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  1. Hattrix


    I plan on visiting your city soon. I can't wait to see it in person!
  2. Hattrix

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    You might not be complaining, so I'll do it for the both of us. It's one thing to have high risk/high reward quests....or high time sink/high reward, but those map locations constantly on the top of spires is neither. The map locations need to be naturally accessible for the common variety and the higher level ones should require some climbing or building but not to the extent that you have to invest in a base worth of walls and ramps. Since this is an Early Access game, I'll assume the devs will be tweeking this for better balance in the coming patches.
  3. Hattrix

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    I have the same problem with the lowest, LOWEST level maps. My friend and I are slowly learning the game but almost every map in N9 is on top of a spire! Cmon! I could see a difficult map being difficult to get to, but the work needed to get the 87 gold pieces from these low maps is not worth it.
  4. Hattrix

    Elephant taming problem

    Let me get this straight..... You DON'T need a pen to tame and it's easier/safer?? As a solo player I find that impossible to believe.
  5. Hattrix

    Elephant taming problem

    No WONDER my girlfriends don't stick around very long. Good tip, thanks Egon!
  6. I try to drag the crossbow to my hotbar but it won't go in. So I dragged my bow instead. That clicks in to the hotbar just fine. Once the bow is there I can get the crossbow to snap into my hotbar. It's like the hotbar needs some other weapon in there first before the crossbow can stick.
  7. Hattrix

    .exe only using 3 gigs of RAM refuses to load

    LMAO.... I turned 50 in February, so thank you for assuming I'm not an old guy.
  8. Hattrix

    .exe only using 3 gigs of RAM refuses to load

    How can doing a file scan tell if you've been banned?
  9. Hattrix

    Can't login, Primal GameData_BP

    I'll have him give this a try ..... here's hoping because he's SO fed up that he's lost interest in playing and that STINKS.
  10. Hattrix

    Claiming ships

    There's a beautiful galleon near me I'd gladly take over. Why let it go to waste? All boat pieces (planks, deck, masts, and steering wheel) should only be destroyed when scuttled. All other building items should be on the 10 day timer like a house. Once boat pieces hit a 10 day timer the steering wheel radial menu would have a claim option. If the wheel is locked behind a door you have to wait for the door /wall to be destroyable to get to it. No steering wheel? Once the boat pieces hit the 10 day, you need to place a steering wheel on a deck (not ceiling) to claim. Sounds like a fun "piratey" thing to do to help clean up the servers and have people race to claim boats left over.
  11. Hattrix

    Can't login, Primal GameData_BP

    Still nothing from a dev to help......
  12. Hattrix

    .exe only using 3 gigs of RAM refuses to load

    They should allow your connection, not the other way around with you changing internet providers. WTF is that all about?!? Devs!!! Stop blocking your players from connecting! Jeebus!!
  13. Hattrix

    Animals turning their heads to follow you

    SWEET! Thank you for letting me know! I owe the dev an apology....... "My bad guys/gals!"
  14. Can we please get an option to TURN OFF the head follow on our tames?? It's so annoying that an animal will turn its head to look at you which then clips into the animal you're riding and now the animal you're riding is stuck. If the other tame doesn't look at me, there'd be room for me to ride past it, especially in tight quarters like a boat. It's a cool thing to watch, the first time your tamed T-Rex's head follows you in Ark. But that novelty has worn off a LONG time ago and it's more of a PITA with tames on small boats and trying to maneuver them around in Atlas. Please add the ability to turn off that "feature".
  15. Scissors are made from metal. They should be able to cut human hair for YEARS before needing to be repaired. They cut HAIR, not titanium!!! It's petty, but you have to repair scissors more than any tool in the game. I can expertly fillet a tuna with the same pickaxe I just used to smash 20 rocks and the pickaxe needs less repair than scissors that I used to cut my 90 yr old hair.