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  1. I just built a new Brigantine and took my NPC, Two Legged Alex from my Schooner to the Brig. He was repairing the schooner perfectly but now my brig is not being repaired. I have everything set up just like on the schooner with resources in the resource box, he has a hammer and he is sweeping but every plank and gunport still need to be repaired. I moved Alex to be nearer the resource box, since this ship is larger but he still is not repairing after several hours. I wonder what the difference is.
  2. Zadira

    Creature Designer

    The only thing that needs to be changed for the bears is the weird clunking noise they make when they run. They sound like the ark therizinos. Hahaha! I wish so much that there could be two distinct games. One game for pve and one for pvp. They are so different and should be played differently. Trying to please both worlds is almost impossible. Nerfing the bears for pvp players is just not right for those of us who play pve game style. If there is any way to keep the bears the way they are for pve, please please please don't nerf them.
  3. Zadira

    Captain's Log 20: Lunar New Year! 🐷

    I am still having cobras slither through stone walls. I sure hope that gets fixed soon. They are not climbing the walls, they are going right through them.
  4. Zadira

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    So it is not due to the collision setting! GOSH!! This need to be fixed ASAP!!!
  5. Zadira

    Cobra's clip through walls again

    I was just about to post this. I just watched one slither through my stone walls. It didn't climb up, it went right through. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
  6. Zadira

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    @Jatheish As a PVE player, it is very difficult to have any fun in the game when wild snakes can move right through stone walls. We do have collision removed on our server. Would that cause that to happen? In Ark the animals are not able to move through walls if we have collision removed. Is there any way this can be fixed?
  7. The admin, on the map we play on, added this to the settings but I am still not able to build down to the ground. Any ideas why it isn't working?
  8. Zadira

    Stone cost controversy poll.

    I wish there was a way to divide the game into two categories. One for pvp and one for pve.
  9. I could not figure out why the bears in Atlas sound so weird when they run, but today, I was riding my therizino in Ark and noticed it was the same sound as the Atlas bears! Also, I wonder if you could please check the bear walking speed. They should be able to walk much faster. It is almost as if they are encumbered when they walk. The bears walk and sound so much differently in Ark. I hope you can figure out how to make the bears in Atlas as awesome as they are in Ark. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  10. Zadira


    The wolves and other creatures are just ridiculous. Who has seen a wolf or any creature just eat at a structure over and over? I know they did this in Ark but those were dinosaurs. You can run toward a building and run around the corner but the wolf will agro on the building and just sit there biting it over and over. It is just ridiculous and annoying. There is nothing good about the way we are battling the wolves and other creatures in Atlas. I do hope they fix this soon.
  11. Zadira

    How to gather water into a container?

    Are we able to connect the grill to the pipes? I tried and tried but can't figure out how.
  12. I am thinking that no one knows the answer to this yet?
  13. I am playing on an unofficial server. On an Ark server, the owner can apply some setting, I think that keeps our foundations from colliding with the world. Is it the same on Atlas? I am having a difficult time placing some foundations and walls and am curious if that can be changed.
  14. Zadira

    How to make crew repair ship

    Thanks for all the info on the crew. We haven't hired anyone yet but we are noticing that our ship is constantly needing repair. I didn't know that a croc or any animal would just randomly come along and start chomping. We might need to think about heading back to Freeport and hiring some help.