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  1. Hattrix

    Blackwood resource questions

    Tattoo .... I don't think it's trolling, I think it's purely the map designer NOT having everything done in time and checking that every island's resources make sense. "Uh OH! I need this map done by tomorrow and I know I'm short some resources. I'll throw a few here.. a few there... UH .. I guess that looks fine. OK... It's ready to be downloaded..... I'll fix any glaring issues soon and upload them when GS needs me to."
  2. My bud and I found the FoY and devised a way to get to it .... without going through the mermaid lake and the crazyness of the cove that's right before the mermaid lake...... We're going to take video and post it. It involves a VERY high set stairs, wingsuits, and some determination.
  3. Hattrix

    Blackwood Bug list

    Silk is there .. I think you'll find it on the Hydra island .... if I remember correctly it's west of the freeport and looks like bamboo but the yield is silk. I even think i was only able to get it by hand. I hope I'm remembering that correct. Also, someone DID recently find turnips, but it was really hard and only a small patch.......If I remember where I read it, I'll repost.
  4. Hattrix

    Blackwood FoY?

    Ok...... We see a waterfall at the back of a cove that CONSTANTLY has mermaids !!!!! Problem: 1. In front of the waterfall is a pond that is surrounded by lots of bad animals, and the pond has sharks. 2. Our ship is in the cove, almost at the back of it, but the mermaid song circle encompasses our whole ship!! We can't even respawn on the boat as it immediately pulls us off. Also, the song circle extends WAY into the shore and woods that we can barely run to the pond before the mermaid song pull us back WHILE we're running. 3. There are SO MANY tigers, lions, and pterodactyls that we can't get more than a 20 - 30 yards out of the water before death. Where is the FoY cave entrance once we get to the waterfall?? But more importantly, how the $&%* do we even get close?? Help!!
  5. Hattrix

    Are you old?

    Dev only emoji..... Brilliant idea!
  6. Hattrix

    Are you old?

    OMG yes !!!!! A thousand yesses !!!! It would be amazing knowing someone from the "team" read my post that I (usually) try to craft with care so that no stone is left unturned and no detail that isn't clear. If it isn't MY post but one that I'm discussing and a thread that I'm following, I still would feel great knowing that the text we're so passionate about writing and the topic we're trying to address hasn't fallen on "deaf" eyes. Thank you for your communication here in this thread, and I'm looking forward to more!
  7. Hattrix

    Blackwood Bug list

    Top NE island .....There's a town on the north (top) of the island....it's got a port and big water wheel and beautiful houses and koi ponds. The shipmaster's dock goes out (North) into the water. The geometry is SO messed up there. I jumped into the water to swim to my boat parked right by the docks, and I sunk to the bottom......well, it wasn't the bottom of the coast line (30 feet of water or so, it was land! I was under water but not drowning. I was not swimming but ALL visuals above and below were as if I was actually under water. I could look up and see my ship but I couldn't "swim" to it. There were birds flying, cows walking, turtles walking .. all "under water". LMAO Luckily I found a path that wasn't too steep that I could run up to get back to real shoreline.
  8. Hattrix

    Blackwood resource questions

    Saw my first salt water fish today when we made landfall on Hydra island. !. How do you kill the Hydra? 2. Why should I kill it? 3. What's that red force-field cave that I can't enter?
  9. Hattrix

    Are you old?

    I'm 50. My Atlas friend who plays on our private Blackwood server is 52. I agree with Chucksteak about reading to digest the posts in forums. The problem I have with Discord is the scrolling text black hole that is happening in real time. With forums, posts are more deliberate. Discord is just a vomit stream of crap with small chunks of useful info that get lost......unless it's verbal/talking info, then it's even LESS useful because you can't scroll up to "hear" the info if you're not on as the talking happens.
  10. Hattrix

    Blackwood Bug list

    Interesting.... What's messed up?
  11. Playing on a private Blackwood server. Somehow, I've gained all of the quest skills while NOT having all other skills. My xp is normal and I'm choosing my other skills as normal. How did I get all quest skills, and how can I give JUST the quest skill to my friends on the server as well? There was a time that we used the showmyadminmanager to force ourselves into a company with bugged characters and to give ourselves some other things like XP and some animals.
  12. Hattrix

    Blackwood Bug list

    Anthony patch? Patches are named now?
  13. Hattrix

    Blackwood Bug list

    I get some lag spikes now and then, but I think that's due to my video card having to render everything as I have mine set to EPIC.
  14. Hattrix

    Blackwood Bug list

    It worked perfectly!! Thanks
  15. Hattrix

    Blackwood Bug list

    My friend who put the piping in has straight pipes above the crop plots. Sounds like that's incorrect.