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  1. People have this bug sionce day 1 and you just came up with a solution? Tell us what is the solution.
  2. I tryed all server like 20 time each of them not sure if you talk about the same bug, we talk about code error 1586
  3. Lady and gent i found a solution which delete your character but i managed to play on the Region which i was stuck. It's very painful, it's hard to explaim. Step 1 : Goal is bypass the code error pop up to acces the respawn screen, at this point you must creat a new pathfinder and pres accept to delete the other. Step 2 : How to do it ? You must play with your resolution and graphic and try different region with different ping, at some point you will find a perfect timing with your PC and get just enough time ti do Step 1. Step 3 : Be patient, took me about 1000 attempt and 3 days. But i did'nt know hwo to it at first. Let me know Pal if you managed to do it. Enjoy peace
  4. lol ces fou sa, je vais traduire pour toi. Translation is : Hello i'm on a PVE server and i found a way to kill player using a repair/build hammer.
  5. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10986-video-of-the-crash/
  6. 家伙这是你在服务器zerg时发生的事情,服务器不是zerg所以停止它,这样的bug不会发生照顾。
  7. Ghost ship is made to counter zerg, tell us how many players you have in your compagnie alliance
  8. There is no fix for this bug, the dev team doesnt have the skill required to fix such bug. Ark have similar issue long time ago it took them months to get rid of it.
  9. There is no Fix for this, the dev team don<t have the skill required to fix this. Ark have a similar bug age ago and it took them months to get rid of it.
  10. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10986-video-of-the-crash/
  11. Update Patch 7.4 did'nt fix our Bug. I'm going to edite a few video and do some research about how many players are affected by this and sent this to PC Gamer. THis bug is hopeless i guess i got nothing to lose at this point. I will sacrifice my time for everyone with this bug, hopefully it will make thing move.
  12. We understand but Atlas doesnt support Isolated bug. There is no tech support which is unfortunate. Tons of us can't even play the game we pay for lol do you imagine.
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