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  1. UnknownSystemError

    Taming / gold weekend?

    Be happy they forgot to turn off the double harvesting when they abandoned the game.
  2. Next patch will be 2021 April Fools like this last one. Instead of flaming sails they will add Tortugar shell customization. You know, the important pressing issues that Atlas needs to work on.
  3. UnknownSystemError

    Unrealistic Expectations

    The "It is an early access game, get over it!" argument got weak months ago. They took peoples money, strung them along for months to try and get more from a failed Xbox release, then abandoned the game. It is what it is.
  4. UnknownSystemError

    Why have you left us ?

    This is an update from the one guy left they forgot to tell that everyone else had quit because he was at home self-isolating. A huge patch, basically to make a shitty, useless tame relevant to the pvp side by adding another ammo type. Some minor qol bullshit and addresses none of the major issues impacting the game. But hey, those that whiteknight the shit out this with comments like "Gitgud noob, it is early access winning!" won't be swayed. Need to get some of the COE people that just got gaped by Jeromy Walsh in here to give them grief pointers when their world is crushed. Good job on releasing an untested build btw. Logged on to find any animal on a ship that was interacted with immediately appeared on the bottom of the ocean under the ship. Well done. Make sure to leave that part out of the Skype job interviews you will be needing to do for your next position.
  5. UnknownSystemError

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    Put your boot on it's neck and bear down. When the last Xbob leaves maybe they will firesale the assets and IP to developers looking for a shell to base their game on that have some talent for scavenging code from shitshows.
  6. UnknownSystemError

    Unclaiming pirate npc

    You have to be carrying gold to pay them when you claim them after release.
  7. UnknownSystemError

    is this game officaly dead now?

    Yep, Vampire the Masquerade went to top of my torrent don't buy list after the lateral move.
  8. UnknownSystemError

    is this game officaly dead now?

    @PeglegTheAngry Better yet, report them to the SEC and FBI for investor/market fraud. They frown heavily on publicly traded companies (Snail Games Inc.) creating shell companies to hide failed products from investor sheets and mandatory profit/loss reporting to investors. If they find that they created Grapeshot as a way of getting a write-off when it failed, worked behind the scenes to make sure it failed, and were not clear on who ended up with the money, they would make life very uncomfortable for them. Plus putting the screws to a Chinese gaming company would have great optics in an election year.
  9. UnknownSystemError

    is this game officaly dead now?

    The image of rats abandoning a sinking ship does come to mind.
  10. UnknownSystemError

    Joined a new company lost all my access to everything ...

    If you leave a company, you lose your shit. If you want to join a company and keep your shit, you merge with it. You are not the first person to miss this nuance of the selection wheel menu, nor will you be the last. One thing that won't be happening is you getting your stuff back unless there is another person still in that company. If they are, they can unclaim tames, ships, and unlock resource chests for you to transfer over stuff. If it was your solo company, you're fucked. As to the question whether they want people to play the game. My opinion, they don't care. They have squeezed about as much money as they can out of this. They would need to actually hire people that can code, (look to their hiring posts for positions open if you want to get a sense of how many critical positions on the team are unfilled), make hard decisions as to what they want the game to be, and make it fun. None of those are going to happen, ever if soon. So keep tilting away Don Quixote.
  11. UnknownSystemError

    Sunken Ship

    Nope. But you can salvage it.
  12. UnknownSystemError

    Something has happened at Grapeshot

    Did this really need a 13 month necro?
  13. UnknownSystemError

    All the one non lawless lands are horded

    That is because those with claimed islands keep them clear of trash or they become overridden with crap 2x2 thatch traps with no gates and DP bed spam. The control radius of a single foundation with a bed is huge on a claimed compared to lawless. Most who arrive rather than asking permission of where they should build that won't block spawns just set up wherever they feel like it. The "You're not my real dad! I will do as I like!" mentality of a small percentage of the ever-shrinking playerbase leads to an us vs. them mentality that is hard to shake. Good news. Anyone who is not actively playing has that island claim decay in 10 days. We have one base where a member breeds tigers that has switched hands 5 times in the last couple months. Every time it is claimed the new owners roam around and try to tell people to get off "their" island. Good luck.
  14. That is like asking if the carnies are going to come back to town after they fleeced you of all your disposable income. Anyone can get scammed once, the trick is not to let it happen a second time. Other game studios that have gone to shit in the last few years started out great and then declined. This shop started out dodgy and has never gotten better.
  15. UnknownSystemError

    Stranger Structure / Buildings

    If you are on PVE the abandoned structures will auto decay after 10 days of no one from that company refreshing them. Other than that, you are stuck with them.