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  1. I seriously hope you enjoy it after all those months of involvement while waiting on the game to drop on the xbox.
  2. I have the same on a laptop with limited memory, i think the game has to do more “work” in single player mode. Stuff that gets computed on the server has to be done by the client so there is less memory (or computing power) available for the rendering of the world. Just a theory i don’t know for sure.
  3. First people complained a wipe was anounced now people complain its not anounced exactly when it happens.
  4. We all paid for this game. No reason to just pick one group who coplains a lot online and only work for them. Let the players choose and focus dev time based on player count or something like that.
  5. There will be a huge amount of players. It only took a few twitch streamers to get the servers full at launch. They now know there is money to be made (more than a milion copies sold according to steamspy) so they can spend on marketing. Expect full servers in the future, we will be telling tales about flying whales from the early days and the noobs will listen in awe! They can follow 2nd life and crypto kitties by having some obscure russian/chinese/american/arab business guy buy an island for 10 bitcon to trigger a goldrush
  6. I don’t know them and have no reason to defend them. I dont mind them making money, if they continue develloping the game they may all become bilionares, i don’t care. I paid for a game and i want to get as much fun out of it as possible. In order to have more fun with Atlas i need the devellopment of the game to continue and other players to populate the servers. I assume most people who bought the game want the same. In my opinion all this this negativity is counter productive. Point out wat is wrong but please try not to to ruin it for the rest of us by talking this game into its grave, just go play something else..
  7. To those who may concern, Please stop claiming it’s all dead and over and please stop the constant atacks on the game and its devs. Sure the game can be improved (a lot?) and yes we need more players BUT all this negativity will just become a self fulfilling prophecy. I paid money for this game and i have had a lot of fun with it and i would love to continue playing It. We want new players to join, management to continue to fund devellopment and a dev team that is motivated to improve the game for us. NO you don’t have to lie and YES you can point out what needs improvement but PLEASE do not be so depressive about this game, there is nothing to gain by spreading all this negativity!
  8. Wall spamming is the new meta, just build connected tatch walls all over the place.. in the end people want to reserve spots for future building. I myself experianced someone blocking my expansion with pillars. They removed the pillars after some conversation and i ended up pillaring a lot more than i needed to prevent it from happening again (i removed most of them later again). Give people a normal way to grab a decent piece of land (not a whole island for ine player) to build on and they dont need to pillar spam or over claim. If resource spawns were blocked less by builds this game has all the space you need.
  9. This is my idea too, it has soo much potential. I sincerely hope the take time for fine tuning and don’t make the changes too big at once. Yes there are issues but there is also a lot of good stuff that can be lost so please be carefull! If people play 100’s of hours and then start complaining about reasons that keep from putting in 1000’s you know you’ve got something. I hope this project has the funding it needs to pull trough this low player count times and gets a promo budget when it launches for real! Money will flow in when you get this right. Then you know the mechanics you need to balance this mmo pvp thing you can port it over to all kinds of worlds and contextes. Why not make a space one wher you have space battles and raid space stations or a flying ship one with floating islands, dungeins and wizzards, loads of possibilities!
  10. This creates a situation wer the lucky players who are around right after the wipe can claim (it will be like 1000 islands) and just like now some of them will claim even more then one island. These are the real spammers. Better have 5 pillar spammers living next to you on one island than one ahole who will only let you build if you are nice to him and will ban you as a toxic player if you dont like his MAGA ship or something.
  11. This could be it for PVE. Make it upgradable with gold, bigger bank bigger area and bigger upkeep. Something like tier1 has room for a small shipyard but not a big one and cost 100 of each material per day. 1000 gold to go to tier 2 = 1,5 x size and 5 times upkeep and upkeep requires 2 types of each material 10.000 tier 3 double size and 15 times upkeep with 3 types of material, 50.000 tier 4 etc. This will also keeps a challenge in the game and gives aditional goals to work towards. Bigger bank is also a bigger risk since you need to keep te upkeep flowing (as a group or solo) or get downgraded and loose buildings outside of your available space. Also if you want to use more space you need to travel to get the different type of materials. Drawback is the game needs to reserve the bigger space upfront to make future growth guaranteed or at least up to a certain level. You can create a time limit by limiting how much resources can be put into the bank per tier so players have to refill it at least once every few weeks. Could be even better if areas do not need to be a circle and fit into available space and use the sea as an overflow but this is probably hard to implement in the existing engine.
  12. You started with MMO’s and not MUD’s? You sound like a youngster claiming seniority and experience by referencing to something that hapened yesterday. /s
  13. It is absolutely possible to do some sort of PVE+ on PVP. Our company has small groups that live on our islands and are not hardcore PVPers. Some have their own claim others have build rights. Our company gets a tax from their farming and they have a safe place for ships and buildings. Other companies have the same kind of arangements and Devs are encourageing this even more with the new system. I highly encourage you to make the switch. I’m an old PVE player and am stil doing everything i did on PVE and i participate in PVP. If you help defend (for example with defence structures like mortar towers) the island in PVP atacks and pay some sort of tax (in the new system islands have an upkeep) you will probably be able to find a friendly host. Just make sure you know what you want to get and wat you can give in return. A good hosts facilitates you and you can trade with them. Like taming? Sell tames to you host. Hate tameing? Buy them. Companies need to pay upkeep for claims and friendly companies on the islands can help pay for it (farming tax). Later you add value by building defences and assisting the host when the island gets atacked. Wen you did all your PVE you can experiment with some PVP missions yourself or even get your own island or merge. If the host loses controll you load everything on your ships and move. Or else you probably can negotiate a deal with the new owner You can try without a host but you will get raided and loose ships a lot. This is not for everyone. PRO TIP negotiate with a bigger company before the wipe, everyone is already prepping and if you make an arangement you can focus on getting land in PVE and later sail to the new island of your host in PVP. If PVP is not for you, you can move back to PVE! We are Top 10 in EU PVP (na and eu wil get merged) and have a lot of eglish language players. I can connect you to our leadership of you want to make a deal. It is nothing like slaving for a big company like some people are claiming. We need small groups (especially in the new system) and are nice to them!
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