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  1. Somehow, I tracked it down but it only saves to the file when the server is shut down. Even when I do a cheat saveworld command as an admin it doesn't save. To save at a specific moment in time, I need to shut down the server, copy the save as another name, then restart the server. Ugh
  2. As a teacher in a district that gives a chromebook to every kid from 3rd grade up to 12th grade, we use the technology sparingly. We're the LEAST of the kids' problems when it comes to screen time.
  3. Offspring..... Not sibling
  4. Consoles are so 2nd rate vs PCs I don't feel bad for console players though, they COULD have saved up for a nice gaming PC but they took the cheap route.
  5. What does this have to do with his issue?
  6. Tame 2 bears.... Level them so each has 1000 or more health..... Learn Nature's Cry.... Set both bears to neutral and have 1 bear follow the other as you ride it to the map beacon. Kick off nature's cry and fight the Aotd with the bears. Arrows don't do any dmg, but bears ROCK
  7. Was discussing this with my friend about how we think it should be..... Captaineering tree should have a skill available it the top row (1 pt) for something called CREW ORDERS. Once taken that person can create a piece of paper/parchment scroll that allows the captain to choose specific orders for the crew. What to attack, when to attack, when to sweep and fix, when to defend against invaders ect Once the CREW ORDERS are done the Captain needs to hang it on the boat... On a mast, on a door, a wall... Ect. The orders hang there by a dagger (that would look cool). Once hung up, the crew follows those orders. If they need modifying, you remove the paper off the mast or wall and either edit it, or use the current method.
  8. Regardless of what's available, it a TERRIBLE DESIGN!! As the captain you should be able to tell the crew EXACTLY what to shoot at and WHAT NOT to shoot at. The radial options on the weapons are poor at best. You should look at the steering wheel and hit E for captain options where you can choose EXACTLY what you want. Its stupid that as the captain, I can't say to my crew, "ONLY shoot at SotD and whales! Those are my orders!" PIus i shouldn't have to tell the CANNON what to shoot at. You tell the crew! The orders should be a blanket statement for the boat. Yes you can hit C while steering to make them all passive and not shoot at anything. V makes everyone start shooting again. R closes gunports.
  9. Does the GiveEngrams admin command allow the skills to be learned? I couldn't find an explanation of that command.
  10. Using admin commands is it possible to give someone the Quest Skills...... Basically awarding the skills even though we didn't actually complete the quest.
  11. Non dedicated means.... A. Single player or B. Multiplayer where it's a single player hosting from their game and friends can join but the server stops running once the hosting player leaves. ?
  12. I haven't heard of this actually happening, but maybe it's a thing now. If so, please explain how you did it so I can work with my group to set it up on our server.
  13. I'm on a private Blackwood server. Does the silo work on the Blackwood map? I had read somewhere that it didn't and I don't want to build it just to have it ineffective. I agree about the weight as my brig is a little too heavy for my tastes.... I'm trying to fight SotD and since this is my first time ever doing naval combat, I need the speed and mobility.
  14. After 24 hrs, do they start taking $ or do they just run away.... So I guess my question is are they always yours as long as they're paid and fed?
  15. Awesome, that makes sense. Thanks! Another question... What s hould I level the crew NPCs in? Food!? Attack?
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