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  1. Would anyone know how to make the Artifact Key last a bit longer on Blackwood? Our keys are only lasting two hours. On the other unofficial server we played on, the key would last for 24 hours but it was not a Blackwood map. Is it possible?
  2. Zadira

    Message in a bottle

    I just love this idea!
  3. Zadira

    blackwood Blackwood | All achievements?

    We had a whale get up and personal in our little port area but not sure if it was the blue or sperm. Rav said she thought it was the blue whale because it did not come after us. LOL On the server we play on, they have added a mod that allows the sub automatically when you are able to learn it. We haven't tried it yet, though.
  4. I thought I understood that you were supposed to be able to do all the achievements on the Blackwood map. Maybe I dreamed that or misunderstood? Anyone know?
  5. That is so odd. I am trying to paint on medium canvas and it does not show any paintings available. I was able to paint them just fine in regular Atlas. I am not in single player. I am on a unofficial Blackwood map. What is even more odd, I tried painting our claim flag and it said I needed Forest Green. I saved the original file without Forest Green, since it is not in Atlas and was able to paint our old claim flags, but this file asked for Forest Green. I re-saved it again without Forest Green and it painted just fine. I was able to see my sail files, also. I am so curious why I don't see my canvas files.
  6. I am playing on the Blackwood map and trying to paint on a canvas but my files don't seem to be showing up. Did the location for Blackwood painting change to a different location? I checked and all my paint files for Atlas are still in My Paintings folder.
  7. I have a lot of questions about Blackwood and see where others do, also. The posts would be much easier to find if there was a section just for the Blackwood map. Maybe it is here and I am not finding it?
  8. I was thinking that they forgot about the noises alltogether on Blackwood, or at least I was hoping that they forgot and would soon remove them. I guess I did dream that they removed them. GOSH!!! It is one of the most annoying things in Atlas, that is for sure!