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  1. Continue to play Conan until its done.
  2. Remo Williams

    Captains log Vol. 23 = full fail !

    My thought as well. I could barely follow the rant at all.
  3. Remo Williams

    New changes

    Well i didnt hate lawless but i didnt like the cluttered trashy builds everywhere. Consider the fact that we werent attempting to take the entire map either. We just wanted a little area we could work out of and have fun.
  4. Remo Williams

    New changes

    I like that , but they didn't. Im just saying i like this much better than lawless.
  5. Remo Williams

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Not the best solution i think but a move in the right direction. The whole lawless thing was not going to cut it at all.
  6. Remo Williams

    New changes

    Im not saying its perfect. Im saying i like this way better than lawless. This has to be the easiest short term solution for the devs at this point. I assume at the next wipe, and yes there will be more, that the system will be tweaked again.
  7. Remo Williams

    New changes

    I agree. This is acceptable to me. Should we be fortunate enough to get an island. We dont plan on making life hard on anyone. We just want a small area to build in. Why run people off. TBH if we dont get a claim, as long as we can find a small area to build homes and docks, mehh.. good enough..
  8. Remo Williams


    I hate we lost this chance. I hope once the reboot happens, we can get going on more community events like this.
  9. Remo Williams

    Official PVE Wipe, we are leaving this game.

    In all seriousness this makes me nervous as hell. We finally had us a decent plot of land and change is never easy. Im sure we can adapt and make whatever happens work for us though. Take a deep breath and watch things unfold before you take off.
  10. Remo Williams

    pve PVE-NA looking for Land to buy/rent

    ?? Not sure where this was going but last week it took us all of a fun evening of sailing around to find a nice island with 4 claims available. If you need help finding a place ill help but if your just forum flamer that's not actually trying then piss off.
  11. Remo Williams

    It may be wrong but we are pirates

    By the time i got back from work today, after i had claimed the first block of land, we had 3 others in the same area.
  12. Remo Williams

    It may be wrong but we are pirates

    I must say after all of the negative posts regarding land, i did not have much hope when we took off yesterday on the NA Pve server. We decided to just do it for the fun. Imagine my surprise after reaching a decent island (by my standards which are low) and was able to remove another clans claim on the beach. To the OP , this post inspired us to take off in the first place and give it a go. Took a late nite playing but we had a good time. There is land available but you cant sit in the same ports and complain all day and expect to find it. Enjoy the voyages along the way. Stop and smell the salt water along the way and you will be rewarded. Good luck