid not. It seems they think by ruining our expected weekend gaming experience that we will get bored and play the PTR. Just pushing me to play tanks for the weekend. Ill try to do my building on their next 2x if everyone has not quit by then.
  7. I think im the only bastard that waited for this to farm this weekend and it appears I wasted my time. That being said, i feel it has been overused. I think for general harvesting, what we get on 2x should be closer to the normal anyway. The 2x events also should be rotated better after that. Harvest one week, breeding/taming one week, gold etc. Anyway just a rant sorry. Have a good weekend.
  8. I had one ship that i could not name when I launched. Sent in a ticket and basically got told to drop dead. "We will address this in the future."
  9. Thanks. My yahoo address does that a lot of the time. Ill start using my hotmail more. It seems to only happen on these confirmation emails though.
  10. I have tried to sign up. After registering it says im not active. I never received a confirmation email or anything?
  11. Changed Status to Closed At this time we are unable to provide assistance for this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be utilizing the information you have provided to assist us in resolving this problem via technical/development resources.
  12. Ship was not named when created. Have been unable to name my ship since. Ticket# 15465
  13. Not sure the circumstances. Im told that if you have an animal trapped. Put them on follow then run all the way out of render range. then as you come back into range they should come to you.. Are they stuck or what?
  14. As the title says, I'm looking for a very dark black horse preferably at a high level. Please message me with what you have. Ill pay a fair price.
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