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  1. I definitely always care about the story of any game, and would really enjoy ARK and Atlas having their's expounded; storytelling is my passion and profession.
  2. There is no dangerous territory in an EA game. This just makes server maintenance and performance easy. In two years, Grapeshot will have fixed and implemented many things, and then will rehype the launch. People will flock. Again. It's going to be fine.
  3. As a PvE'er, I don't want any PvP'er nor anything even related to PvP in the tiniest sense anywhere near me or the server, or the game I play on. No PvP. Anywhere. In any form. Ever.
  4. I appreciate that you enjoyed those aspects, but others, like myself disagree, and so do the devs. The proposed changes by the devs need to be the way forward to promote mass people playing online. Especially spawning where ever you want. It's important to not crowd the Freeport like on first launch day. So we need to be able to just start out on any sector right from the beginning.
  5. I see you are very biased. Your arguments are fallacious from corrupted ethos, and logos. 1) You are trying to leverage your experience as equal with all experience, thereby attempting to justify the claim that Jat's behavior is reasonably unprofessional; however, I can find at least one instance where your claim doesn't hold true: Jat intends to respond to a critic using one of the critic's own method of criticism; the profile picture. This gives credence to the possibility that it is not the case that Jat is behaving unprofessionally. 2) If premise 1) is untrue, it remains impossible to prove that it is the case that there exists a single instance of Jat calling one player, "shit," implies for all cases of players Jat has also called, "shit." The logic "if p then q, we have q, so then p," is incorrect, and the argument holds untrue.
  6. It's not "gimme gimme" it's "this isn't my job, don't make me work so hard to have fun. If you do insist I work so hard for some fun, I will just give my money to someone else who provides fun more easily. If you want my money, you will sell me what I want from you." It's all about the money. I have it, they want it. My rules.
  7. Yup. When ship level cap was raised, I made it my mission to clear my home sector of SODs. 37 SODs sunk and I called it quits. Circled the map a half hour later and the map was full again. Dozens of SODs. I couldn't quell the infestation.
  8. Blueprints are easy. I've got Brigs and schooners that are legendary and mythic quality on all parts, including stairs and ceiling tiles from flotsam farming. It's important to remember that games set aside realism for fun and convenience. This needs to remain a game. Not a career.
  9. Aye, that's the M.O. for a lot of devs. Blizzard never implemented any PvP server specific changes or PvE server specific ones, and it made players on both sides suffer. Looks like we're gonna go through that here.
  10. Ark already exists. Atlas should not be Ark, even if it resembles it now, work needs to be put in to differentiate it. We don't need animal tames to have fun doing what animal tames do. Using human NPCs for the same thing would be fine, minus a few cases where riding animals is good, like horses. But pirates don't have bronto-sized giraffes, or rhinos on their ships. It was always almost exclusively humans, and maybe a parrot or dog.
  11. I would lose too much if my character we're wiped. I have few land claims, and what materials I have gathered would be an awful chore to replace; then the discovery points and xp grind to level up? No thank you.
  12. I use my ships for transportation of anything more than myself, and I use beds to quickly warp to an outpost, so that I can use the gear I have there for harvesting and then get to work. I sail the hauling ship later, but I definitely need both fast travel and sailing. Wrong. Where is your evidence regarding how many people are playing PvP vs PvE. You can't say PvE doesn't matter either. It does. To a lot of people.
  13. I could not handle the loss of all the rare materials I've acquired, and the loss of my ships that are all legendary or better on all ship parts. I worked hard to gather it all, hunt the SODs, and build and paint the ships and sails. I'm not some unambitious commoner who is complacent at plain common ships. Also, all my discovery points, the xp grind to level up... Having to do that all over again? No thanks. I also only have 5 land claims down. Two in one area as a main base and three at outposts for rare materials gathering. I'm not greedy, and I wouldn't be hurt by a claim change unless it took away what little I have.
  14. That is a beautiful picture. What sector? I am on a crusade against the undead, so I will head out to sink them when I can.
  15. Galleon with all levels in weight, using all mythical 200% speed sails.
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