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  1. UnknownSystemError

    Landowner being blocked in

    The tag says PVE so none of those options are available to him. Cranking the tax to max (20%) does nothing to deter anyone. It is additive to the owner, not subtractive. If they harvest 1000 wood, they get 1000 wood, you get 200 thrown in the flag. If you miss the 24 hour window you are stuck with them till they decide to leave. Blocking them in via walls and other options can backfire also if the devs feel that the owners are griefing instead of the other way round.
  2. UnknownSystemError


    If you win the contest you claim the island. The other flag will decay over the next hour, but it does nothing to affect the outcome.
  3. UnknownSystemError


    Top of mountains is usual. Sometimes they can be found on the beach or regular spawns in artic near metal nodes on regular ground.
  4. If you are the island owner on PVE you have a 24 hour window to remove any newly placed structure. Miss that window and you are stuck with it. You have to go to the structure and there should be a radial option to demolish. You can't remove players or boats from your island, but if someone is obviously griefing by putting boats and structures up repeatedly to block or harass, screenshot it with the other company information visible, note the coordinates, and file a support ticket. It takes them a few days depending on the volume of tickets, but they do react eventually. The more documentation/evidence you provide the better your outcome. Do not name and shame by posting stuff about your situation on the forums, the mods don't like that much.
  5. UnknownSystemError


    They can place a flag anywhere on the island. If it isn't in your radius (check by hitting H for pc users) then your timer will continue to count down, as will theirs. Which is kind of stupid for them. If you had yours placed a second before them you will always win. People standing in the radius of your flag does NOT stop the timer on PVE currently. A company can have a single flag placed on an island at a time. If they pull up the other one to move it, they lose the gold fee and have to pay it again to place another.
  6. UnknownSystemError

    Wipe a island

    You don't in PVE. The option was included for a single weekend and once they realized what an excellent griefing tool they had given to the playerbase, was immediately pulled. You can still see the option on the radial, but it does nothing. Island owners can only destroy new structures placed on their islands for the first 24 hours. Anything that was there before you were the owner is grandfathered in. Same rules apply as in lawless, if they don't render the assets in for 10 days they go poof. As long as they keep coming back, you are stuck with their stuff for good. If you want to keep people off your island from placing trash, good luck, you are subject to the whim of whoever lands there. Most people will read a flag message that is broadcast as they land as to whether the island allows settlers or building. There is of course a percentage that say "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!" and will place stupid shit just to grief. If you plan on keeping spawn points clear and reducing clutter, prepare to patrol your island at least daily.
  7. UnknownSystemError

    Prompt please where it is now to cut ironwood?

    On NA PVE go to M15. It has the best ironwood, and diamonds. Shiny, shiny diamonds. And twigs, to make fires to keep yourself warm at night. Cause it gets cold there. Snuggle up to a yeti for warmth. (total sponsored endorsement by the current island owners)
  8. UnknownSystemError


    The action of them putting a flag down within the radius of your flag is what starts the contesting. The winner is the one who lasts the longest. If you go offline or go outside the radius of the flag then the timer starts to count down again. You win by just outlasting them online. There are other tricks, but I am not going to give those away.
  9. UnknownSystemError

    Will my progress carry over to the final game?

    "Our decision to wipe the Networks was not made lightly and involved much deliberation and factoring in of technical aspects and the impact on our current PC players. We have made big changes to the game under the hood, revamped the world map with the addition of over 70 new, unique island templates, as well as some considerable optimization changes and limits put in place which required a full data wipe.After these sets of changes, we do not plan to wipe the network again, even with the introduction of additional platforms and new areas & islands further down our development timeline. We value and appreciate the time spent on the game and the only reason we carry out these wipes is after exhausting all possible alternatives and when they become a necessity." You wanted to know where the statement was made. There it is.
  10. UnknownSystemError

    Discovery points team effort (let’s do this)

    Roger that. Haven't noticed if the math is off anymore. Just enjoy the ride, you have hundreds if not thousands of hours to go. I am currently max level 106, have been working on it since the new wipe pretty seriously. It just becomes a "What are you grinding for?" exercise soon enough. Once you hit 70 the exp slows waaaay down for maps, and anything else that isn't an exploit gives shit exp for the time sink. Good news is once you are above 60 you have enough points to do most things in game without having to worry about respec for different stuff.
  11. UnknownSystemError

    Discovery points team effort (let’s do this)

    34 points per level. Island discoveries count as two. So if you were to go solely off of islands, 17 islands. Powerstones, Kraken achievements, and others give varying amounts. The total points needed to unlock the weight/encumbered achievement is 998. This goes off of any point total. Master Cartographer only counts island achievements toward the 40%.
  12. UnknownSystemError


    This is a necro post from a previous patch note as far as I can find. They tried this before and the community outrage (among those that were still left) was immediate and loud. They reverted it after a single weekend and it hasn't been seen since. If the OPs patch notes are from the testing server or some such then they are revisiting an idea that has already been wholly rejected, otherwise it looks like someone posting old shit to get a rise. Mission accomplished.
  13. UnknownSystemError

    Why did the Game cut my House...

    It is an old bug. When building pillared structures you need to make sure the pillar has hit "bedrock" sometimes it will look like the last one you have place has snapped to the ground, but there is still an option to place one underneath it out of sight. Adding more pillars to that area to ensure you have coverage usually is a fix.
  14. UnknownSystemError

    A$$hole crew

    The settings didnt fix it for those of us in our company that had the problem with npcs still firing. What did fix it was assigning all those cannons to a group, making sure the group was active with all the others on the hotbar, and then they listen to commands.
  15. UnknownSystemError

    Ship blocking

    They have to actively unclaim it for it to be claimed on PVE. I assume this is PVE since on PVP you would just sink it. If someone is obviously griefing you by blocking you in on purpose, do as others above recommended. Screenshot it and report it with the relevant details. This takes a couple days, but the developers do take action on griefing. If it is just a visual eyesore then you are stuck with it. The stated timer on PVE is 14 days and on PVP 21 days. If anyone from that company comes and interacts with the ship during that time it resets the timer.