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  1. FX Sergio

    Shipwreck treasure quality

    I found an 18 in D11.. when it comes to these.. its just random..
  2. FX Sergio

    An observation about Golden Age Ruins.

    I guess I was lucky getting a level 60 galleon. The 7 level 135 crew members were nice.
  3. FX Sergio

    Would anyone like to come live with us?

    People are settling. My isle has 3 settlers in NA. I own the same isle on EU. 8 settlers there. What your isle offers is big. My isle has every base resource, except salt. That you can shovel for if you really wanted to. On top of that the predator count is low, and its rattlesnakes, wolves, and bees. All of which are very weak.
  4. FX Sergio

    Data mining reveals upcoming content

    Wow campers would be great!
  5. FX Sergio

    Ressource spawn radius

    What if the perfect terrain to build is where that resource is? What if they are ok with it not spawning? Are they wrong, or are you for telling them where to build? Unless someone blocks every single node, there shouldn't be any issue with them building where they want.
  6. FX Sergio

    Generous and courteous players

    I actually spend a lot of my time in lawless to help others. I have met some great people, and some terrible "get away from me" types. I have given away countless tames, and given taming tips to anyone who needs it. We play PVE to experience the game. Unfortunately some who probably failed on the PVP server are now on PVE with the "me against everyone" attitudes. Combo that with the tryhard groups needing 1000+ claims to compete for the worst ranking system for a pve format and this is what we have.
  7. FX Sergio

    Griefing statements

    Bring animals and npc's if you want a claim. If you can build , wall the for protection. Then it comes down to who wants to spend more gold on npcs to keep them there
  8. FX Sergio

    Upcoming land claims available

    The problem will be the companies with 1000 claims will be there with Npc crew to claim or contest. If they do not get the flag you will be subject to them griefing you in some way.. I saw paragon dino gate someone boat while they could build.
  9. FX Sergio

    Don't wanna my tames to gather all...

    Am I the only one who drags the items I want to my inventory, and then hit drop all on the bear? I mean it's not a fix to the best getting 3k lbs in berry weight in 5 swipes, but its quicker than spamming drop on the individual items
  10. FX Sergio

    Breeding is painful right now

    No roo!! you spent 30 hours straight with that horse...
  11. FX Sergio

    Breeding is painful right now

    Yeah I am not sure why raising an animal in the middle of a raging inferno, in a tropical climate for 2 days is necessary.