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  1. all the new changes sound so uninspired. they reek of design by committee... no vision
  2. Most of the lag now seems to be building- and ship-related so I guess we'll see if all those +8% server performance patch notes panned out
  3. So I can spend the next month on non-stop naval PvP without grinding another ship every time I lose
  4. Give us 10x gather/tame/gold/XP until wipe!
  5. Wipe is the best decision they've made so far. Cya
  6. They keep spinning off new publishing companies for each game to hide the fact that it's Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd. every time.
  7. they should remove ships of the damned entirely and come up with better NPC enemies. they make sailing expensive and frustrating... it was so much more fun the first few days when you could sail freely. sloop speed should be buffed too, honestly. still the slowest ship, but not by a factor of 33% or 50%, whatever it is now. just a little slower than a brig
  8. lot of good ideas in here, the giant floating cannon towers and ship armor (lol) have to go
  9. Shield is the pro strat for taming, you can feed while blocking
  10. Depending what changes they do to the claim system - like if they do the non-overlapping claim grid a lot of people want - a map wipe might be required. Let people keep their levels and discovery points, do some marketing hype, make the new claim system real good, and this might save the game.
  11. https://atlasgame.info/ shows total online per cluster it ain't pretty
  12. this, they're in way over their heads and just saying shit to placate the remaining players at this point
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