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  1. Hodo

    How Hard Is It To Get It Rite

    Historically most pirates captains we're educated.
  2. Hodo

    How Hard Is It To Get It Rite

    I guess it is hard as using the right, right when writing.
  3. Hodo

    Am I losing all my work?

    There does need to be an application for EA like the old beta testing applications. To many children getting into EA tests thinking this is the completed product instead of READING the Early Access disclaimer. But reading is hard.
  4. Hodo

    This meta is aids.....

    Henry Morgan...famed pirate/privateer. He once sailed the seas in command of nearly a dozen ships and over 1000 men. He was so successful as a pirate/privateer he was awarded governorship of Port Royal Jamaica and a full pardon from the Royal crown.
  5. Hodo

    Fastest Ship?

    I believe the galleon is the fastest with 6large speed sails and no guns, or additional structure. The Brigantine is the fastest when loaded with guns in gunports and 10 shots per gun and crew.
  6. Hodo

    Make cannons heavier/weight management

    No but it had 84 guns, 42 on a side. The bottom deck had 48lb cannons. That means they fired 48lb cannonballs... Each gun was around a ton. This doesn't include the 64lb carronades on the back. Or the 800+ souls on board.
  7. Hodo

    Make cannons heavier/weight management

    Have you seen the HMS Victory? And that wasn't even the biggest 1st rate in the Royal Navy, let alone on the seas.
  8. Hodo

    What Atlas could of been.

    Sorry but you must be mistaken. Skull & Bones a real pirate game???? LOL sorry but no. It's a continuation of the AC4 Black Flag system. Naval Action is a better pirate game, in that at least you have to understand sailing mechanics.
  9. Then you have the issue of alts, and faction population balance, then the faction alliances that will happen. Putting in factions wont help the games core issues.
  10. Hodo

    Make Anchor Chains Longer Please

    I would love to see the dinghy be more viable on larger ships. I would also like to see the dinghy dock taking up a LOT less space on the deck of the ship.
  11. Yelling burning stamina is intended. As for it being an easy way out of being jailed... who knows.
  12. The yell stamina drain is not a bug. It is actually in the description when using it. And we have captured people.. we have had them until they woke up, and then we usually ask them to do something stupid, like..... -Dance -gather xxxx amount of materials. -listen to one of our guys poetry.. (we really didn't like that guy) -or be publicly executed.. we will hang them.
  13. Hodo

    No Hatchet/axe blueprint intended?

    The last time I saw a hatched bp was weeks ago and it was a stone hatchet BP. Haven't seen one since. I have shovel, pickaxe, scythe, climbing picks, and even grappling hook BPs.
  14. The yell VOIP button uses stamina. It also transmits your voice further. What I have seen some people do is put on an annoying song or sound and hold down the yell button and wait until they die. Look at your key mapping to find out which key it is, I remapped my whole keyboard day 2.
  15. I would rather give them carbines... with their innate aimbot, 5 of them in a propper line formation firing on my target would be ... devastating.