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  1. Death Strike Gaming

    Possible solution to offline-raiding

    atlas already has a offline raiding protection in the settings its just not implemented you become immortal after 15min of no one on
  2. Death Strike Gaming

    Thx for the warning

    not for NA PVP
  3. Death Strike Gaming

    Thx for the warning

    game patch without warning with us in the middle of a ghost ship fight thank you grapeshot for the 30min warning that never existed
  4. Death Strike Gaming

    Typo (discovery)

    Hydra's crown in C15 is typo as Hydra;s crown
  5. you need to crate your own map with the ini overrides in the tile itself for the claimflags, I haven't figured out the no build yet but its possible the command is EnableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes=true for island override
  6. Do you have claimflags enabled? if not you need to increase the allowed build radius using MaxStructuresInRange=X with X being the distance
  7. spawn rate is controlled by the map file from command ,NPCShipNumMult and is placed in the server custom data 1 slot
  8. Death Strike Gaming

    Adding Whales and Mermaids

    whales are under the server template types temperate, equatorial, polar, ect.... for the Ocean override spawners
  9. Explain are you saying island wise or server wise
  10. Death Strike Gaming

    Powerstone Help

    the map icons are controlled by the Quest line: Game/Atlas/UI/Icons/Item_InfinityGem_Icon10.Item_InfinityGem_Icon10 to control the icon location you need to place the x/y blob %. its value is determined by taking the physical discovery point divided by the cell size of the map so for instance my map is a 3x3 my discovery gps for Powerstone1 is x=2,054,001.50, y= 3,518,937.75 and cell size is 4,200,000.00 by 4,200,000.00 so 2,054,001.50/4,200,000 is 0.489048 for X and 0.837842 for y. Here is a calculator that should help Just put in your data into L9-26 and M9-26 then copy the green boxes into your json https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FlMwrQOe7KYgxSzQC__g6nraMZfPATQDfD39AKb5abs/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Death Strike Gaming

    Map creation

    Believe this would increase lag I know currently having land masses cross server boarders can have server crashes
  12. Death Strike Gaming

    Real Pirates MOD

    You can add this using map editor by placing ship paths and setting BP to the type of ship requested
  13. Message me and Ill help you out made a working 3x3 with powerstones
  14. Death Strike Gaming

    Map Editor

    Cave missing from Map Editor for "D12" powerstone2 Island, cave should be its blocked off with stone; island "Mnt_S_WT_PVE"
  15. Trying to figure out how to set a server cluster to No building allowed for the freeport like official servers anyone know the override string?