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  1. currently I'm having a lot of issues as well but all of them are memory issues with only 6GB of memory it's kind of a struggle to even get into a server! Luckily they added the low memory mode which does indeed allow me to join a server and actually play the game I payed for but it does not fix even the incessant framerate problems even occurring with my GTX960 which should be able to handle something like this especially in low or medium power modes. I'm not sure if it's my equipment or just the buggy game at this point in time. I can't agree more
  2. Yeah I played ark on ps4 and was thinking of buying it on steam during the winter sale but then this released and I opted for this instead.
  3. aye so were those well lost hours or just a plain waste of time?
  4. Hello fellow Pathfinder's I started this and am wondering, how long do you all think Atlas and it's content will last at least with it still being fun. personally I'm new to this but for "veteran" players how long is the general time limit of a play session until you get bored and quit? since I'm running on a low memory (6GB) pc I can't run the game with it's full potential and can't experience the game for what it's worth I have a lot of faith in this game as of this far and the making of this post and I'm currently waiting for some updates to fix the low memories frame rate issues it may be just me with that certain issue but I'm know and everyone else that plays Atlas in it's current buggy state knows it needs some love and some pirate of the Caribbean inspired band aids.
  5. For me just starting my journey sailing through the great world of Atlas as a Pathfinder, the one thing that really annoys me is the style of the skill tree chosen by the developers is very random and boring showing strings going through each other and is kind of uninspired for me I was hoping for something not miring but similar to the skill tree(s) from the borderlands series with several paths to go showing multiple playstyles to really make the character unique to you, the player. Just to let everyone know I'm not hating on the developers I'm just trying to give some solid feedback on what I think of the game so far.
  6. Yes I just fixed my problem actually it was with my poor memory with the new addition of low memory mode which helped me tremendously! Now I can actually play. if you're wondering I have a measly 6GB of memory/ram but am definitely open to the idea of an upgrade. Sorry on the slow reply time but I actually just fixed my problem actually it was with my poor memory with the new addition of low memory mode which helped me tremendously! Now I can actually play.
  7. Hi I've just bought Atlas and am already getting hit with a face full of nostalgia and definitely not the good kind Atlas is giving incredibly slow load times, some times taking up to 20 minutes for me just to load it and forget the lag that follows! I was wondering if this was a common problem or just my internet or whatever the case, any responses would be amazing!
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