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  1. UnknownSystemError

    New Lead Designer

    That is because this was never about producing a game. It was about paying off an Ark partner so they would spin off Atlas to stop them causing further losses to Snail games through bad boy lawsuits. Get them out of the Ark fold where they are no longer a liability. "Here, take this half finished piece of drek that we planned as an expansion. If you play it right you should be able to milk it for millions!" Problem is, the clueless brah they gave the IP too had no acumen and farmed it out to those with minimal ability. They decided to listen to a core group of chest thumper pvp friends and react with animals that had no purpose outside of pvp like the snot blowing fire truck and a useless APC. Locking content behind achievements that until nerfed into the ground no one completed. Hardcore full loot offline raiding games have their niche. Sadly for them it is not a popular niche. So now that they initial cash grab has dried up, they are throwing a hail mary. Will it work? Depends on if it is just more of the same or a true core redesign.
  2. UnknownSystemError

    New Lead Designer

    "Hi, this is Bob. Bob will be the new boss. Bob has some great ideas. Here is his roadmap. His roadmap means wiping the servers, starting over, and making Atlas a moba. Enjoy"
  3. UnknownSystemError

    PVE Rules

    If you place your structures on an unclaimed island that is not lawless they take 24 hours to "set". As long as the island is unclaimed no one can destroy your stuff. However, if you were to build on the island, and two hours after you placed your structures someone claimed that island, the new owners would still have 22 hours to destroy your stuff. Same goes for building on claimed islands. Every time you place a structure it has a 24 hour timer. So you build your base and a few weeks later someone claims the island. They can't destroy what you have placed, but if you place anything new, they have the option to destroy that. If you build on lawless islands that cannot be claimed no one can remove your stuff once placed, those have no 24 hour "set" timer. And remember, if you are offline for 10 days your stuff will automatically go poof. Tames have an 8 day timer. Some people have logged on the 9th day and found all the animals in their barn claimed but their structures still there. Makes for some interesting situations. There is a fairly large zone of control around structures like foundations. If you try to place too close to someones build, you get a message telling you that you can't place there. Some people will grief others by building just outside of this range in front of gates and doors, another one is to put animal "traps" there also. You can screenshot and report suspected griefing. The developers review all those reports and take action as they see fit. Do not post those on forums, use the support ticket system, they don't like naming and shaming on the forums. Don't get into a pissing contest with them. Just screenshot and attach relevant files and explain the situation.
  4. UnknownSystemError

    The ship is gone

  5. UnknownSystemError

    Okay Grapeshot - you had me faithful. but after...

    The cold hard truth is they don't know either. They can't replace your stuff because they don't have the logs that show them data. Asking them is just like asking someone in your company what happened, they look at the log and go, "Umm, well, yeah, that's fucked up."
  6. UnknownSystemError


    Because like anyone else who is here I wanted them to be good. I wanted a fun game I could play with my friends, sail around, build stuff, kill pirate ships. I sat through months of the EA apologists saying "It will get better! Just you wait!" to watch every development decision either be put out with the intention of fostering a dying offline raiding PVP system and nerfs to systems in PVE just because applying them to both types of servers was "too hard" You try to shortbus me, but really the whole "I wants mah pvp brah, you will be my content whether you like it or not!" has been proven time and time again to be the death of a game with potential. WIldstar and the "We are hardcore, gitgud noob!" crowd are where developer after developer keep reading the market wrong. Fine to develop a niche game if you have the money to throw away on it, but if you want something sustainable you need a more mainstream approach. Problem is the "brahs" here never got that, so dead game.
  7. UnknownSystemError


    Same parent company as Dark and Light. Full prediction this will meet the same fate. All the Ark players have gone back to Ark. (our company of 20 is down to 3 people who log on just to feed animals and crew and keeps the lights on, in Discord everyone went back to Ark) As development money continues to dry up, they will start to cut staff, and people that were tasked to be under Grapeshot that are any good will get their jobs at Wildcard back. The others not so much. Many people gave them a chance because they promised a PVE environment pirate-themed mmo. But what they got was a tacked on afterthought. Systems and mechanics used in the PVE environment that were obvious to anyone that they came straight from a "PVP first" mentality. Shame really, the game for UE4 was a beauty, if they had spent the time and effort rather than rushing it out the door to EA to cashgrab they could have had a hit. As it is they are known as the "pirate Bless." I had never had any interaction with Ark or their games before, and I sure as hell won't be in the future. Best $15 bucks I ever spent, spending time figuring out what was broken and how much of my progress had been invalidated by kneejerk development decisions that week was always a high point. In the future any title they put out will get the same response from me as the Russian guy who likes to reskin the same game over and over and release it as EA. A hard nope. Oh, and where's my hat?
  8. Nah, they need to cashgrab as much as they can for the next time they lose a lawsuit due to bad boy behavior. Let the $10 drips and drabs flow in, though at this point all they are getting are the true impulse purchase gamers who just see "Oh shiny!" and hit buy now when they see a trailer or Steam sale.
  9. UnknownSystemError

    Question about PVE claim system

    So much bad information here. The OP says PVE so I will go over how it works. The claim process takes an hour. You find an island that is claimable. You have the points and the gold available. You drop your claim flag and wait. If you hit H you can see the circle that it is in. You need to stay in that circle while it counts down. The only way that someone else can claim that island before you now is if they contest the flag. They have to drop their own flag within the circle of your flag. Say you have 30 minutes left. Your timer will stop at 30 min, and theirs will stay at an hour. Now it is a standoff. The way you can lose is if they have a second person. A company can only place a single flag at a time, but that does not stop a 3rd company from claiming. So a common tactic is to have a person port to the island that you are contesting. Pick up enough gold to claim said island out of company/ship storage, leave company, form their own, drop a 3rd claim flag somewhere else on the island. You sit there watching the other guy, and his friends counter is timing down. Once they go below 30 minutes they now have you beat. Problem is, if you leave your first flag to run over to the second, the first one starts counting down. You can't win. Island is claimed by 2nd person that came over. He then just merges his temporary company into the original company and done. The whole "have a person contest flags" is NOT a thing anymore. This was changed after the EU PVE first wipe debut and people were blocking others who were trying to claim islands that had gathered the gold first as a blocking tactic while their crew was out gathering gold. So when NA debuted they had the one flag per company rule in place. They as usual just didn't account for the lengths people are willing to go to fuck the intent of a system.
  10. UnknownSystemError

    Congrats wildcard/grapeshot

    One more post and you get a cookie.
  11. UnknownSystemError

    Been chasing waterfalls, please help

  12. UnknownSystemError

    What happened to the player Market?

    Actually if you look at Steam numbers being around 4k and you use this up to the minute official population tracker you will see the current numbers hover between 1k and 1500 depending on the time of day and region. Data don't lie. https://atlas.hgn.hu/
  13. UnknownSystemError

    The reality of ATLAS

    @Slash78 I know you are looking at Ark #s. There might be a tool out there similar to https://atlas.hgn.hu/ for Ark, or maybe the guys who made the Atlas one could whip out an Ark one real quick.
  14. DP beds work just fine. All you have to do is port to another island in the same grid and then back, or if there is only a single bed in that grid /sit on a chair. We had close to 300 DP beds at one time. As people in the company got them and no one went back they naturally decayed away. They were a typical user solution to a fucked mechanic.
  15. UnknownSystemError

    Removing Litter

    Sounds like you are trying to dictate to active players where they can and cannot build. If this "inactive casual" was truly that, they would have had all their single foundation spam decayed on the previous patch that took care of that. So that means that they were active enough that they logged on, then triple snapped their pillars, and you managed to not run around and delete their new snaps in the 24 hour window. Two sides to every story, but I bet there is more to it than the OP is posting. .499 - Fast Decay has now been enabled for Settlement Owners - Fixed Reservoir and Waterpipes being from being falsely flagged by Fast Decay - Fixed some edge-case 3-5 structure builds from being falsely flagged by Fast Decay v209.497 - Fast Structure Decay has been enabled on our Official Network. This means that core foundation structures (floors, pillars, and fence supports), which are not snapped (connected) to more than 2 pieces or do not have a valid structure on top will have rapid decay which will result in their destruction after 12 hours of not being rendered in. Unofficials can enable this setting with the following command parameter: ?FastDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures=true