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  1. Ya'll know how slow it is to back up your boats? Plz dev, just plez. Increase boat backwards motion in the ocean atleast 2-3x, feels like i spend 1 hour a day just backing up my ship towards our harbour. Everyone agrees on this, everyone. Trust me, amazing. Thanks! See you in-game!
  2. Something that would greatly improve the general feeling in the game. Having to run back and forth between these huge gates and trying to get the timing when your character has passed the "sweet" spot is just tedious. Being able to put for example, a timer after a gate has been opened for how long it will stay open for would be immensely appreciated. Radial wheel menu option "Time before gate closes: 5, 10, 15, 20." Or something like that. I honestly think every player in this game has been thinking about how annoying it is to run around opening/closing doors all around your "well defended" base with honeycombed walls and airlocks at each bottleneck. Hope to see it soon!
  3. Fill this thread with what you have, what zone you are in and what price you'd like to sell it for and I'll reply asap. Example: Blueprint: Legendary Large Speed Sail, 110% Velocity, 115% Sail Turning Speed. Zone: O12. Price: 1500g See you soon!
  4. Since I logged in today these are the CONSTANT bugs I've had. Ladders: The most incredibly bugged ladders in any game I've played. [Fix? Give them a 2-3x larger "hitbox/crosshair snap point" OR just give us the option to "Climb onto ship deck" instead of these ladders, since it seems they're NEVER getting fixed or properly adjusted] NPC's: Getting stuck on ship edges and almost become a two man job to get them off or on the boat like 50% of the time you move them. [Fix? Make them teleport instantly to stations.] Get stuck in ship parts, and won't move on/off ship, unless force them onto another ship. [Fix? Make them teleport instantly to locations, unless there's ground to run on.] Appearing at one spot, is at another spot. (Noticed it when I tried to kill one out of pure frustration, that it was not even there, blood on hit box but entity somewhere else.) [Fix? Make a line of code making it impossible for NPC/CREW to collide or move where building entities like half walls are placed] Anchor/unanchoring: Sometimes you seem to be anchored, and if you try to unanchor nothing happens. [Fix? I have no idea.] Sextant Buff: Says it lasts for ~8000 seconds if you hit all stars, but then it stops working after ~6000 seconds and you can't re apply it until you wait another ~2000 seconds. [Fix? Adjust seconds accordingly to tool tip] Icons/Mechanics: The Stop Red Alert/Captain Order mechanic and icon disappeared once on ship. (Can't use 6 crew to man 12 cannons by having them running back and forth now) [Fix? Changing hotkeys should not affect in-game icons and those mechanics should not have any correlation with eachother.] Map: Since re-launch and wipe, our ISLAND is still not rotated properly according to the map. And since then there has been several tickets/bugreports, but no fix. And I've seen the map editor. Easily fixable. (Wintercier Isle, G2). [Fix? Rotate our island 90 degrees to the left] I rage quit to write this post after my ship couldn't leave bay after having all other issues posted above. 3-4 hours of pure bugs and it's honestly getting tiresome. Like the game, but not the easily fixed bugs that could've been hot fixed in a minute.
  5. EUPVP, people glitching inside bases right now, just removing beds and resourceboxes without destroying any walls.
  6. Well, crocs are slow at land, snakes aswell, the difference with the wolfes is they have a knockback each hit, + deals fairly good dmg. If you have 2 wolfes on you, you're basically fucked since they knock you back hard with each hit and your bones break in less than 10 hits, and you need atleast 6-7 hits to kill a wolf with a melee weapon, thus impossible to counter. Sure you can snipe them down from afar, but that's really time consuming if there's more than 5-6 wolfes, + they respawn quick if it's a "fast" spawn area.
  7. I'm making sure that this becomes one of the drops in the ocean of these posts regarding the same issue to ensure the success of this statement gets through to the developers.You should ask yourself why you are on a forum, considering your incapability to contribute to the topic.See you in the noose!
  8. I'm playing PVP on EU, I'm just saying that the current creatures in the game is completely unbalanced. Makes no sense at all that a wolf completely annihilate a dude in full plate set.
  9. Being instantly shredded by 1 or 2 wolfes with plate armor and a level 51 character is completely freaking retarded. I'd understand if you got completely ripped to pieces if you were level 15 and ran around naked. But come on, this is just over the top stupid. +1 in post if you agree. How to fix: Plate armor PVE damage reduction 70-80%. How hard can it be? Jethus Cwithe......
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