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  1. I built a gallion solo on 2x every weekend, if you know where to go a bear can gather 200k fiber in minutes I get 80k from 1 pass where I harvest so...
  2. its almost like people don't watch live streams or read announcements
  3. Gathering rates are somewhat high think what was considered the previous 2x rate was a good balance for players before anarchy as a normal value come end march. One major issue with only home servers has made maps Golden Age only making doing them difficult. Believe keeping freeports as home servers as well as lawless works and only allowing a region to allow setting home server if you have settlement in that grid. Only other suggestions are increasing ship structure placement on decks for people who are more RP there were a few times I was prevented from placing cannons because I got too crazy with railings and d├ęcor lighting, allow large cannons in large cannon ports, but limit structure placement over the side of boats (turtling) and the Hight above a deck a cannon can be placed to prevent unrealistic shotgun builds; as long as a cannon can be equal with the siding of a deck say half-full wall height is fine 4-5 tiers of 40+ cannons all facing the side/back, or front of the boat is crazy. increase ship panel HP ship fights seem to go quite quickly and don't really get to experience a real dog fight. Create a separate forge, loom, and tannery model for on ships they make it quite difficult to move around a ship to repair.
  4. right @CazzT hes acting like the game is ruined when the devs even said the current state of the game was relentless on players and so their redoing the claim system and wiping to give players a fresh even playingfield
  5. you do know this is just to allow players to do what they want like have all out war right?... its temporary until the March 20 revamp as the servers are being wiped.
  6. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/542047202651144234/549808266952310785/Atlas_-_Blinking_Bug-Rendering.mp4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Having same issue but with player character models and some tames as well https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/542047202651144234/549808266952310785/Atlas_-_Blinking_Bug-Rendering.mp4
  7. The SotD and Whales have become out of hand cant go anywhere without being chased down by the whole map there is no reason why im being chased by every whale in the zone and ghost ship within a 20 mile radius the spawns have become ridiculous. also why are whales and ghost ships spawning in the freeports and attacking on sight, just zoned in and were under fire and didn't even pull a ship.
  8. As a player who has been playing MMO's since Ever Quest as wells as been part of the Sony Online Entertainments Volunteer GM program, with the games current state as "Alpha"; I believe many players may feel better with incremental content changes rather than large expansion code files. At current state there are still many major bugs and game balances that have been discussed on both the developer side as well as by the player base. With any large code injection comes large unintended bugs or unintended changes to core game mechanics. Having experienced the issues that Bethesda had with their attempt with Elder Scrolls Online and pushing out expansions every 3 months caused a build up of bugs and performance issues making many aspects of the game unplayable for months. As a supporter of your games current state and future plans I feel it would be in the best interest to partition the content release that was originally planned for Feb and currently estimated release in March in to separate smaller content releases. Though I understand the need to add more content to prevent boredom from players you also don't want to make too drastic a change that has the possibility of adding large chunks of unstable code or content that has the ability of being game breaking. The other benefit to this release scheduling will allow your Devs to put more time into projects that are not yet ready or can put more effort into future content while code that is ready to be implemented can be given to players and allow future content to be adjusted with its effect on play. I propose that the new content such as the claim tweaks, offline raiding, animal tweaks, bounty system, merchant/player trade system, and underwater exploration be their own releases instead of one big March patch. Not only will this allow you to keep up with bugs that come from the patches, but will allow players to always have fresh content instead of burning through large content and then waiting months for something new allowing the player to always be engaged and providing feedback to the development process. Thank you for your time and consideration with this suggestion/feedback.
  9. Issues when logging in or teleporting to a bed and being forced into the foundation unable to move.
  10. atlas already has a offline raiding protection in the settings its just not implemented you become immortal after 15min of no one on
  11. game patch without warning with us in the middle of a ghost ship fight thank you grapeshot for the 30min warning that never existed
  12. Hydra's crown in C15 is typo as Hydra;s crown
  13. you need to crate your own map with the ini overrides in the tile itself for the claimflags, I haven't figured out the no build yet but its possible the command is EnableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes=true for island override
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