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  1. Remo Williams

    Help me !

    Not sure the circumstances. Im told that if you have an animal trapped. Put them on follow then run all the way out of render range. then as you come back into range they should come to you.. Are they stuck or what?
  2. Remo Williams

    pve Black Horse Wanted PVE/EU

    As the title says, I'm looking for a very dark black horse preferably at a high level. Please message me with what you have. Ill pay a fair price.
  3. Remo Williams

    Sea travels....boring

    I rather enjoy going out and just following the wind and discovering new areas from time to time. I admit the low population doesnt help matters but I like meeting new people and try to go out of my way to greet them.
  4. Remo Williams

    pve EU-PvE Taming & Trading Gallery, Anne says goodbye!

    We bought our first high level bear and and good Giraffe from Taming and Trading Gallery.. Great group here!
  5. Remo Williams

    Merge PvP and PvE

    I get your point but no.All i have to do is watch the you tube streamers bragging with their extreme builds bashing the casual tradesmen with no cannons etc to see how fun that would be for me. I used to say we should merge the servers and make the Lawles regions PvP but even that would be pretty dicey.
  6. Their package deal is a great bargain. We had a great experience with the trade and added to the package with no troubles at all. You wont find better prices.
  7. Remo Williams

    Weekend 2x XP kind of unfair...

    Life is not fair. TBH though id rather piddle around gathering during the week and do more interesting things on the weekend when everyone is on. Imperfect world i suppose.
  8. Remo Williams

    Running out of Stamina with Diving Suit

    Happened to me once when i was down too long.. No troubles since.
  9. Remo Williams

    Excessive Resources Used

    Thanks. Just seemed excessive to me but that makes sense. Its just annoyance, nothing more.
  10. Remo Williams

    Excessive Resources Used

    When I drop anchor, my boat uses an unusually large amount of resources in the first few minutes. For example I logged in, moved my boat do a different part of our island (5 minutes at sea) and dropped anchor. Immediately my NPC used 40 metal. This is happening on both my Brig, and Schooner. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My company mates dont have the issue. The only thing I could even speculate on is my item placement inside the ship causing issues?
  11. Remo Williams

    pve EU-PvE Taming & Trading Gallery, Anne says goodbye!

    Thanks for the purchase from Frost Trade Group.. Easy transaction and all with THATCH!.. What the heck you doing with all that thatch lol? Thanks again
  12. Remo Williams

    Going for the new shipwrecks tips ?

    I make about 200-300 gold per hour doing these when im bored or want to play alone.. I enjoy the solitude..
  13. Remo Williams

    Add fog of war back to the game

    Totally agree
  14. Not sure the difficulty in gold farming. My playtime during the week is limited but when im bored i use the sextant and farm a few hundred gold per hour from shipwrecks. Also whaling is extremely easy. When we have our group 3-4 people, we do some maps or SOTD.
  15. Remo Williams

    Mega update may? Another wipe?

    Sounds like something to sit around and worry about. TBH i would bet on at least another couple of more wipes before its all done. I just hope they arent inclined to tell us 6 weeks in advance next time.