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  1. We have one cold tundra grid where we are unable to climb some ship ladders. It only happens in one grid. I am on unofficial. It started happening after the update and our admin added in a few of the new eastern tundra islands.
  2. Zadira

    Perimeter fence tips

    The problem is collision. If you are playing on an unofficial, the admin can set it so you don't have the problem. It is just awful what we have to deal with in building in this game. It drives me crazy!
  3. Zadira

    Clear Explanation of PVE?

    Yay! They are going to give us a pve test server after all! Thank goodness!
  4. Zadira

    Clear Explanation of PVE?

    There is no way you can test how pve people are going to play on a pvp server. Well, I guess you can but you will be testing it on the wrong type of people. The whole idea of pve is people versus environment. The way they have set up the pve servers is exactly why so many pve people are upset. We don't want to play pvp style.
  5. Zadira

    Clear Explanation of PVE?

    Well, so much for the theory of pve being able to be tested on the PTR. This is a statement from Dollie on Discord. DollieToday at 6:58 PM We haven't stated that all three modes will be on this PTR. I'm not sure where that started haha In response to what is being tested. Almost 100% it's going to be colonies only on the PTR....no Empires or PVE
  6. Zadira

    Clear Explanation of PVE?

    We won't be able to really test out pve during the PTR. It will not show what happens when island owners leave after a month or two months or six months. We won't be able to test those things out. What does happen after an island owner decides not to play any more? What happens to those poor people who find out about the game in six months and come in game and they are unable to find an island that is not populated? Being able to 'own' an entire island is not a good idea at all. We really should only be able to own a small claimable piece of an island, not the whole thing.
  7. Zadira

    Server type after Wipe poll

    I am hoping more people will vote now that the time for the wipe is getting closer.
  8. Zadira

    Clear Explanation of PVE?

    So the way we think it works now, Joe sails to an island that is uninhabited. He sets down a bank and at that point, the whole entire island belongs to Joe. Sally comes along and can't find anywhere else to build so decides to build on Joe's island. Anything Sally builds can be demolished by Joe? It is in Joe's favor to leave Sally alone and allow her to build because he will make money on everything she does but what happens if Joe wakes up in a bad mood one day? Most of Sally's home, animals and pens have surpassed the demolish timer but some things are newly built, including the big mega gate at the pen entrance. Joe takes his big giant hammer and demolishes that gate allowing tigers and cobras to kill every animal that Sally has tamed. Could that possibly happen? I really hope the PTR can clear up a lot of this for us. Right now, I am not thinking that they have actually thought this out. After playing Ark for so long, I have so many negative scenarios running through my head on how this could all go wrong. I just hope we don't actually know how it will work and they have figured out a much better way for us to play Atlas.
  9. I am a little confused how PVE is supposed to work after the update. I was hoping there would be clarification with the PTR notes but since there was nothing new posted, I hope someone else might understand and be able to explain so that I can understand better. So is any of this correct? 1. A Company can claim an island - A Company is anyone? There is no size requirement for a Company to be a Company? 2. How does someone claim the island since we longer have claim flags. Is it the first person who actually sets foot on any part of that island? No matter how large or small the island is, that person claims all of it? Does any of the ocean around the island count as part of the island? 3. Anyone is able to land on that island and build a settlement? (building anything counts as a settlement?) (What exactly is considered a settlement) 4. A person can place pillars and foundations anywhere on that island but the island owner is able to demolish anything the person builds within a certain amount of time but maybe longer? 5. The owner of the island can set down a bank and collect tax from anyone who builds anything on the island. How does the taxation work? Do structure get taxed? Do any ships out in the ocean get taxed? Do people get taxed? Maybe as people try out the PTR, more info will be available, but right now, I am very confused as how it all is supposed to work.
  10. You have entered my brain, taken my thoughts and put them into words so much better then I could. I sure hope they will listen.
  11. Zadira

    Server type after Wipe poll

    I am really amazed at how pve has continued to be so high in the polling. I always thought pve was more popular but this has surprised me.