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  1. RogueLdr

    Returning players, lost again due to bugs

    host spec are I7 nvidia 2080 16g ram everyone else has dif spec then him, we all crashed
  2. My friends and i came back to this game when you launched the non-ded. We left when you wiped and the claim system was enough to keep us away, but we saw this and decided to give it a try again. Some how, after months of extra development, the game is buggier and less stable then it was before. Non-Ded is pretty much unplayable for us. On top of the in game bugs (most of which, while annoying, could be dealt with) the game crashes constantly. Both for the host and for people connected to his game. To make it worse, when the host crashes there's about a 50% chance that it will literally lock up his PC forcing a reboot. We figured, well it's a new game mode, give them a bit to sort it out... it's been well over a week and not a single patch addressing these issues has been released. We just tried to play again and it it crashed for the host twice in a span of 10 minutes, the second one locked up his PC. He quit the game in frustration and the rest of us are going with him. We want to like your game... shame you won't let us. Maybe try testing content before you release it, or at least acknowledge the problems and TRY to fix them. This isn't some minor bug in game, people literally cannot play. And yes, i put a post in this bug forum after giving it a bit... it was, and still has been, ignored. Edit: sorry, it's been over TWO weeks since SP launched, not one week as i said in my post. So the mode is largely unplayable for over half a month and you're patching corpse weight and planting seeds..
  3. RogueLdr

    Non-Ded, SP bug list

    1: Hosts game crashes to desktop but still says it's running. Unable to close game from desktop or Ctrl-alt-dlt to close it. It affects entire PC until rebooted. 2: Hosts game crashes instantly locking up PC and rebooting it. 3: Random crashes to host and any connected players (without lock ups) These seem to occur randomly, sometimes not for hours, other times it'll happen three times in a span of fifteen minutes. 4: Wind direction and speed show different for connected players then for host, making it very difficult to sail cooperatively. 5: All treasure map bottles are empty. 6: SotD do not agro and self destruct shortly after drawing in. 7: Some resources, while visible, do not actually exist. 8: Randomly unable to harvest fiber until leaving the island and coming back. I'll add more if i recall anything else.
  4. The patch was to fix a crash with the maps but personally that hasn't happened to us. What was happening was that they either poofed when picked up, all of them, or they just didn't work. I would see the beam but nothing would spawn when i ran up to it. If i gave my friend the map (host) he wouldn't even get the beam. I know that they would bug out sometimes where it would say guardian remaining but there were none, however they always spawned. Now they aren't spawning at all.
  5. RogueLdr

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    Yeah, god forbid someone who joined the game a little late actually wants to have a spot of land for themselves. News flash: not everyone wants to be a slave to the island owner who takes a share of their hard work and... oh yeah, can destroy all your stuff anytime they want. I pay a mortgage in real life, i'm sure as hell not going to pay one to you in a game.
  6. RogueLdr

    Can't access Non-Ded MP Session

    The game will reset the name of the session to their user name if they do not manually change it every time. Try looking in the server list for their in game name. And of course double check that all the filters are correct.
  7. RogueLdr

    Fatal error locks up PC

    My friend is hosting a non ded game, but sometimes when he gets the fatal error crash it pretty much breaks his PC. in Steam it says the game is still running even though it's not. He cannot ctrl-alt-del to close it as it doesn't work. His whole PC gets screwy, even affecting browsers and other systems. The only thing that fixes it is rebooting. Needless to say this is killing his desire to play the game.
  8. RogueLdr

    non dedicated: fake ressources

    happens to my friend and i as well
  9. My friend and i are getting this as well. It could be so many different things i'm not even gonna try to guess, all we can do is hope they fix it really soon.
  10. RogueLdr

    Arrows vs Firearms

    Pretty sure the Xbow can't shoot underwater. Aside from that does anyone know the damage compared to a bow? having to use a smithy to repair and make ammo is a bit of a pain if the dmg isn't much better.
  11. RogueLdr

    Wind direction error in Co-Op

    Yeah, i can see and feel the ship speed up or slow down based on what he says his wind is not mine.
  12. RogueLdr

    Been chasing waterfalls, please help

    Thanks for the replies. Just to be clear though, i know there are tons of islands with waterfalls. This was a very specific set up that i’d never seen before. It was waterfalls which turned into ponds which emptied into more waterfalls. It was tiered waterfalls and ponds... lots of then. They worked their way down emptying onto the beach and ocean. This wasn't some inland spot.
  13. Last time i played (a few months ago) i stumbled across this really cool island, It was covered with tiered waterfalls leading to little ponds that had catfish in them, as i recall it was hot there so probably tropical, though maybe not since i can't remember. That was on an official server though so of course every square inch was already claimed, but now we're playing non dedicated and i'd really like to find it again. Sadly i can't remember where it was, though i have a vague recollection of it being on the left side of the map. Anyone know of this island and what grid it's in?
  14. My friend started a non dedicated co-op game but it doesn't show up in the server list. i have the filters set correctly and i can see other peoples games but his doesn't show up. Am i missing something or is it a setting on his part?
  15. RogueLdr

    Wind direction error in Co-Op

    Started playing again due to the new co-op mode, my friend is hosting and i'm joining his game. I noticed though that when we built our first sloop my UI showed a different wind direction then him. This happened almost every time we got on a ship even after zoning, and relogging. Only once did it match up with his and i don't think it lasted very long. This is a bad bug for people who want to play together as it would have made steering the ship very difficult if not on voice. We're both also getting fatal errors on a fairly regular basis. On a side note, Good job adding this mode. It's helped bring me and my friends back to the game.