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  1. I am having this issue also, I had to rebuild my animal pen due to not being able to reach everyone. The base looked presentable and now it looks like a mess. Plus having forced to log in on a daily bases to make sure everyone is still alive.
  2. That is exactly why I did not even bother! I did not watch the stream but was discussing it with a friend who did. As soon as he mentioned PVP, I knew this game's recovery will be a lot more unstable. Everyone (PVPers) know that balancing PVP is nearly impossible. I know we should not compare WoW to Atlas but look at how long it took WoW to get to where they are right now. Most can still argue that PVP is even broken now. I can tell you that melee combat with locking mechanic is absolutely useless in my opinion. Anyways, if this continues, I will be looking for a different game to play...
  3. 100% agreed. Forcing someone to be on 24/7 to protect their hard work while they were on is unacceptable. If I had to log in every day and start from the beginning, I would have left the game too.
  4. Everything that is placed should be able to be picked up. There is no reason why we have to waste server resources on MODs to be able to pick up items. Also, I think that wooden items that are placed on the ship should be designed to snap/fit each ship. There is not a reason why items you place cannot fit/change form based on the ship you are in. It already does that anyway, they just need to modify it and add the items (T- Option) when you are on a ship.
  5. This is exactly why I asked because the actual single-player experience is not an experience of any kind. The quests are impossible to do alone, and the end game is just unattainable. Fortunately for you, I still do what you are doing in single-player, in multiplayer.
  6. Thank you for answering anyways, any input is better than no input. Believe me, sometimes I want to do the same. Especially because never-ending farming for food/gold is getting old. Building helps but it is just a filler.
  7. ***It should be noted that all comments below are based on the PVE server.*** "1. Sailing is THE core pirate activity and should remain a core gameplay mechanic." Agreed but in all honesty, I want to do that without spending 45 min crossing 2 zones. I do not mind running into damned and fighting them or outrunning them but traveling takes forever. If I am looking for new blueprints, I go out and farm them. I understand what you are saying about making it easier (more interesting) to travel but I choose to leave traveling to strictly getting from point A to point B. That's Just me. "2. The defining act of piracy, raiding merchant shipping, is nonexistent in Atlas." As you have said, outside of running into the damned there is nothing else to do in the ocean until you murder the Kraken. After you have tamed 10k crabs you are back to doing nothing (building in my case). When I leave my island all I think about is how strong the wind is and how fast can I get to point B. Why can't we have NPC ships that you can stop and trade with or attack to take their stuff? Can you imagine if they traded you rare resources that are hard to find or better blueprints? Wouldnt you want to go out there and look for them? What if they had a reputation meter that would increase the rarity/quantity you receive from trading. To farm reputation could be the following quest: Follow "Red Beard" to the freeport and make sure that the ship survives the journey! There many different ways to help them or kill them and lose reputation. "4. For a game that started its Early Access journey claiming it wanted to pattern itself on Eve, the economy is nonexistent in Atlas." The statement is too true. We have the ability to sell/trade items for gold, gold for items, types of items for items and yet we only have one option with the player shop. The system itself is not used and it is not rewarding at all. I want to have the "wanting" to travel to a different zone to play/trade with others. Instead, we do one even a week to keep us all together and then do our own things throughout the week. In conclusion, OP is most definitely correct. You cant develop the game based on hardcore players only. There has to be something for everyone. PS Edit: Not sure why the top part is empty...can't fix it either
  8. Very true. I mean comparing to ARK, they have most definitely improved. Also, I think that C+ is too generous of you My server defeated the Kraken yesterday, 08/25/2019 and after claiming a crab, I am back to building again.
  9. That is awesome, fortunately for me, I can make the diagonal trip in probably an hour or two due to map only being a 5x6 Yes, I also stop and document what resources are on what islands due to needing all of them for the construction of better ships/blueprints. Breeding takes too long, don't have that much time unless it is a free weekend. Thank you for sharing
  10. Hello fellow pirates! I have decided to pick all your brains for some ideas about playing alone. This does not mean that I play alone but in case of other being out or difference in time etc. Just an FYI, I play on an awesome server and you all more than welcome to come and hang out with us. So, let's get to it. As I have mentioned in the title above, please let me know what you all do when you are alone whether waiting for friends to log on or playing on single player. I for example like to build, do low-level maps, farm blueprints, and farm possibly going to farm damned as we are getting ready to kill the Kraken. Here is a photo of my animal pen
  11. To my knowledge, spending 30 points in fortitude will increase your hyper and hypo by 50 insulation points without armor, vitamins or parrot. Vitamins will increase fortitude by another 30 fortitude points so + 50 insulation points to the first 50 insulation points = 100 insulation points. Parrots supposed to increase fortitude per its actual level but to my knowledge that number is unknown. Some say it scales with the parrot's melee attack. For science, we are going to say another 30 fortitude points making our insulation points = to 150 points. Now we need to talk about armor. We can have cloth which will provide insulation against heat and cold, fur will give insulation against cold and negative heat. The plate armor is similar to fur but mostly for melee. Cloth armor New armor stats including the above 150 points of insulation. Hypo = 29 179 Hyper = 60 210 Fur armor Hypo = 216 366 Hyper = -130 20 The Plate Hypo = 47 197 Hyper = -42 108 Be mindful that the above numbers are not fortitude points and are actual insulation points. Meaning the following: wearing gear, having the equilibrium boost, placing at least 30 fortitude points into fortitude and having a parrot on your shoulder will provide you approximate numbers reference Hypo and Hyper insulation mentioned under "New armor stats including the above 150 points of insulation." Anyways, the point of all this was that I make sure that I have at least 60 points in fortitude, 700 weight and the rest in health and stamina. Warning: All information mentioned above is taken either from Atlas Wiki or in-game statistics.
  12. That looks awesome but it's not practical, and I am sure this took a lot of time. I understand that we are expected to come up with our own designs and ideas but we shouldn't have to.
  13. Hello again! I have decided to update some of the feelings I have towards the building aspect of the game and maybe provide a solution for it. I am currently at 215 hours and still nowhere near a Kraken fight yet. Let talk about stone structures... First on our list is Stone Fence Support. What a poor design of the actual idea. An example of this would be snapping Fence Support to a foundation and finding out that Stone Wall snaps only to the top part of the Fence Support as if you are placing the wall on the foundation itself (leaving the bottom part of the Fence Support empty. I understand that some prefer it snapping that way and then end up placing another wall below the above one. The issue, in my opinion, is the fact that the actual support wall is the first one that is snapped to the Fence Support. Do you know why this is a problem? Because when you build massive structures and decide to replace a wall with a window, you no longer know what wall acts as a support for the ones above it. The fact is, removing the first snapped wall to the Fence Support will destroy at least one placed below it and lots of times destroy the ones placed above it also. The game is meant to be a PVP game with a massive multiplayer base to help each other become better and progress through it. Playing this game as a PVE is just as fun don't get me wrong but since lots of PVE players mostly build, build and build, the building aspect of the game needs to be improved. I am not arguing the point that it should be in the game right now but arguing the point that items already in the game need work before new things get released. You came out with a broken vehicle and instead of fixing parts of the vehicle that are already broken, you are adding more broken parts. Today while reading through some of the comments on the forums I stumbled across Boomer’s post about WHY EVERYONE WHO CARES ABOUT ATLAS SHOULD HAVE A CLOSE LOOK AT NO MAN'S SKY What a great post. The game developers knew the game was dying and that something needed to be done to resurrect it, and guess what? they have done it. There are on average 2 times more people playing No Man's Sky than Atlas. Yes, the game and certain aspects of the world/planets of NMS are not as breathtaking as Atlas Islands but the game is actually worth playing. I think it is enough of rambling and time to introduce solutions to what other players want out of the game by reading what the players are saying. I have come across multiple threads advising on how to resolve the snapping points/placements of certain items. You have a great system going reference snapping points using "E" key and rotating between items using the "T" key but something is still missing. Yes, PILLARS. Adding small snapping boxes to the corners of the ceilings and foundations will allow folks to place these skinny pillars away from the center. Something like this The other idea is allowing you to actually drag the direction arrows while holding the item you want to place. This will not apply to all items but for a foundation, for example, it would do wonders. Prior to placing the first foundation, one would be able to place it at its max height, causing others to fall in line with it (keeping the design on the foundations all the same). Stop overthinking and allow us to use similar triangles that are used for the ceilings and foundation but for the walls. You have it already, why do you limit it to foundations and ceilings??? Anyways enough for now. I will leave you with this, this is a survival GAME, nothing about it is actually real. Aspects of the game are similar to the actual life but 95% of the game is not. I am sure someone out there would say, "Hey Paw! If you place a pillar in the corner it would make it impossible to support due to weight balancing." My reply to that would be to look at the other game mechanics before you complain about the support system. A great example of it would be the scenario from Fence Support mentioned at the beginning.
  14. This will not work and only cause more issues and rage online. I would not trust a PvP player in this game as I am sure others would agree. Combining all the servers into one large globe will cause so many issues, I do not believe Atlas is equipped to handle. Imagine a PvE player trying to find resources for a legendary blueprint...where does he go when that PvP zone is closer to travel to get what he wants? Maybe I don't understand you correctly but I would not want to look over my shoulder the whole time while traveling.
  15. I have been playing the game now for 100 hours or so. I am level 80 and have pretty much-unlocked everything needed/wanted to further progress. My issue is the prebuilt buildings that are in ports/in-game. Why aren't we allowed to have the same size pillar or just in general items used to build those buildings? I mean the current wooden/stone pillar is a joke, I don't even want to use them as supports. The game is so awesome and there is so much to do even if you are alone, but not being able to build certain items that are clearly used by you in your videos/posts is damaging to those of us who love that aspect of the game. Here is an example of pillars that are in your builds but not available to us. Another great example would be little things like the ledge over the wall between the pillars. That little ledge is not available to us, Why? I have tried to recreate it and no matter what I do it does not work. The hanging bit of a roof over the door? Even the windows, there aren't double windows, you can place an entrance for the door but why can't we place two window latches. It will make it look very similar. Please add more building parts, stone and wooden!
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