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  1. Zadira

    Thank you Admins and Devs

    This is so great to see. I really do get tired of the Negative Nancys being so vocal. I am very glad to hear positive!
  2. Zadira

    Captain's Log #31: Sharpshooting Meowtiny!

    Oh my goodness! The kitty is just adorable!
  3. Zadira

    Show 'n Tell #8: Deadline Thursday 6th of June

    We made a video to tour our Pink Pirate Castle.
  4. Zadira

    Tour our Pink Pirate Castle!

    Pirates like pretty things, too!
  5. The stone is super loud, too. Chop down a tree and then hit on a rock. It is amazing the difference. Also, I think it is the food trough that is the most loud of the structures when you access the inventory. I am not sure if that has been fixed or not.
  6. Zadira

    Collision a problem for unofficial?

    I feel like if no collision caused a problem, we would have heard about it by now. It might have been a problem at the beginning of Atlas but I wonder if the problem has been fixed now.
  7. Zadira

    Collision a problem for unofficial?

    I am wondering if anyone knows the answer.
  8. The admin on our server is hesitant about allowing collision on our pve/pvp server because he understands that there can be problems on the pvp side? Does anyone know any official word on the subject? We are not able to use the fence foundations because big holes are at the bottom the fence. That is besides all the other collision problems. I sure would like to be able to build a nice fence on our unofficial server but if it is causing problems, I guess I will have to make do.
  9. Thanks to these guys we were able to do our first power stone! WHOOT!!
  10. Zadira

    Power Stone Time!!

  11. Thor's Hammer has to be one of the best servers out there. You are able to do all the quests and there is an amazing friendly community that won't hesitate to help at any time.
  12. Zadira

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    WOW! You guys are working so hard! I am very impressed! My wish for the Easter Bunny is to fix the paints so they show up better on structures. Happy Easter everyone!
  13. We have one cold tundra grid where we are unable to climb some ship ladders. It only happens in one grid. I am on unofficial. It started happening after the update and our admin added in a few of the new eastern tundra islands.