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  1. No announcement on the forums? Or did i missed it? After Genesis has been postponed to February, the next delay follows. Why do I have the bad feeling that they're just kidding us all?
  2. As in Ark, breeding is not really difficult, but it is extremely time-consuming. This leads me directly to the question of whether there is a table somewhere from which you can see the baby's feed consumption? Especially with carnivores I have bad experiences with leaving the babies alone before 10%. But I just don't have the time to take 5 hours a day. Unfortunately, you really didn't learn anything from Ark at Atlas. A look at the many unofficial servers would have been enough. Almost no server uses the standard settings for breeding. When I think about the fact that you talked about half a year ago that you want to get the players from the land to the sea ... That won't work in any case. I think the developers first need to be clear about what the player should actually do in this game. We are currently wasting about fifty percent of the time waiting for something.
  3. I've been playing the single player for the last time. Crashes are still harmless. Since buildings and ships disappear with total inventory, the ships are not synchronized correctly when changing the map and the respawn does not work anymore. Against the single player, the official servers are a haven of stability. And because that worked so well, the dumb console players were now cheated on such a dysfunctional product as well. Your list, on the other hand, is all stuff you can live with. Seen from this side, I would almost be happy in your place
  4. I lost 2 ships yesterday through this crap. I wonder if it was because I quit the game over ALT + F4 because the computer was running at full capacity and I wanted to reboot. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you, so the single player is not playable. Too bad, I thought about the constant wipes and the absurd decay settings on the official servers, you could have fun in the single player with a few mods. But instead of having fun, you only have trouble over the bad implementation and ignorant developers who do not care about their game.
  5. I guess the developers are working on the late Ark DLC. They have announced larger patches, but nothing has changed here for several weeks. I'm curious if anything is going to happen before Christmas. I'm currently playing single (no longer keen on wipes and decays) and have to say that the bug has no end. So before QoL updates appear, they should first take care of the sometimes serious bugs.
  6. I did not enable the setting and am still affected by the problem. So that will not be the cause. I noticed yesterday that also the pirate camps are affected, because there were also missing walls, so I did not have to break the door to get into the house. Did you also activate all the pirate camps?
  7. There is no need to do so... But there is a need to travel many grids to get rare ressources or dig treasures. THIS is the real problem. No one in their right mind will stop today and if the value is not greatly improved, then nobody will. The truth is that it keeps the player from the actual goal of collecting resources or digging for treasure. Only very few players see their goal in aimlessly sailing from A to B. The majority pursue their own goals and are much more annoyed when you stop them.
  8. I also happened in the single player. I have suspected the fast trip. Have you been using the beds lately? Other alternative ... I am not yet owner of my island.
  9. Abbreviations (e.g., whirls) or expressways (e.g., ocean currents) would be genuinely appropriate. The home base is too important, that you do not have to go back and I understand every player who wants to go there at the end of the day. The basic problem is that you always have to go back. Gather raw materials, raise gold, tame animals or hunt ghosts. After all, you drive home at some point and deliver the loot. The ship is and remains a means of transport (and a weapon) and is not a substitute for a base. Weight, space and the risk of complete loss prevent you from being able to do completely without a basis. With this starting point players must be annoyed sometime, if hours of real time for so little use / contents are lost. It also does not get better if you put more obstacles in the way of the player. Instead of long trips, it would be more interesting for many players, if you make more smaller tours and reduces the time ashore. How many treasures have we raised just because we have to pay our ships (yes, unfortunately one is not enough - roles and skills) or the claim? Too many I would think. There is no progress for the player and therefore he is just annoyed by the long tours.
  10. I do not really understand the whole debate here ... Personally, I would like Atlas to have been just a DLC, because then the game would not have failed so grandly. Focus on smaller servers and groups instead of a stupid MMO setting. Rich fauna with elaborated role concept. No shitty fighting system. No invincible opponents. Better taming system. Varied and interesting maps. Etc... Atlas has its strengths, but those are so few that you could have achieved significantly better results with a large DLC.
  11. Depends on the biome. If you have to eat constantly because of cold, the vitamin skill is not recommended. Otherwise you get an overdose. Sooner or later you should learn how to cook, because that really helps you to solve the problem.
  12. Have you heard or seen anything great from the developers lately? I have the impression that they have given up the game, after they have ripped off with the Xbox players. I have my doubts that the game is still something. The development is somehow quiet and I see nothing on the horizon, what could make it better. Ark also had his problems, but there was a roadmap and the game progressed in small steps forward. For at least half a year Atlas has not seen any appreciable development.
  13. I'm afraid they still believe in their messed up melee system. I'm always amazed how one can make an Ark so much worse. The melee system there is not nearly as gruesome as in Atlas. But I think you do not listen to their players anyway and many have already scared off them with their choices. Too bad that the developers do not realize that some of the developments in this game clearly go in the wrong direction.
  14. Is the game dead? I've stopped playing since the last wipe. Since then, I keep looking back to the forum and see what changes. Apart from a completely useless update for X-Box players (sorry people, but first the game should be developed), there is not much going on. I switched one of my Ark servers to Blackwood last weekend. What can I say? I was horrified! The map is buggy (beds, claims) and seems unloving in many places. But there are a lot of useless buildings, too big islands and a horrible lighting. Pity! I've really missed the shipbuilding and some things on Ark lately, but after the experience I just have to say that my playing experience in Ark is far better then what I've been offered with Blackwood. I have the impression that the developers have maneuvered themselves into a dead end. The PvP-heavy MMO concept was an absolute failure and the game offers little content beyond PvP and Grind. Also, developers do not seem to have done much lately, or have become very quiet. Atlas, quo vadis?
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